The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

Season 1 Episode 1

Once Upon a Time

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2005 on NBC
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Once Upon a Time
Sixteen wannabe-Apprentices for Martha Stewart meet their idol herself in New York City on the first day of their job interview. The teams are thrust into the task of creating a children's book, and as one team risks everything for a odd storyline, the other plays it safe by relying on a focus group. Who will succeed? Who will fail? And who will be The Apprentice: Martha Stewart?moreless
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  • The Apprentice: Martha Stewart a new personal favorite

    This episode has the canidates split into two teams Matchstick and Primarius and had them writing a childern's book to be read in front of a group of kids. In The end thanks to Howie Primarius won and Matchstick went to face Martha one will be dissmessed.

    Winners: Primarius

    Losers: Matchstick

    Dismissed: Jeff
  • It holds promise

    I had high hopes for this one, but Martha is no Donald Trump. She lacks his charisma and she's trying too hard to be pleasant. She's all smiles here, and is definitely holding something back. I certainly wish she'd just let go and let out more of the old Martha. Come on now Martha, you don't really treat your underlings with such restraint, do you? Did a stint in prison really humble you to this extent?

    The other reviewer here had a great suggestion for Martha to utter when she lets someone go--'It's a bad thing'. Hmm, that would be such a 'good thing' for her to pronounce when she dumps the offending apprentice wannabe.

    As it is, her new 'thing' at the end of the show is to write the dumpee a 'dear john' letter complete with sappy voice over. A very civil touch, indeed, but was this really Martha's idea?

    As for the first episode, there was definitely too much Martha at the beginning, but I understand that it was introductory because it's the first show and, hopefully from now on, we'll get more 'meat' in the next episodes.

    I rather like the idea of this version of the hit show because it will highlight more artistic endeavors than the first more corporate Apprentice and, after Martha got out of the way and let the two team's take over, I enjoyed this week's project where each group had to creativly re-work a famous fairy tale into a new children's book with illustrations.

    Martha's daughter hasn't contributed much yet, but let's hope she gets in the swing of things in the future. And I do hope Martha shows more of that Martha of old whom we know and love. Don't hold back too much Martha, after all you should enjoy firing someone every week to get out all those aggressions you've been holding in the past year or so.

    Let it all hang out, Martha. Be yourself!moreless
  • Martha Stewart begins her business mogul comeback with a new daytime talk show and her own version of The Apprentice created by Mark Burnett. Her version of The Apprentice incorporates themes of both domesticity and corporate success that attest to her numoreless

    The Apprentice: Martha Stewart 1.1


    Unbelievably well shot lead-in depicts the many facets of Martha Stewart’s success. We first see shots of her amazing country home, not only showing her incredible wealth and success but also showing that her business still has as its seat of power Martha’s domestic sphere and home, this is where her business began, and even though she is no longer actually Chairwoman of the Board, she is still in command as the biggest shareholder. Then we have shots of New York City showing the expansion of her company into the public sphere. So we started with shots of Martha in her domestic life at home where it all began, and then we see her supervising everything in her corporate hub in New York City. Her office space is a combination of cubicle-style offices and artisan workshop. So right away we are being hit with images of the dual role of Martha as being in command of both the home and office, domesticity and commercialism, and thus the uber-successful businesswoman who has juggled it all incredibly well.

    This theme is continued in the division of the two teams into Matchstick (creative team) and the nebulous Primarius (corporate business-like team). The creative team so far is self-destructing with their stupid urbanized Hansel and Gretel story which only project leader Jeff likes; Jeff is a total control freak who cannot listen to anyone, and will be this team’s undoing. Jim is also a problem; he is very abrasive and is constantly trying to make stupid jokes and is talking constantly. He could be a huge problem too, all mouth and no results. Dawn, the creative writer, cannot focus in a work environment, and will probably be eliminated almost immediately because in this type of environment people need to multi-task. The corporate team has already tested their story to great success.

    Primarius wins hands down. The kids were engaged with Matchstick’s story but it was incredibly unfunny; the rhyme scheme was bold but a terrible failure. Going into the conference room I think that either Dawn or Jeff has to go, probably Jeff because he is the project leader and did not listen to constructive criticism about how lackluster the story concept was. Jeff was indeed fired with Martha’s new catchphrase, the lackluster “you just don’t fit in.” Seriously, how unoriginal is that. Having “your goose is cooked” or it’s a bad thing would have been so much more clever. That was the weakest thing about the whole show tonight, a show which firmly entrenches Martha Stewart once again at the forefront of American corporate mythology. She is portrayed here as a flawless giant of the business world, a woman who possesses so many talents and has such tremendous knowledge about everything that it is no wonder she has not only become as successful as she has but has had the confidence and determination to rebound from her crisis period with such amazing style and grace. She is an inspiration to everyone to dream big and work hard and you to can accomplish what she has. Because of her now legendary, iconic status I think she will pass into legend as being an infinitely greater television personality than Donald Trump and I have high hopes for the success of her version of the Apprentice.

    Originality: 75

    Complexity: 90

    Coherence: 100

    Intensity: 85

    Bonus points: great cinematography+3, great editing+3

    The Apprentice: Martha Stewart Episode 1 Season 1--A


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