The Celebrity Apprentice

Season 4 Episode 7

Back to School

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2005 on NBC

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  • Trump's boardroom behavior is questionable. (Harassment?)

    Trump asked Adam if he was a virgin. He also asked Clay if he was a homosexual (this is not the first time Trump has questioned a contestant's sexuality, he did this last season as well). Martha Stewart (I believe) said that this isn't a game.This is a job interview.When is it EVER okay to ask a job applicant about their sexuality? Many could argue,'s a reality creates drama and excitement for viewers at home. But you know, I do not believe that Trump would ask these questions if Adam or Clay were women.
  • The 2 teams made a school type presentation, to be judged by the audience.

    At one point during the Adam\'s presentation on Sex At Work, Clay tried to make a joke by saying to the audience \"And this comes from a shy type Jewish guy\".

    However Adam said in the interview that Clay called him a tight-arsed Jewish guy, and mentioned that also in the boardroom. Alla concurred with Adam that Clay said that. George who was in the audience during Adam\'s presentation did not correct the misunderstanding.
  • The boardroom scene is horrible in this episode.

    If Clay is homosexual then obviously he wouldn't like someone making a homophobic remark towards him. So why would he make a possibly Anti-semitic but totalty inapprioate joke towards Adam? And I didn't like how Donald Trump made Adam who's apparently a virgin feel uncomfortable. I never heard sexual orientation compared to what people order in a restaurant before. And if he is a virgin he doesn't want to hear how great sex is! Trump stopped short of asking Adam bluntly: "So why the hell haven't you had sex yet?!". If Adam chooses to abstain from fornication then good for him. Why should he be ashamed of it? Why should he be ridiculed for it?
  • Four people don't get the axe this time around, but the inevitable firing finally occurs.

    First off, the Excel Corp seems unstoppable barring any further shuffling of teams. With Randal, Marshawn and Rebecca, Capital Edge will have to do something truly remarkable to win, because those three aren't going to do anything stupid to lose. The four-person firing last week was the best thing to have happened for Excel.

    That brings us to Capital Edge, and without Randal, their loss seemed inevitable. Project Manager Adam just doesn't have what it takes and the only reason he hasn't been booted yet is because others have messed up more. I think he overexagerated about Clay's so-called anti-semetic comments (and yes, I'm Jewish); the real problem was Clay's anectdotes. I don't care if he's comfortable with his homosexuality, the way he spoke was inappropriate. But of course, as often the case, the person responsible for the week's loss isn't the one to get the boot. This time Marcus was the casualty which probably doesn't come as much of a shock to anyone. He's not the dumbest on the team, nor the most unexperienced, but he rambles on about nothing and then has nothing to say when he needs to (like in the boardroom).

    But in the end, this episode would be nothing without the outstanding boardroom and Trump's genious comments. We get Trump's feelings on anti-semitism, virginity, sex, and homosexuality. There's something in it for everyone. "Some people like steak and some people like spaghetti"...that's just brilliant.

    The only thing better than Trump's comments was the very first 5 minutes of the episode where everyone is waiting for the contestants to come back from the boardroom until midnight. Their comments were just great.
  • Markus is finally on a losing team, and is fired.

    It was obvious that Markus would get fired eventually, it was just a matter of him getting on a losing team for it to happen.

    The task this time: create a business class. Excel chooses Sex in the Workplace, and give a rather inappropriate presentation which included Clay's constant use of the word "ass" and him calling Adam a "tight Jewish boy" while Markus did nothing and played with his yo-yo. Capital Edge chose a less-risky topic and hit it out of the park. Their reward: new clothes. I wish I could get new clothes. Anyway, I digress. Excel is called into the boardroom, and Adam calls Clay and Markus into the boardroom with him. Markus proves that he not only talks a lot, he also says a lot of nothing. Even though Clay was the one who was responsible for the loss of the task, Markus is fired. About damn time!

    Funnier than anything else in this episode is Trump's shock over the fact that Clay's gay, and his own questions of Adam on his virginity and telling him "It's no big deal." That would get most bosses in trouble for sexual harassment. But it's Trump. He can act like the "Big Fat Obnoxious Boss" all he likes.

    Overall, good episode.
  • After last weeks massive firing, this week’s episode was a little milder. But it was still filled with its share of good moments, including Trump asking people about their sexual experience and sexual orientation.

    The episode had a wonderful Godot-like beginning, with everyone waiting for people to return who never would. Eventually, the team realized that no one was coming back, and that the odds of those remaining to win just went up.

    The task involved creating a Learning Annex class. Excel came up with a class about making yourself stand out. Randal and Marshawn both seemed to be excellent speakers. Now traditionally, black women have not fared so well on the Apprentice (Omarosa, Stacy J, Verna), but it seems that Marshawn is incredibly smart, and a team with Marshawn, Randal, and Rebecca seems pretty unbeatable.

    Capital Edge did a class about sex in the workplace. The presentation seemed to begin with Adam emerging from the audience with a microphone, ala daytime talkshow host. In the end, the Sex talk did not win, loosing by an incredibly small margin.

    In the Boardroom, Trump asked Adam if he was a virgin, and then asked Clay if he was a homosexual. Trump then gave his take on homosexuality, saying that some people like steaks, and some like spaghetti. I couldn’t have said it better myself.