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The Anna Nicole Show

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Anna Nicole Smith stars in this critically-dissed wild reality series. The show debuted Sunday, August 4, 2002 on E!, and was inspired by the hit MTV reality series The Osbournes. The Anna Nicole Show series premiere gave E! its highest rating ever. However, the ratings began to slip as season one progressed. The series has received horrible reviews from the beginning - many before the first episode even aired. On November 4, 2003 The Anna Nicole Show's Season One will be released on DVD. It is the first time E! has ever released a DVD.

Other than Anna, the series focuses on her attorney, Howard K. Stern (no relation to the shock jock). Anna and he are so close she thinks of him as a brother; her assistant, Kim, who has a tattoo of Anna on her left arm. Kim met Anna at a resort, they hit it off, and Kim got the call to be Anna's personal assistant; her prozac-popping puppy Sugar Pie, who is completely devoted to Anna; and her son, Daniel, a straight-A student, also takes a small part in the series. He doesn't like being part of the show, so little is seen of him.

E! Broadcasting History
August 4, 2002-May 25, 2003 --- Sundays --- 10pm ET/PT
June 1, 2003 --- Sunday --- (special time) 10:30 ET/PT
Lyrics: Anna, Anna, Glamorious Anna, Anna Nicole. Born poor in Texas strugglin' savin' Tryin' to get some fame. Then you used what you got, and that was a lot! You became a household name. Married a billionaire, so he was 88... you didn't care. Got fortune and fame But it all disappeared as fast as it came. Anna, Anna Glamorous Anna Anna Nicole Anna, Anna Fabulous Anna Anna Nicole... You're so outrageous!moreless


    Glee, Detroit 1-8-7, and The Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump

    What to watch on Tuesday, March 15.


    UPDATE: Smith's autopsy inconclusive

  • Daniel Smith (II)

    Daniel Smith (II)

    Himself (Anna's Son)

    Anna Nicole Smith

    Anna Nicole Smith


    Howard K. Stern

    Howard K. Stern

    Himself (Anna's Attorney)

    Sugar Pie

    Sugar Pie

    Herself (Anna's Dog)

    Kim Walther

    Kim Walther

    Herself (Anna's Assistant)

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    • Anna Nicole's "fat" years, how more real can you get than that?

      This truly was reality as we get to see Anna Nicole as she really was (most of the time). We meet Howard (K.) Stern, her son Daniel who was extremely shy and loyal friend, Kimmie. Oh yeah, and don't forget her sexually intoxicated poodle. It really showed the true nature of Anna Nicole and her lifestyle. And then there's Bobby Trendy (annoying) and her hillbilly cousin, Shelly Cloud.

      It was good to see how Anna Nicole Smith lived her life while she was around. I personally liked her better fat, she wasn't the "starling" she was and later became, before she died.moreless
    • The Anna Nicole Show was so far ahead of it's time.

      Anna, Daniel, Howard, Kimmie and even Suarpie made for a lot of laughs and even a few tears. You either loved Anna or hated her. As for me, I am forever a fan. We watched a thin Anna, a heavier Anna, a happy Anna, and a heart broken Anna. It was like being there and being a part of her life. She will be greatly missed.

      Rest in Peace Sweet Anna.
    • This freak bimbo is another sign of the Apocalypse!

      Amazing a show like this was ever aired.

      Anna Nicole Smith is nothing but a self absorbed gold digging bimbo. This woman has serious mental problems. She marries an 89 year old goat then thinks shes entitled to his money? Its not hard to manipulate a senile old man. Anna is totally worthless - a leech on society. I wouldnt be suprised if her son overdosed on purpose just to get away from his freak mom; a woman with an IQ lower than that of a head of lettuce.

      Its really suspicious how the son died days after a new baby arrives while a weird gigolo by the ironic name of Howard Stern was in the room! Now this Stern says hes the babys father but some other creepy dude says the baby is his. Man, this wacked out collection of weirdos should sign up for the famous Maury Povich DNA test show! LOL!

      All this show did was show the world how whack she is....moreless
    • Its so funny!

      The show I have not seen in a long time it never comes on anymore but I always watched it when it was on it was just so funny she is such a blonde I dont mean that in a bad was cuz I am a blonde but you know what I mean she is just so funny she is just funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny!moreless
    • The model and widow let us into her real life. And raised absurdity to a new level.

      At first, Anna Nicole Smith's life looks like that of any other fabulously wealthy individual: days by the pool, or getting her nails done, or listening to her staff rattle off the dry and boring facts of running the epic estate.

      The more she tries to be normal, however, the more you get the idea that there is something just ever so slightly different at work.

      Trips to the dentist and the vet turn into shouting matches; Anna and friends party on a scale that would put Keith Richards to the test; and don't forget that essential wandering aimlessly and babbling with total strangers.

      If you've been feeling just a little too average lately, watch this show for a barrel of laughs.

      It's not just a show. It's an experiment.moreless
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      500 Questions
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