The Annoying Orange

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The Annoying Orange

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A new series is being created based on the popular YouTube show that has drawn more than a half-billion views and is the eight most watched video on the website. Malcolm McDowell has been cast to voice one of the characters.

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AIRED ON 3/17/2014

Season 2 : Episode 29

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny


Justine Ezarik

Justine Ezarik

Passion Fruit

Dane Boedigheimer

Dane Boedigheimer

Orange, Pear, Apple, Midget Apple, Marshmallow

Kevin Brueck

Kevin Brueck

Grandpa Lemon

Robert Jennings

Robert Jennings


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  • What is it with these professional companies greenlighting terrible webseries?

    No, seriously, what the heck is wrong with these people? First Fred, then Breadwinners, and now Annoying Orange? ENOUGH ALREADY!

    Just because an idea on the web is popular does mean it'll work as a TV show. And my goodness, this show takes the cake of being one of the most laziest ever. I mean, just faces on talking fruit that SOMETIMES move around?

    That's not creative. That's just creepy and half-assed. Maybe if you used actual cartoon like animation, it maybe, just MAYBE might have worked. But no... that would mean doing more work, and hacks like the ones who made this show rather not put in the effort if they don't have to.

    Annoying Orange is an abomination and the people who greenlighted it are a disgrace. Shame on you!moreless

    While We Bare Bears is Cartoon Network's weakest show, bring this annoying pick of a fruit on to their channel was the biggest mistake. A few seconds was torture enough, WHY IN THE FLYING FUCK DID HE GET HIS OWN FUCKING SHOW!!!!!! What's worse is that now instead of a few minutes, he's annoying for 11. THIS SHIT HEAD ISN'T FUNNY!!!!! Nothing his does is funny, nothing he says is funny; as if the web series wasn't enough, what's next? A fucking movie? WHOOP-DEE-MOTHERFUCKING-DOO!!!!!!! The Annoying Orange is worse then Fred; he's not funny, he's beyond hateable and he NEVER gets bitten in the ass for his behavior. Don't watch this show for the sake of your sanity; you're better off watching some idiot make an ass of himself than this piece of shit >:(moreless
  • A cool but not funny show to see

    An amazing show in the ocean but some the episodes is okay and Meh. This is a amazing show to see
  • What the heck happened to this orange?

    The 2009-2011 Youtube episodes were hillarous. My favorite episode was Happy Birthday. Here's what I would rate the Annoying Orange Years:

    2009: Amazing

    2010: Great

    2011: Good

    Quarter 1 2012: Meh

    Quarter 2-4 2012: Bad

    2013: Awful

    2014: Horrible

    The episode that made this show jump the shark was Annoying Orange 2.0. That episode was horrible. So is the TV Show. Thank god the TV show got cancelled in March 2014. I hope the Web Show gets cancelled too. It went from funny to so annoying.moreless
  • The Infuriating Orange and the Senseless TV executives

    Where to start? It's terrible. The TV executives clearly went on YouTube and said what do people like. Some internet shows are good enough to get their own TV shows. This is not one of those. It has no good dialogue, no characters to enjoy watching, and not a funny bone in it's body. The show has been renewed for a second season. Because it cost nothing to make it. It is terrible and there's not much to say because I just don't want to talk about it anymore.moreless
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