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  • What is it with these professional companies greenlighting terrible webseries?

    No, seriously, what the heck is wrong with these people? First Fred, then Breadwinners, and now Annoying Orange? ENOUGH ALREADY!

    Just because an idea on the web is popular does mean it'll work as a TV show. And my goodness, this show takes the cake of being one of the most laziest ever. I mean, just faces on talking fruit that SOMETIMES move around?

    That's not creative. That's just creepy and half-assed. Maybe if you used actual cartoon like animation, it maybe, just MAYBE might have worked. But no... that would mean doing more work, and hacks like the ones who made this show rather not put in the effort if they don't have to.

    Annoying Orange is an abomination and the people who greenlighted it are a disgrace. Shame on you!

    While We Bare Bears is Cartoon Network's weakest show, bring this annoying pick of a fruit on to their channel was the biggest mistake. A few seconds was torture enough, WHY IN THE FLYING FUCK DID HE GET HIS OWN FUCKING SHOW!!!!!! What's worse is that now instead of a few minutes, he's annoying for 11. THIS SHIT HEAD ISN'T FUNNY!!!!! Nothing his does is funny, nothing he says is funny; as if the web series wasn't enough, what's next? A fucking movie? WHOOP-DEE-MOTHERFUCKING-DOO!!!!!!! The Annoying Orange is worse then Fred; he's not funny, he's beyond hateable and he NEVER gets bitten in the ass for his behavior. Don't watch this show for the sake of your sanity; you're better off watching some idiot make an ass of himself than this piece of shit >:(
  • A cool but not funny show to see

    An amazing show in the ocean but some the episodes is okay and Meh. This is a amazing show to see
  • What the heck happened to this orange?

    The 2009-2011 Youtube episodes were hillarous. My favorite episode was Happy Birthday. Here's what I would rate the Annoying Orange Years:

    2009: Amazing

    2010: Great

    2011: Good

    Quarter 1 2012: Meh

    Quarter 2-4 2012: Bad

    2013: Awful

    2014: Horrible

    The episode that made this show jump the shark was Annoying Orange 2.0. That episode was horrible. So is the TV Show. Thank god the TV show got cancelled in March 2014. I hope the Web Show gets cancelled too. It went from funny to so annoying.
  • The Infuriating Orange and the Senseless TV executives

    Where to start? It's terrible. The TV executives clearly went on YouTube and said what do people like. Some internet shows are good enough to get their own TV shows. This is not one of those. It has no good dialogue, no characters to enjoy watching, and not a funny bone in it's body. The show has been renewed for a second season. Because it cost nothing to make it. It is terrible and there's not much to say because I just don't want to talk about it anymore.
  • Why Networking Blocks shouldn't rely on junk gone viral.

    The only good thing about this show that it isn't broadcast in my country!

    The animation is just annoying and absurd. Don't watch it!
  • What was CN thinking?

    So, i have noticed CN and Nick have been getting popular people from Youtube to do commercials/shows for them. CN got Tobuscus and Nick got Fred (cause we know how many people adore him!). Nick even gave Fred his own show! So what does CN do? Luckly they don't give Tobuscus a show (well, they did but not like his main show) but we get ANNOYING ORANGE... Look how lucky they are. I'm surprised Disney hasn't piggie-backed with this idea and gave PewDiePie his own gaming show (Jesus thats a bad idea).

    PLOT: There isn't one. Abunch of fruits... Do stuff. Yeah.

    CHARACTERS: Alright, i'll have a shot at this.

    Orange: The dumbest protagonist a show can have. Literally, all he does in the show is make puns (and not even good ones).

    Pear: The "All-Serious" guy. He is basically the guy who makes the plot move.

    Passion Fruit: The "Hot-Chick" girl. Orange loves her and... That's all she does in the show

    GrapeFruit: The "Bad" guy. In most episodes, he is pictured as the bad guy.

    Grandpa Lemon: The "Cranky" guy. He is a cranky old guy. Done

    Nerville: Played by, who else, Tobuscus, He is the only human who can talk to fruits (for whatever reason)

    All other people: I have no time to list all the main people on this show so here is a summary for all the rest.


    HUMOR: Even a three year old wouldn't laugh at these horrible puns. Yes, I have tested this.

    END: This show is garbage that hogs up air time. Even a blind man can tell this show will be cancelled soon.

  • annoying orange my ass

    why the fuc u think u can air this show one cartoon network get a lot of people to watch this u dumass. this show is fucing ***ed and tats why u have a bad rate the show sucks ,weak faces on fruits and whats the point . u should have kept this on YouTube really why u put his in the TV for.

    I have never watched this, but I hated the web series... and this show like most others on CN now... just raped the old cartoons we knew and loved and shit on us like we were sand. So I say FUCK THIS PIECE OF SHIT

    OMG this show sucks! It's just as bad as Fanboy and Chum Chum. Why did The Annoying Orange need a TV series. To tell you the truth, I used to Love the Annoying Orange back when it was new. Latter I just got bored of the series but I did like seeing the fruits getting cut in half (I'm very wierd). Then I heard of the Annoying Orange TV series. Right from the start I knew It was going to be bad and be a bad idea. I'm tired of all of the YouTube Partners making their own TV series. The episode plots are stupid, the orange is annoying and r*t*rded, and it makes a big wastes of some of my favorite Voice Actors and big name actors. I'm just glad that Tara Strong and Maurice LaMarche haven't decided to voice in this show, and I hope they don't plan to, because if they do I'll probably hang myself to a giant tree. I don't even classify this show as a cartoon because, it doesn't feel like a cartoon to me. Srsly who thought this was a good idea. I hope this show gets cancelled and fades away from our memories forever. If I would I'd make a petition to cancel this show or Invent a time machine to prevent this show from ever existing. I'd rather watch Tak and the Power of Juju, Mr. Meaty, My Little Pony n' Friends, My Little Pony Tales, My Little Pony G3, 3.5, and Newborn Cuties, Problem Solverz, The New Episodes of Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, The New Episodes of SpongeBob, YouTube Troll Videos, Game Dude, The Irate Gamer, Barney the Dinosaur, The Wiggles, Teletubbies, Barney's Great Adventure, Mac and Me, The Room, an Uwe Boll Movie, Ted, Jaws 4, The Oogieloves, The Neverending Story 3, The Pink Panther Remakes, Tom and Jerry: The Movie, Twilight, SuperBabies: Baby Genieses 2, Justin Biebers Movie, or a Brony complaining about Alicorn Twilight and Equestria Girls. I'd also rather be playing . for the Atari 2600, Action 52, Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis for the Gamboy Advance, Superman 64, Rapelay, Custer's Revenge, Shaq Fu, and Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde than watch this piece if crap show ever agian. I don't even want to hear the name Annoying Orange ever again in my life.
  • what's wrong with CN

    who could possibly like this? This may be the worst series I've ever seen. And trust me, it's not easy to say that! It's an annoying and unfunny show that no even Mad, The Simpsons, Family Guy or Robot Chicken could make entertaining
  • Overrated and annoying

    I really don't like this show. The characters aren't really likeable (except the ones that can't stand Orange) and the fact that real people's mouths and eyes are on fruits are really creepy. Why is CN still playing this? There are much better shows they own that have a better rating and more fans like Regular Show or Adventure Time.
  • Fred and this were never good

    Neither one of these shows should of been allowed to make it on live television/movies. Fools that enjoy this garbage need their head's checked. There are way better shows that deserve to be discovered such as The creators of Dragon Ball P. This is just waste made for the wasted.
  • Would make a better of a show if it would change it into" The Loving Orange" so there would be no excuse to hate it.

    Wonder why Shows based of a web series is never a good Idea at all?? The show is annoying for an obvious reasons. I can't put up with the bland and lame jokes, the sore humor and on top of it all, it annoying. The Title says it all!! Another reason why a web series should stay a web series.

    Stupid dumb and pointless show full of dumb writing, boring scripts and annoying voice acting from the main character: orange.

    The show is about a fruit who jobs is the make up lame, repetitive one-liners that gets old pretty fast

    and the annoying the hell out of the other fruit characters(and

    The premise is orange and is friends going on adventures making parody of different pop culture like Sherlock Holmes, Star Wars, and Author, etc.

    CN is Dead in terms of original cartoons and funny animated shorts. Now, it nothing but live-action rip-off show, imported Canadian shows off teletoon and other country, cartoons with crappy animations, bad remake of classic cartoon and CGI spin-off show based off on movie like The Madagascar, Kung-fu Panda, Barnyard, and how to train your dragon.

    Rest in Peace Cartoon Network 1992-2007.
  • best thing

    I LOVE IT IDC IF U HATE MY OPNION ITS SO GOOD also the show was made for kids like if u really hate probibly arent a love love it
  • The Annoying Orange

    The Annoying Orange, a known popular YouTube web series that made millions "enjoy" his so-called comedic act as a talking, annoying orange now has it's very own TV series on Cartoon Network. Now this has got to be one of the most stupidest decisions to be ever made by CN since they canceled Sym-Bionic Titan and Young Justice. This is one of the reason what made me loose all hope in CN is because of shit shows like this! This show is bad enough to fucking ruin a child's childhood remembering what the fuck was on CN every fucking night. This show is the most absolute bullshit TV show to ever be aired on fucking Cartoon Network. That's all I have to criticize on The Annoying Orange.
  • I dont like this show

    I dont like this show. When it was on Youtube, the animation was funny and enjoyable, but the show just ruined it like FRED. The effects and graphics feel cheap and the plots are dry like a desert.
  • When people who think they are clever try to build a bridge connecting TV and happens.

    Just like the Fred Show, this belonged on the internet. Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon really sank to new lows when they made these shows. It's a sign that they are desperate for viewers...
  • WORST SHOW EVER = Annoying Orange

    I really wish they would get rid of this show. No one likes it... I think i can safely say that.

    annoying orange was funny before like episode 1 and all but since 2012 and 2013 it was horrible i rate 1/100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
  • Just terrible-lost faith in cartoon Network

    This was bad as a web series, but even more ***ed as a show. It's worse than Fred and Spongebob. I don't know why the hell Cartoon Network accepted this show to be aired! And people actually watch this sh!t. And I'm reading the reviews right now, and I'm glad that there are alot of smart people who thinks the same. I really hope Annoying Orange will get canned soon.

  • Dull, Trashy, and Completely Annoying

    This show really lives up to it's title, because it is completely annoying in an exceedingly bad way. None of the fruit parodies are funny, and has absolutely no decent humor incorporated into it. I have a hard time trying to decide if the producers of this show are being somewhat serious and just failing at it, or if they're trolling the audience every episode. The ONLY reason this show deserves a point is because the concept is at least somewhat original, even if its based off of a Youtube sensation.
  • This show is asininely ass!

    As MAD said, "30 seconds of Annoying Orage online is merely dumb and irritating. A entire 15-minute episode, however, should be dealt with as an international war crime". What's strange is that the horrid cast makes Toby Turner actually seem funny.
  • worse than fred: the show

    this show sucks, it was stupid when it was a web show, but it at least had SOME decent humor, but then, they turned it into a tv show, and it sucks!, there is no jokes on this show at all!, no good jokes anyway. The orange is really annoying, all he does is make bullsh*t jokes and laugh in an annoying fashion, the plots are non sensical and retarted. This show has nothing going for it
  • Better than Stupid Scaredy Squirrel

    This show should air on Cartoon Planet instead of "Scaredy Squirrel", because this is a classic. Scaredy Squirrel is not.
  • Title says it all annying

    Just like the web show annoying 1/10 horrible.
  • Sucks so bad

    i frikin hate it i used to like the web show i give it 1.0 because of Tobuscus !
  • Yeah... If the editors stopped putting the episodes one to the website, it's pretty horrendous.

    Yeah.... This show is AWFUL. Putrid. So bad, that the editors stopped putting the episode names on here. Yeah, the episodes? Parodies of Movies. ATROCIOUS parodies. The Plots? NONEXISTANT. The Humor? Yeah, if you think a babbling orange, Eye-murdering CGI, AND a HORRENDOUS Cast where 4 OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS ARE VOICED BY THE SAME PERSON are funny, you've either torn out your brain, or you're just plain retaraded. THIS SHOW SUCKS. Enough said.

    1/10 F-

    This show is AWFUL. Another reason that CN is dying off ( The Other reason being.... Yeah, you know what it . The Annoying Orange is PUTRID, and it should've just stayed as a web show.
  • Horrible

    Not only is it really bad and annoying, they completely changed the youtube version of it, I mean, the animations, the faces, some of the personalites, and expecially how they make jokes, they arnt even funny anymore like they were on youtube, I dont really know why they made this show in the first place, but in my opinion its horrible.
  • Well at least tobuscus keeps this show from being truly abysmal

    Now, the annoying orange is a VERY popular youtube show. And creator Daneboe decided to make a TV show. Sorry, to tell you the truth, it's really just dumbed down humor from the Internet show. In fact the only reason I'll watch this is Toby Turner (AKA Tobuscus) a decent youtuber does a good job on the show. He plays the only human and is rather entertaining. If you want more about the other characters watch the youtube show other than this. It really should only be watched by HARDCORE fans of the AO web show.