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The Ant and The Aardvark

NBC (ended 1971)



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The Ant and The Aardvark

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A comical cartoon about an Aardvark who is desperately trying to catch a clever ant for food. Throughout the series, he tries many ways to catch the clever thing, but just cant seem to. In two of the episodes, a Green Aardvark battles with the aardvark to catch the ant also. The series was released theatrically from 1969 to 1971 by United Artists and in 1972, it became part of The Pink Panther Show, to replace "Inspector's" gap after airing all 34 shorts. This lasted 17 6-minute episodes. John Byner (Soap) provided both voices, he tried to inpersonate Jackie Mason for The Aardvarks voice, and Dean Martin for The Ant. The series can be seen twice a week with "Pink Panther" on Cartoon Network Japan.
John Byner

John Byner

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  • Basically Tom and Jerry or the Road Runner as seen through the eyes of the people who brought you the Pink Panther.

    The Ant and The Ardvark was a DePatie Freleng production, released through United Artists and was originally intended to be shown in theaters during Saturday Matinees or in between the double features. Eventually, like most other theatrical cartoons, after a few years they found their way to TV. Although only 17 were made, this was a fun cartoon and when put with other United Artist cartoons which had a similar look, most notabley The Pink Panther and The Inspector, made for a good 30 minute Saturday morning show that the whole family could enjoy.

    Overall, these were good, clever cartoons that remain pretty fresh and watchable today. It's a shame there weren't more made.moreless

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