The Celebrity Apprentice

Season 5 Episode 10

Blow Out

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 01, 2006 on NBC
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Blow Out
And then there were eight. The candidates dive into a hair-raising challenge in which they must oversee the grand openings of two hair salons. Along the way, a potential love match comes to light. The winners then work with songwriter Burt Bacharach.
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  • This show is getting very repetitive...

    It seems that every week up until now the same things happen. it is getting very boring, and i am losing interest fast. the teams figh. there are always disagreements, and then there is the man with the heavy accent who cant decide weather or not he is going to help the team or not. Some of the people on this show are crazy. there are the weird ones, control freaks, loners, and weirdos! there is only one person who i think comes even close to being good enough for Mr. Trump. That is Allie. She is honest and respnsoble. That is what it takes to be a great worker.moreless
  • As the finale comes closer, things start to het up.

    So, Blow Out, was another good episode of the apprentice. I still don\'t like the fact that it was moved to Mondays, but I\'m coping with it. A really interesting fact about this episode, it the budding romance. A romance is something that has yet to happen in the apprentice series.

    Romances, lead to alliances. Allicances lead to betrayel. Betrayel can lead to much more dangerouse things.

    Your fired! We heard this twice tonight. Terek was a sure fire, person to be fired. Hed was so hard to lead and if he probably stayed, he would have caused probllems.moreless
  • How can they fire those two?

    I honestly believed Charmaine and Tarek had potential. I was so surprised when Charmaine got fired. Tarek on the other hand made way too many mistakes, although he did seem like a solid guy.

    Both Lee and Michael fail to give direct responses in the boardroom. Especially Lee, who's 'politian' attitude as they refer to it will get him fired in the long run.

    I think the most likely Apprentice will be Allie.moreless
  • Oh okay so this is Reality Show, everything could happen. And yes I think everything going on in this episode is absolutely outrageous.

    I felt truly exhausted for watching this episode. Everything went so weird in so many ways. Let's take the after-firing scene for example, Charmaine was smiling all the way toward the elevator. Guess what, Tarek was smiling as well. Let's take the marketing strategy of Gold Rush for another example, I don't believe they can earn over 700 USD on such a strategy, handing (oh no, clipping) flyers out on their "Grand Opening Day." According to Carolyn, they didn't sell a single product. And oh they earned 700 USD at the end of the day. Brilliant.

    I am sorry. I do get tired for watching this season. It's so not convincing to me. I do not believe the rest candidates can deliever any sparkles in the rest episodes.

    Season 4 is way better than this season!moreless
  • Trump contradicts himself...

    Trump fires Charmaine, saying that she couldn\'t control and lead Tarek. Then Trump turns around and fires Tarek stating that he couldn\'t be led.

    Each individual statement can be true, but both statements together can\'t be true. If Charmaine is going to be fired because she can\'t control Tarek, that means that other candidates are able to do that. But Trump then states that Tarek cannot be led, period. If that is the case, then Charmaine is not at fault and should not have been fired.

    I know that many of Trump\'s decisions are for the benefit of the show, but I sure hope he doesn\'t make his real business decision in this manner.


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    • Lee: What do you think Michael and Charmaine are doing right now?
      Tarek: (joking) Making out! (serious) Charmaine's probably getting her hair done (Cuts to Charmaine getting her hair done.)

    • Charmaine: What about this guy right here?
      Michael: He's got no hair.

  • NOTES (7)

    • International Air Dates:
      Norway: Thursday, August 21, 2008 on TVNorge

    • Charmaine and Tarek's double firing now leaves Lee as the last remaining member of the original Gold Rush.

    • There is no taxicab confessional. Charmaine and Tarek both just sit there in silence, possibly because they don't wish to fight with each other any further. The last time a silent taxicab confessional occurred was in season four's "Take Me Out to the Boardroom."

    • A romance begins between Sean and Tammy.

    • Project Manager Charmaine isn't even asked whom she'd bring into the boardroom. Trump fires her for her inability to lead. But before Gold Rush can leave the boardroom, Trump then fires Tarek for his inability to be led.

    • The teams now have interesting compositions. Gold Rush has three men (Lee, Michael, and Tarek) and one woman (Charmaine). Synergy has just the opposite -- three women (Allie, Roxanne, and Tammy) and one man (Sean).

    • The Project Managers in this episode are Charmaine for Gold Rush and Tammy for Synergy. Tammy's team wins. This is the second time Charmaine and Tammy have faced off as Project Managers, the first time being in "Cereal Killers." But unlike this time, Charmaine defeated Tammy.


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