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Wednesday 9:00 PM on BBC Premiered Feb 16, 2005 Between Seasons





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  • What kind of entrepeneur the producer pick from audition, i dont think they are at all.

    for the mistake they make, i dont think they are entrepeneur, all of them lack of leadership, all of them lack of initiative, i have only seen three episodes and i feel like they are poor on initiative. sorry. going back to my sci fi series
  • Amazing

    This is one of the best shows on BBC, and the best shows on British TV about business.
  • A bunch of business 'wannabes' take part in exercises designed to show business prowess, humiliate and entertain. Likely barrow boy Sugar raises his arm and finger shouting "You're fired!" and across the Nation a number of people wet themselves a little.

    Think your life could be better, need to laugh at someone more unfortunate, want to take pleasure as someone's hopes and dreams are dashed in a flood of tears? Then watch The Apprentice. The climax of each episode is watching a close up of the poor contestant's face as they hear Alan yell "You're Fired!", and this is entertainment? Another poor reflection on our society where prime time entertainment is watching another get humiliated on National TV. Listen to how many times he's referred to as Sir Alan, how did he become a 'Sir'?!?! The irony is that Alan Sugar owns Amstrad, that home favorite brand right up there with Alba and Matsui. I no longer watch this, oh, and I don't own any bargain basement Amstrad products.
  • There is only one Sir Alan Sugar and I'm sure the contestants who come under fire in this excellent UK adaptation of the American program are very glad of it!

    Alan Michael Sugar is the perfect example of 'poor boy made good.' Born in London's East End in 1947, young Alan left school at sixteen and, quite literally, set out to make his fortune. Today, the founder of the huge AMSTRAD computer corporation and many other companies across the world is worth in excess of eight hundred million pounds and he has done it all himself. Alan Sugar started with nothing and is now one of the most respected businessmen in the world.

    In 2005, the UK version of 'The Apprentice' began on the BBC with a group of candidates from across Britain coming together in the hope of winning the coveted position of a job with Sir Alan and the title of 'The Apprentice'. With the help of his trusted advisors, Margaret Mountford and Nick Hewer, both of whom have worked for him for over twenty years, Sir Alan puts the hopeful candidates through a series of often gruelling and difficult business-related tasks to test their mettle. Each week, one candidate who has not met Sir Alan's expectatons is fired until only two remain - two who must perform one final task and do their level best to impress the man who labels himself "The most beligerent man in England" and win the coveted job which has a six-figure salary to go along with it.

    In my opinion, this UK version of the show is far superior to the American version and I think the main reason for this is that Sir Alan is so much more 'watchable' than Donald Trump. A Knight of the Realm or not, Sir Alan doesn't care what he says or who he says it to. Sometimes he is incredibly scary (as the candidates will attest) and on other occasions he is downright hilarious with his caustic wit and straight-shooting style. Margaret and Nick are absolute gems as well and have quite a following of their own.

    There is very little reality televison which I can tolerate but I think this show is brilliant and with several seasons under its belt it looks like many members of the viewing public agree with me.

    Fantastic television. Watch it and see for yourself.
  • wrong again!

    how many times does sir alan pick the wrong person from the final two? Ruth badger is a shining example! Kate was the best candidate and deserved more. The excuses they had for denying her the top job seemed silly to me. She came across well and always performed well. I love the show but is some what frustrating at times when the wrong person gets the job - how many of the winners so far have actually done well for sir alan, that would be good to know!I give it 3 months and yasmina will be back at the restaurant.
  • 14 contestants, who will be Sir Alan Sugars next Apprentice?

    The apprentice is stocked up high with arrogent buisness wannabe's all wanting that specical place at the right hand of Sir Alan Sugar but who of them has what it takes to pass the tasks and come out on top as the winning project manager? I thins year things have really gone downhill compared to last years Lucinda,Alex and Lee. The only one this year who I think has the whole package is Kate, I think she is fiesty and she knows where her loyalties lie. The whole think with Phillip did not break her down even when Lorraine mentioned it in the boardroom, I thought that was compleatly unessary, she still fought back and turned on Phillip to prove to Sir Alan that she does not let enything phase her. This is an amazing show, that is very well thought out. I am glued to my T.V every Wednesday night at 9pm and then after that I switch to channel 3 and watch The Apprentice Your Fired. No one is anywhere near me when I watch it because my family know if they bother me while I watch it I get cranky. :) I love this show.
  • Review.

    The Apprentice is a good show that is very intresting when it comes to how to be the best business man. The shows strongest point is its contestants that havea ll there different personalities and styles of working, they all want to be the best and be the loadest and its so funny to see Alan Sugar put them in there place and fore them, sometimes you get pathetic leaders who just get told at the aerly stages, the boys vs girls is fun at the start and I love the challenges. its a great little show, 8.5 out of 10.
  • 14 Business Wannabe's Battle It Out With Each Other To See Who Can Become Sir Alan Sugar's Next Apprentice.

    I Love This Show! The People On It, Wow, It's So Cool! I Loved Simon When He Was Doing That TV Advert For That Trampoline And He Screwed The Nuts And Bolts, God! It Was So Funny, I Almost Wet Myself.
    I'm Kinda Glad That Sir Alan Sugar Chose Simon To Be His Next Apprentice And Not Tre,I Was Really Happy When Tre Got Fired! But The Show Is Very Very Good..I've Been Watching It Since Season 1, And Sir Alan Just Comes Up With THE Most Amusing Tasks! It's Just Funny Seeing How The Contestants Compete With Each Other, And It Gets Funnier Every Time! Can't Wait For The New Series!
  • This is a job interview from hell.

    Sir Alan Sugar leads a group of 14, giving them business tasks to complete. All fourteen have left there jobs. Why? Because this IS a job interview. To get a position in Alan Sugars company, these candinates battle it out like never before. Some are argumentative, some are helpful. Some are just plain stupid. All we need to know is who will be the next to be FIRED!

    Fun, Humorous, Interesting.. these are just some of the words that describe such a great show. Better than any cartoon or a stupid over-the-top kiddy program. They are on all day. So you have nothing to watch every day. This program is on a Wednesday at 9:00pm on BBC1. Every week. Now you have something to watch. Go watch it.
  • fourteen candidates battle it out to be the new apprentice for sir alan sugar. sheer prfection at its limuits! informative, helpful and a whole lot of good watching for all ages

    this show is hard to explain. its hard to explain how perfect it is......... im not joking, this show is absolutely amazing. i have a friend, mehram, who, on the last series, came to my house EVERY wednesday, without fail to come and watch the apprentice. and were 13!!!!!! well shes 14 but im 13!!!
    and we live in spain so it finished at what, half past normaly we wouldn't stay up that late but for this............i think so!!!!!
    if anyone else likes the show, you can get talking about it, long-lasting relationships can be biult on this one little show.
    i haven't seen a rating on this lower that 8.0 so i'd say there are quite a few people that feel the same way!!!!
    there are many shows that i like but this one just takes the cake! who knew that three, no wait two simple words could glue you to a show so easily:
  • What makes this show better is Alan Sugar

    I still watch the original Apprentice, with Donald Trump as the boss. I watched Martha Stewart\'s version too. As anyone who has watched the Martha version knows, that show was weak because the boss was weak and rather uninteresting (among other reasons). The original Trump one is ok, but I think that it\'s getting tired - season 1, and possibly season 2, were fine, but it\'s obvious that Trump now takes his role as a TV star way too seriously.

    The British version stars this grizzly old git (I say this affectionately), Sir Alan Sugar, the founder and head of Amstrad. He is fabulous, because he\'s exactly what he is - a rather foul mouthed, tough, idiosyncratic boss who rides his employees hard but gets a lot out of them. I was afraid that he would change in season 2 (as Trump has over the past couple of seasons) but he hasn\'t changed at all. The candidates are interesting in varying ways, but ultimately it\'s Sir Alan that makes the British Apprentice show so great. (The follow-up show, You\'re Fired, is great too - I wish the US version had a similar show!)

  • This show is just fantastic!!! No more needs to be said...

    I love this show sooooooooo much and I tune in every Wednesday night to watch it. I love Sir Alan Sugar (not in that way!) because of his attitude and the way he makes the contestants squirm.

    The people on this seasons show are great! From the boys I love Ansell and from the girls, it has to be Ruth. The people are great because some p*** me off beyond belief (mainly Jo and Syed). I love the rivery and the teamwork.

    The tasks are always amusing and interesting to watch... especially when their struggling to complete it. The best one so far has been when they had to buy 10 items for the lowest prices.

    The final board meetings always turn out differently to what you expect... mainly the b***h stays in while the innocent normal person is fired. This always keeps me watching.

    This show is never disappointing and is a real delight for your Wednesday night viewing pleasure!
  • Brilliant

    This is a brillaint show with Sir Alan Sugar. It is entertaining with funny parts too. Its all about these people who want to get a job with sir alan. They are in 2 teams. Men and Woeman. They have to do thasks. This show is amazing and is well thought out. You have to watch it
  • You Go Girls

    I loved the first series Tim deserved to win and i hope him all the best with his future projects. Working with Sir Alan Sugar must be very demanding but at the same time a dream come true. I sincerely hope a woman wins this new series but i really doubt it. In the first week the women shone and performed a hundred times better than the boys yet Sir Alan criticised them for using their femininity to get an edge. This made me angry. Its a man's world lets face it and women have every right to use whatever they can to get an edge in a male dominated industry. Admittidly they were extremely blatant in their flirting but hey its a competition and its "Dog eat Dog" so why not do whatever you can just to edge the cards to your advantage. I hope a girl wins but given Sir Alan's reation i don't think it will happen.
  • New series starts 9:00pm Feb 22nd on BBC2

    Season 1 was fantastic, some great characters, series 2 starts Feb 22nd 2006 on BBC2 at 9:00pm hope to see as good a second series as the first. See: for show info, looks like another good season to come even Saira from last season is cashing in on season 2 with her own reviews of each weeks episode so enjoy, I know I will.
  • This is a very well developed show by the genius that is Mark Burnett. Better then the USA version by miles.

    i think that this is much better then the US version, Sir Alan Sugar has more charisma then Donald Trump as the boss. Every time he points and is about to say "You're Fired" is more exciting then the anything.He also adds a subtle comedy to the boss, best expressed with Paul with the by "God's witness we shook hands" incident. Genius

    The contestants are excellent, although the tasks arn't as exciting as the US version, the contestants make up for it.

    The Ultimate Job Interview is amazing, wondering if your favourite contestant's team wins or loses, whether they are safe or fired.

    If you arn't watching, tune in!!!
  • Initially one wondered how it could compete with the American one, but it overtook it in the 'British' way!

    When this series started I disregarded it thinking it was too "wrong" compared to the American Apprentice, Sir Alan Sugar is just different from Donald Trump, one admires Trump instantly, his language his posture give you a sense of belonging and the relationship he builds with the potential candidiates is heart warming.

    Sir Alan Sugar is different, to put it in his own words "I don't like liars, I don't like bullshits, asslickers" (you get the jist) and that just egnites a spark with the view, it's truely British to do what Sir Alan does, the candidiates are exceptional, you can't help but notice the bickering between candidates, each candidate wants to win and are willing to shine and downright insult the others to get that top job.

    What's added to this show is the sense of taking business from the real world and ensuring that people of all ages can watch and learn something which is valuable in life, weather it is the end customer who counts, or how you present your products on TV, every week you learn something, the drama is there to add to that, addictive television.

    The only critism I will lend to this is the editing, it's good editing but sometimes you're confused over the clear lack of teams and it isn't just shown to you who is what team, the whole team name ethos was disregarded in the editing and production values but I'm sure this will be fixed for a second season.

    Excellent series, roll on Season 2 with Sir Alan Sugar again!