The Anna Nicole Show - Season 0

E! (ended 2003)


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  • The Anna Nicole Show Holiday Special
    Anna and a bunch of celebrities, and some people from past episodes, celebrate Christmas. * * * Anna talks about how great this past year has been. So she throws a party for the holidays and invite all her friends to celebrate such a good year. Her guests include: Simon, her driving instructor (episode 9); Rip Taylor; Kathy Griffin; Margaret Cho; Alexander Denk (chef from episode 6); wrestlers Joanie Laurer and Sean Waltman; and her cousin Michelle Cloud (episode 8). She even had some "little people" there. Anna goes shopping for presents to give. She has Howard keep Daniel busy as Anna buys him a DVD player... but as Anna is shopping for some DVDs, Howard and Daniel come over and Daniel sees what Anna is buying - Anna is not happy with Howard. Then they go to pick out a Christmas tree. Howard ties down the tree - which later falls off the car. Anna calls up people to come and decorate the house. After getting dressed, Anna does some cooking (well, she SAYS she did the cooking). She is very proud of the turkey. Anna told Howard to put the turkey on low, but Howard puts it on broil... and the turkey is burnt. Then they do some singing... Shelly takes over the microphone. Other events: Kathy yells at Howard about drunk he is. Then Michelle does some stripping. Some guys from Puppetry of the Penis put on a little show. Anna and Howard kiss under the mistletoe... then Anna and Margaret Cho make out under the mistletoe. Anna plays Santa and has people sit on her lap as she gives them presents. Shelly gets in the jacuzzi with it 50 degrees outside. Shelly gets in a fight and Anna talks to her. Then, after everything is settled, they all sing Christmas carols. In the end, Anna reads a Christmas story ("Twas the Night Before Christmas"). Anna says: "All in all, we had a good time. Happy Holidays to all of ya'll."moreless
  • The Anna Nicole Show DVD: Season 1
    This DVD will feature all thirteen episodes from season one as well as other features. It will also featured uncensored dialogue.