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  • really great!

    This is a very good show however if you would compare it to donald trump's version of the apprentice, donald trump's the apprentice would be better than martha stewart's version, in the fact the tasks were more diffucult and more entreprenuerial. But, they don't really have a big difference.

    Maybe what's good about Martha Stewart's the apprentice is that the contestants were of really different personalites and professions. However, the very different they are from each other, makes you easily conclude who will gonna be the winner. For example, the case of Dawna and Bethenny. Even Bethenny is very talented and very creative, yet she is very wild and outrageous, a type of personality that is not fit for an executive while Dawna is not as much creative as her but she has the behavior of an executive. She is quiet and composed. Besides, Bethenny is a chef while Dawna already owned a sports magazine. OF course, it is really obvious who are you going to pick. Right?
  • This is the worst show ever!!!!!!!!!

    At First I thought that this show might be quite good but it turned out I was wrong. After the first episode I thought it was O.k. but I absolutely hated what she said when she fired people,"You Just Don't Fit In". This was the worst possible thing that she could of said. Donald Trump's" You're Fired" is 1000000X better than Marha Stewart's saying. After a few episodes I thought that this was the worst show ever created. I do not know why anyone would actually look forward to this show every week. I am glad that this show was cancelled and taken off the air.
  • Just didn't have the same magic as the original apprentice.

    I love the apprentice. Mostley When Donald Trump says your fired. So I gave this show shot. I watched the first episode. And decided to keep watching it. I must say the tasks seemed sort of easy. Another reason why is the way she got rid of contestants just wasn't to exciting. Although getting a note stating why.
  • Enough

    Martha I will say this as kindly as I can...... what the #### goes through your head that makes you want a new show. You already have enough and we have enough of your \"manly\" voice and trying to change us men. Well this show sucked hard. I\'m glad it died.
  • Martha Stewart is good at certain things. Matching Donald Trump in a spin off of his series isn't one of them. A pretty bad attempt of a reality show to find an apprentice for Ms. Stewart.

    Martha Stewart is good at certain things. Matching Donald Trump in a spin off of his series isn't one of them. A pretty bad attempt of a reality show to find an apprentice for Ms. Stewart. While Mr. Trump is funny at times and serious others you always believe that he is in control and might fire everyone at once if he felt like it. With Martha it is hard to get past her horribly monitone speaking voice an just a bad fit for this show. You end up not caring if she even has an apprentice or not. She just is not likable enough to pull this show off.
  • weak show,picked tasks that contribute/benefit MSL.The insider wins,earmarked for the job from day 1,the show was little more than a promotional excercise. Are we that stupid Martha?What a contrived experience,at least Trump knows how to entertain the mas

    weak show, picked tasks that contribute/benefit to MSL. The insider wins, earmarked for the job from day 1, the show was little more than a promotional excercise. Are we that stupid Martha? What a contrived experience, at least Trump knows how to entertain the masses. Alexis also makes me feel physically sick for some reason! even Mark Burnett's winning formula was not enough to save this show, please NO MORE.
  • Horrible, enough said

    This show does not even deserve the .1 rating that I gave it, but since there is no 0 choice I gave it a .1 . I can't believe The Donald let Mark Burnett talk him into letting Martha do a take-off on the show. And when they saw no one watched it they should have cancelled it there. Thank God it is finally off the air!!!!
  • Stupid

    How can people like Martha Stewart she is a cunning Devil and should be in prison. she also is a horrible Hosttest andjust can\'t carry this show for one season i mean come on the show was cancelled after the first Episode that is howpatheticthis show is. so ya thisshow sucks don;t watch it!
  • i think it is good but not nearly as good as the original apprentice.

    a show which portrays much the same stuff only the "Boss" is Martha Stewert. This show is good but not nearly good enough as the original apprentice. what i hat ethe most is when she fires the candidates she is to nice to them instead of saying "you're fired" she says "i am going to have to say goodbye" and she also writes them a nice little letter.. oh how sweet.. NOT!!
  • It really is a great show.

    I know this show has already gotten the axe, but it is really a good show. If you like apprentice like i do it gives you a different angle. It also doesn't have all those power trips that the Donald has to have. It shows that a power house can be more humble and feminine. The main reason this show didn't take off is because no one could really relate to Martha Stewart she just seemed cold. As well i really can't stand her left hand man with the cigar everywhere. For someone so stuck on manners he has none with that tacky cigar!
  • Better Than the Donald.

    Overall, I think Martha is better than Donald. I think she is more specific and explains why she lets people go. I would rather listen to her than Donald who I think is a little obnoxious. I don't like Jim, but I see why she chose to let others go.

    I would like to see Martha replace Donald. How many apprentices do you need?

    I would also like to see candidates perform trial tasks at MSO instead of random marketing tie-ins. MSO is a big building - don't they have any work for the apprentices?
  • Personal Favorite Show. It shows Martha as what really made her big.

    We watch both apprentices's shows. Martha's is definately more realistic. It shows that corporate American is not as callus as Donald Trump seems to portray all the time. Martha is soft but firm, attentive and understanding. She also desn't pretend to be an actor like Donald does and her daughter and Charles are just lovely to watch. A very soft and teaching program. If we followed Trump, we would never reach or goals. Martha gives inspiration to be better. We love the way she "fires" people and not so grotesque as the words and insensitiveness of Donald.
    We love you Martha!
  • If you like the Apprentice, you'll like this too. The candidates make for great tv and despite what other reviewers have said, Martha is as charming and captivating to watch as The Donald.

    I think alot of the reviews for this show were premature. I will admit that the first episode kind of faultered short of my expectations. It seemed clumsy and the production seemed a little creaky and unpracticed. That has all changed. This show is now a tightly run gem and I wish more people would give it a chance because I'd love to see another season.

    First off, the candidates are all very well chosen in that they are all very different and have extremely polarized personalities. Jim, one of my favourites is an arrogant, flamboyant SOB that you HAVE to love because is is cunning, articulate and competitive. In one episode, Jim who seemed like the most likely candidate to be given the "goodbye" completely turned the tables with his sharp vernacular and decimated all naysayers in their path. His made for tv performances often make my normally wooden face crack with awe and amusement. In another episode his soft side comes out for a meek, almost broken-spirited young chef. He gave her the courage and ammunition to take down her unsupportive team mates in the conference room...and succeeded with shining stars.

    In short, it is the candidates that truly make this show work and the producers have done a great job choosing them. Now that they have obediantly followed the Donald's Apprentice formula, the show's production is top class...and Martha's unexpected joviality and occasional impatience really highlight this show's the Apprentice with a strong feminine twist.

    I will watch this show to it's end and will hope ardently for a new season. If you didn't like the first episode...please revist the show won't be disappointed.
  • Simply one of Donald Trump's worst ideas! Martha Stewart portrays her usual DRY self, while her daughter appears either scared or uninterested. Who cares about the contestants ... Martha will not be happy with anyone but herself.

    Overall, a waste of network airtime! This is simply a ridiculous move by Donald Trump. As his show is becoming old news (by filling air time with increasing commercials and less reality show time), he decides to help his friend Martha Stewart's bad reputation, by forcing her down our throats during night time television. Donald and Martha wake up ... perhaps the knock-off Apprentice show by Martha Stewart should be aired during the daytime. Isn't that when most of Martha's fans watch television?
  • If you are really interested in the Apprentice, watch the Donald. If you love Martha, tune in.

    I had such high expectations for this show because I love my Thursday nights with Donald, but I was disappointed. This show lacks the intensity of its sister show. Martha is fabulous, but she's way too laid back in the "Conference Room". Her daughter rarely displays emotion and that other guy always has a smirk on his face. Saying good-bye to the one being fired shows good manners, but writing a note to each former Apprentice? I'll admit that I do catch this show when it reruns each week on MSNBC, but its not worth the space on my tivo.
  • This is such a good show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I always watch this show every Wensday night at 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM. I hope it comes to DVD as soon as it finishes it's first season and I will buy it. It is really a good show and I can tell that Martha adds creative touch to the show. I hope it contiues and comes to DVD
  • A complete copy of The Apprentice only much worse.

    Anyone who likes reality shows would love "The Apprentice", but this sho is so stupid. It's just not the same. The tasks don't have to do with corporate stuff, they're more on the creative side. And, unlike the real Apprentice, anyone could easily do these tasks. I mean, come on! Anyone could put a bouquet of flowers together. It barely requires any skill.
  • Unoriginal--enough said.

    I'm not sure why I feel compelled to review this show. No clue whatsoever. It is just a watered down version of the original, The Apprentice.

    The only saving grace, and the reason I watch this show is to see just how far that dimwit, loudmouth, Jim can last. Why he hasn't be fired is beyond me.
  • It’s okay for what it is...

    It’s okay for what it is, an improved clone of a lame reality show, but there is honestly much better programming on. Check out Veronica Mars on UPN. I don’t understand why people watch The Apprentice with Donald Trump. Maybe they think it’ll teach them how to make money, I don’t know. Either way, reality TV viewers only seem to favor the jerks. Don’t believe me? Look how much attention is given to Simon Cowel compared to Randy or Paula in actual screen time and the promotional ads? Since being a complete witch or some other word that rhymes with it would ruine Martha's other show, I don't expect this show to get a second sesason.
  • ok first off i didnt like this woman much before this show now i think she is cool and i am seeing her in a much better light.And i give 10 out of 10 i just wish they would not put it on the same time as lost...duh

    This is my gripe.
    How can Martha not fire the project manager from last week for not being able to control a member of her team yet this week she can fire a project manager for not being able to control old Psycho.
    Last week lazy bones wouldn’t paint or get out of bed ok fine she is lazy, but this week Jim swears in front of people in the store and is still there ??? did I miss the plot ? Did we also see Jim patting a bottom as they walked out of the loft or at least the slap was heard and it does not take much to know what he did...wonder how the wife feels about that sitting at home with the new baby ?
    Martha I know the show is probably over but if Jim got the job I will never watch your shows again but im thinking unlike his team you are not scared of him...right ?
  • Martha Stewart takes the Trump's place.

    I have never watched and will never watch this show. I didn't like the Donald's version and while I love Martha, I doubt this show is worth my time. I think Martha should just stick to her cooking, and home-decor shows, and steer away from the reality. Especially when it has to do with the Apprentice.
  • A good primetime show from the Domestic Diva..

    I know some folks dont like this show, but like I say..dont watch it....and dont tell me what to watch...I have enjoyed Martha since her first PBS special and have learned quite a lot of good things from her. This show is quite amusing actaully, you hardly see Martha, so why is everyone hollering....the people vying to be the apprentice is quite a bunch, they are very amusing. What an oddball bunch to put together, they keep you glued to the set so you can see who yells at who, who blames who and who Martha will say good-bye to. And like Martha says why do I need to say Your Fired, I havent hired them yet. Remember folks, this a 13 week job interview...
  • Martha Stewart needs publicity. Donald Trump needs some extra cash. Spin off of The Apprentice made sense. Fortunately the show isn't about home making.

    The Apprentice: Martha Stewart takes the base formula of The Apprentice and adds Martha Stewart's flair. Much like 'New Coke' this show might not be for everyone.

    The layout of the show is so similar to The Apprentice that you can forget that you are watching a different show. While the tasks so far have been softer than what we have come to expect from The Donald's show the makeup of the teams still consist mainly of young, motivated, and attractive people. At the end of each task the 'boardroom' is replaced with a conference room and Martha says good bye and writes a letter instead of 'firing' the contestant. The music, the dramatic shots of the city, and the close up of the closing door to the 'conference room' all persist into the new show.

    The teams initially divided themselves into creative talents, like bakers and florists and executive talents. The Creative team, Matchstick, has a more fitting name than the executives 'Primarius'. However Matchstick has yet to win a task after the first three weeks. This is partially due to the disorganized nature of the team and partially due to the fact that a virulent influence, Jim, is manipulating the team behind the scenes. Honestly I'm surprised it took this many seasons of 'The Apprentice' for someone to play it like a game.

    My biggest gripe about this version is Martha's refusal to act tough. She is nice to a fault and unfortunately I simply don't believe that off camera with her real staff she is as good natured. Business is tough. So is she. That's what America wanted to see, and she isn't giving it to us.
  • this show is the bomb is so entertenig iam deying to see a second season watch you will love it

    martha stewart has taken another hit with the apprentice is so entertenning like donals apprentice and martha found a new way to say your fires this show is just so perfect to watch so get early watch it you will love it like i do i hope to see a second season its worth it
  • better than donald's

    Should only be half hour. This would work better if it were together with Donald's version in one hour you get to see two firings. Also it is too predictive and you know within the first 5 min who will get fired that day. It's staying afloat by a thread.
  • This is a really good show! I almost get into this more than the Apprentice.

    This is such a good show! I think it is interusting what they do. I really liked when they had to publish the book. It is different to see how everyone gets a long and you can kind of judge how you think they would do if they were in a real corporation. I also think Martha Stewart does well at this. When I first heard I don\'t know but I thought maybe she would be too soft. I was wrong. To me it turns out that she was almost meant for it.
  • Martha Stewart's Apprentice is much more enjoyable than the slightly pathetic Apprentice by Donald Trump.

    People keep bashing Martha Stewart’s Apprentice, and saying how much worse it is than Donald Trump’s. I personally find Martha Stewart to be much more enjoyable to watch than Donald Trump. Unlike Donald Trump, Martha Stewart is actually talented, a good businessperson, and self-made. Because of this, when she gives advice to people, it comes across as less ridiculous then when Donald Trump instructs people in business. Also, the product placements in Martha’s show are much more subtle than in Donald Trump’s, where episodes are typically one big commercial for whatever sponsor is being featured that week. Martha Stewart’s Apprentice just feels fresher, and more fun.

    People love to hate Martha Stewart for the same reasons that they love to hate Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, or any other powerful woman. If everyone can get over that, they’ll realize that this show very enjoyable.


    18 guidos with aspirations of joining the mob compete for the opportunity to get made.

    Each week one candidate gets clipped in the board room until one is MADE.

    Like the other apprentices there will be 2 teams in various contests.

    Week One: Selling Tits in a prison.

    Week Two: Stealing then selling illegal cigarettes.

    Week Three: Whacking a guardian angel.

    Week Four: Who can slap the most guys without injury in a night club for hitting on his girl.

    I think you guys get the idea.
  • Complete waste of time.

    The Apprentice:Martha Stewart was very boring to me. With Martha Stewart just recovering from career shock, I would think that she would want to make a big bang in the show business industry. This show did the complete opposite for me. I expected a lot of energy and fun, and received one hour of yawns.

    It surprises me that, being considered one of the most creative people in America, she would not be able to come up with an idea for her own show. It seems funny that she had to copy someone else's show.

    For me, this was not "A good thing"!
  • One good thing is we hopefully won't see a second series of this show

    This show jumped the shark before the opening credits even ran. Donald Trump should be insulted that NBC even considered this show. We all know that NBC was hoping to capitalize on Martha Stewart and her problems but NBC did not take in to account that people are bored with ' The Apprentice ' and are sick and tired of hearing about Martha Stewart.
    From the first moment this show began it was obvious this show was going to be a cheap copy and that Martha Stewart only did the show to show the world what a b***ch she really is and publicize her company and products.
    Alexis is a copy of her mother and it is obvious she is only doing the show because she is untalented and needs Mommy to give her a job.
    Charles tries to look important by smoking his cigars in the conference room. It was so obvious that he knew Bethany and helped her get on the show. Charles made it seem like he had no idea who Bethany was and had only met her once some 16 years ago. It was funny that came out in the Loft that Bethany was not only friends with Charles Daughter but had been involved in a serious relationship with his Son.
    in closing (taking pen in hand)
    Dear Martha:
    It is a shame that Jail did not teach you anything. It is obvious from watching yoru show that you still believe the almighty dollar comes first and that you need an hour of prime time TV to sell your company and rebuild your stock portfolio. When it comes to being professional you need to learn that it is not okay to allow someone to infect the air of conference with cigar smoke and that someone may not have a problem leading others in a real world enviroment where they could have a problem in a phoney show such as ' The Apprentice: Martha Stewart ' . I will be looking forward to January when we finally bid a farewell to your show once and for all.

    Cordually Yours,
    A Viewer
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