The Celebrity Apprentice

Season 5 Episode 12

Backs Against the Wal-Mart

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 15, 2006 on NBC
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Backs Against the Wal-Mart
The remaining five candidates must create a store display for the new Xbox 360 at Wal-Mart. Real life meets reel life for the winners when they jet off to the West Coast to meet film executive Jeffrey Katzenberg, who gives them an opportunity to participate in a voiceover session for the animated movie Over the Hedge.moreless
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  • Women need to know when to say when!

    Allie and Roxanne gave the big man a headache as

    Trump had to shut them up. The women were indeed

    Acting and behaving like a bunch of kids. Grow up ladies

    Or should I say little girls! Even though I can't stand

    Donald Trump, I did like him this time around. A rare time

    That I did like him for once. Trying to get the women to stop arguing!
  • I just rolled my eyes about the behaviour of Ellie

    What can you say that has not been said about this show? As I watched this episode, for the first time in a long time i thought Trump is firing for the shows sake. As the buid up in this episode was, either Ellie or the Black Woman should have been fired! But not Barbie Tammy.

    Anyway, I think for me the time has come where i just had enough of firing and hiring. The final? I just don't care anymore. Is a sixth season really necessary? Of course, it is a money making machine and suits the ego of Mr. Trump. See you next season in California...moreless
  • There are flaws in Trump's firing justifications.

    Trump fired Tammy because he said she wasn't a good leader. Let's face facts here. Tammy may be the project leader, but she wasn't Allie or Roxanne's boss with no real power to hire or fire them. Plus the fact that Tammy is their competition, so they have every reason to want to see her fail or be unsupportive, which they were. The unprofessional behavior of some of these candidates is appalling.

    If Trump himself was placed in the position of a project manager in this "interview" process with virtually no power to hire/fire, do you think Trump could successfully get all of these back-stabbing candidates to be loyal to him? Heck no!

    Winning project managers are not the sole reason for the team winning and the losing project managers are not the sole reason for losing. In Trump's mind, candidates who step up and take the risk to become project managers are the first to be taken down.

  • Allie soooooooo should've went home.

    She is condescending even when she ISNT project manager!!! I can't stand her. She's done nothing since she's been on the show; as a leader or as a member of any team. I hated the way her and Roxanne treated Tammy throughout this task. Even though Tammy's idea did suck, her overall production was a million times better than Gold Rush. If she would have just included pricing, she would've won. SHe worked so much harder, and seemed to have done it all on her own, and the guys barely did anything. The guys depended on outsourcing completely and almost screded themselves over. Luckily, they did include pricing.

    In the boardroom, Tammy's whiny voice was killing me. I did not want her to go, I was hoping Trump would boot Allie, but of course, Allie kept her mouth shut and flew below the radar. Hopefully she'll be gone next week.moreless

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    • Sean: Lee's from New York, I'm from London. He's twenty-two, I'm thirty-three. He's Jewish, I'm half-Arab. But at the same time, we're very, very similar. I love Lee. I actually adore him.

    • Lee: So you're going to play the part of a British cartoon character.
      Sean: British people in cartoons, they always seem to be kind of evil. "I've got a big plan!" (evil laugh).
      Lee: That's going to be you!

    • Donald Trump: (To Allie and Roxanne) Wait, wait, WAIT! (the arguing girls quiet down) That's enough, you're giving me a headache.

    • Tammy: I want this task to be about me.

    • Tammy: Well I wish them (Allie and Roxanne) good luck *sarcasm*, because after this, it will not be about sales, and they will crash and burn.

  • NOTES (6)

    • International Air Dates:
      Norway: Thursday, August 28, 2008 on TVNorge

    • Lee Bienstock and Sean Yazbeck are both credited in the movie Over The Hedge as Lunch Table Larry (voice) and BBQ Barry (voice), respectively.

    • Ivanka and Bill from Season 1 winner once again fill in for Carolyn and George, respectively.

    • With only three people left on Synergy, Trump doesn't even ask Project Manager Tammy to bring anyone back into the boardroom. For her poor leadership on the task, she is fired on the spot. Roxanne comes under a little bit of fire for the bad signage, but Trump doesn't see it as firing-worthy. Nor does he see Allie's behavior toward Tammy as grounds for firing.

    • The Project Managers in this episode are Sean for Gold Rush and Tammy for Synergy. Sean's team wins. Sean now has a 2-0 record as Project Manager. Tammy is now behind at 1-2.

    • This episode is scheduled to start at 10pm instead of its usual time slot at 9pm.


    • This episode title is derived from the phrase, "backs against the wall". This phrase is an idiosm for when in a serious situation with few ways to react to it. This is a play on with words with wall and Wal-Mart. It could also be derived from the movie Back Against the Wall (2002) about the exploration of intersexual power relationships.

      However, it could also mean that since Synergy and Gold Rush both did a poor job with this task (theme irrelevant to the task, and poor aesthetics, respectably) the Project Manager on both teams were put into situations where their backs were against the wall, which few ways to react and act on it. Tammy was put into a situation where her teammates were not supportive, or did contribute any ideas - and only criticized Tammy's work. When Tammy was put on hot seat during boardroom firing, she did not have enough evidence to justify staying on in the competition. Sean's work was mainly tied to one contractor to bring in the proper props in order to succeed his task. Unfortunately, the contractor overestimated his time, and was late to bring in the prop, causing Sean to improvise and be at the mercy of a third party person.

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