The Annoying Orange

Premiered Jul 01, 2012 Between Seasons


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  • What was CN thinking?

    So, i have noticed CN and Nick have been getting popular people from Youtube to do commercials/shows for them. CN got Tobuscus and Nick got Fred (cause we know how many people adore him!). Nick even gave Fred his own show! So what does CN do? Luckly they don't give Tobuscus a show (well, they did but not like his main show) but we get ANNOYING ORANGE... Look how lucky they are. I'm surprised Disney hasn't piggie-backed with this idea and gave PewDiePie his own gaming show (Jesus thats a bad idea).

    PLOT: There isn't one. Abunch of fruits... Do stuff. Yeah.

    CHARACTERS: Alright, i'll have a shot at this.

    Orange: The dumbest protagonist a show can have. Literally, all he does in the show is make puns (and not even good ones).

    Pear: The "All-Serious" guy. He is basically the guy who makes the plot move.

    Passion Fruit: The "Hot-Chick" girl. Orange loves her and... That's all she does in the show

    GrapeFruit: The "Bad" guy. In most episodes, he is pictured as the bad guy.

    Grandpa Lemon: The "Cranky" guy. He is a cranky old guy. Done

    Nerville: Played by, who else, Tobuscus, He is the only human who can talk to fruits (for whatever reason)

    All other people: I have no time to list all the main people on this show so here is a summary for all the rest.


    HUMOR: Even a three year old wouldn't laugh at these horrible puns. Yes, I have tested this.

    END: This show is garbage that hogs up air time. Even a blind man can tell this show will be cancelled soon.