The Antonio Treatment

Sunday 10:00 PM on HGTV Premiered Mar 14, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • The dude that won HGTV Design Star's show.

    Antonio makes rooms look good, but doesn't teach you anything in the process. Most of the show is him screwing around while his 'crew' does everything. I don't care about you boxing Mario Lopez, guy. I'd rather see how you got this boring room to look decent. On the episode where he designed a 'deaf' living room I didn't see him build or design anything. The most artistic thing he did (which he didnt actually create) was decide to put a giant vinyl transfer on the ceiling. Giant vinyl stickers are expensive and most people can't make a decent recreation of Michelangelo paintings they can take to a sign shop to have printed out. (apparently Antonio can't draw either since he had an artist do it for him). These rooms that he is designing are way out of scope unless you have limitless connections to artists and people who can do you 'favors'. If I wanted to see a someone delegate jobs out to other people I'd tape people at my work. If you want to watch someone sit around and drink coffee while his friends do all the work then this show is for you.
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