The Annoying Orange

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  • Ahaha- no

    This... where would I begin, haa.

    First of all, the only reason this show gets views is because of Tobuscus. If they didn't have him in there, then I swear to God this would be even worse than it already is. I don't even like Toby (go ahead and hate; I'm ready, world!) but he's the only thing in the show that's good. But he alone cannot save it.



    As the title of the TV show suggests, they're all annoying. Plus I can't help but point out how gross they look. Human faces are pasted on fruit; is that even legal? It shouldn't be. The way they blink, move their mouth, and just look all together make me want to vomit blood all over the keyboard.


    Orange: Annoying, stupid, and has seriously no other personalities. He barely even has an important role in the show, considering he's the title character. All he does is make horrible jokes and noises with his tongue, leaving all the important business to his friends.

    Marshmellow: Even worse than Orange. They should've switched places. Not only is Marshmellow annoying, but his voice is just God-awful. I can't even find a good simlie to explain it. Plus he's always happy no matter what, and they changed his personality from the web series (which I equally hate) to not only glad about everything, but sadistic, too. Personally, I'm OK with sadism considering I'm a sadist myself, but really?

    Passion Fruit: One of the only decent characters in the show. At least her voice isn't ear-rape.

    Pear: Again, a decent character but still needs some work.

    Grape Fruit: Oh my dear Link, his face! His freaking face! Not only that, though, but God is he... annoying. I swear.

    Apple: I don't understand why everyone hates on him. I really don't. What did the poor apple ever do wrong? He'd be a great character if he wasn't always getting bashed with insults.

    Midget/Tiny Apple: A lot like Marshmellow with the voice.

    Toby/Whatever: Like I said earlier, the only reason this show is being kept afloat for the time being.

    ~I don't even care if I missed anyone.


    Uhm, there was an episode about broccoli, random planets, and crystal monsters. All in the same goddamn episode. If you want to know more on that, That_Dumb_Lion explained it all nicely.

    I mean, what else do I need to say?

    There was also a zombie-fruit episode where Orange's laugh makes them explode or something. That's utter bullcrap and I won't even be bothered to go into further explaination on it.


    It's all stupid garbage and overused jokes. None of them are funny. The only thing that makes me merely chuckle is Toby. I don't see how anyone could ever laugh at Orange. Ever.

    Overall, this is just horrible. How it even got on Cartoon Network is beyond me. Deperation at it's finest.
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