The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

NBC (ended 2005)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • The Finale
      The Finale
      Episode 13
      Dawna must host a fashion show accompanied by Howie, Amanda, and Sarah. While Bethenny hosts a circus with Jim, Ryan, and a rebelling Carrie. The finale will feature the culmination of the final two tasks, a cast reunion and the live conference room hiring where the newest Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia employee will receive a $250,000 'apprenticeship' working alongside Stewart and her executives.moreless
    • The Empire Strikes Back
      Martha's top execs meet with the three remaining candidates and one is sent packing. Then, the final tasks are delivered and while one candidate struggles with the job of running a one-ring circus and fails to garner support from the former teammates who have been chosen to help the other candidate’s creative vision is called into question.moreless
    • Final Approach
      Final Approach
      Episode 11
      Each team is required to create a 30-second promotional video for an airline. While one candidate celebrates the last group task with a few drinks on the job, the other team must suffer through one member acting like a Hollywood director.
    • A Ridiculous Display
      The six remaining candidates go forth into the automotive world and must build a showroom launch that will display the new Buick sedan. One team changes lanes halfway through the project and alters its vision while 2/3 of the other threesome keep arguing with one another.
    • The Coffee Achievers
      The teams are asked to create a pop-up retail space to sell a new coffee machine. However, one rogue candidate spends the team's entire budget on an expensive public relations firm. Meanwhile, the other team chunks its leader when they disagree with the sales plan.
    • Don't Touch that Dial
      The task for the remaining 8 candidates is to sell items on QVC. One of the teams end up being screen hogs while the other has a case of cold feet.
    • Swimming Against the Tide
      The ten remaining contestants must take to the streets with a mobile billboard campaign which is a promotion for Tide to Go stain stick remover.
    • Every Dog Has His Day
      This challenge will appeal to dog lovers. Primarius and Matchstick negotiate with celebrities to create an experience involving their dogs to be auctioned off for charity. Which team will win?
    • Mixed Greens
      Mixed Greens
      Episode 5
      This week finds the contestants working on the task of creating a limited edition salad dressing for Wish-bone that they must sell at two Stew Leonard's store locations. While Matchstick is unsure of their recipe, Primarius may be forced to leave the store after Jim's inappropriate comments. Things get heated in the conference room and Jennifer is sent packing.moreless
    • Sweet Suite
      Sweet Suite
      Episode 4
      The remaining contestants try their hand at creating a themed lifestyle suite in a New York City hotel. Both teams face imminent failure, as one struggles with a Project Manager while the other races against time. The winners are greeted by Martha Stewart in a personal visit, but the losers must pay the price in the conference room.moreless
    • Bake It 'Til You Make It
      This week's task is making a cake and selling it at a wedding expo. And outside of the task, one candidate makes an inappropriate comment to Charles, and another one learns that his wife just had a baby.
    • Business is Blooming
      The task for the remaining 15 candidates seems simple enough, operating competing flower shops in Manhattan's West Village. However, one of the project managers quits before a second candidate can be named to replace them.
    • Once Upon a Time
      Once Upon a Time
      Episode 1
      Sixteen wannabe-Apprentices for Martha Stewart meet their idol herself in New York City on the first day of their job interview. The teams are thrust into the task of creating a children's book, and as one team risks everything for a odd storyline, the other plays it safe by relying on a focus group. Who will succeed? Who will fail? And who will be The Apprentice: Martha Stewart?moreless