The Ant and The Aardvark

Season 3 Episode 4

Rough Brunch

Aired Unknown Jan 03, 1971 on NBC

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  • An ant and an aardvark are teamed up in the classic David and Goliath scenario. In Rough Brunch the ant who is being pursued by a starving aardvark is helped by a termite and his kin-folk.

    As a product of the sixties I was weened on cartoons which focused on slapstick and bad puns. The Ant and the Aardvark supplied both. With a Coyote-Roadrunner feel and John Byner's voice talents the show was great. Add the music of Doug Goodwin and the production genius of Friz Freleng and David H DePatie and you have a classic. 'Rough Brunch" stands out in the series for being one of a few in which another character, a calorie- conscious termite, is introduced along with his kin-folk who have come to visit. Another rarity is that the termite even gets the last line.
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