The Celebrity Apprentice

Season 2 Episode 17

Decision Time (3)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 16, 2004 on NBC

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  • There goes three hours of my life that I'll never get back!

    This episode was a complete waste of time! I was thinking that they would show the rest of the final task, pick the winner, then I'd turn of the TV and not watch the rest of the boring stuff.

    Boy, was I wrong. Donald supposedly hadn't made up his mind yet, which I think is crap. He was going to pick Kelly. It was obvious! So the finale dragged on an hour and a half more than necessary just so we could hear everyone sing praises to Kelly. As much as I didn't like Jen, I did feel bad for her because only one or two people actually believed in her.

    The recaps and the talking to the fired candidates was extremely boring. Finally, in the most anticlimactic moment of the evening, Kelly was hired and he proceeded to suck up to Donald even more. Then we were treated to a video about the next season...which was starting in a month. Not exactly a smart decision.

    By the end of the evening, I just wanted to be put out of my misery. I couldn't believe I had wasted three hours of my life watching this garbage. I almost stopped watching the show because of this, but I didn't. This was the worst episode EVER!
  • Who Will Succeed? Who Will Fail? And Who Will Give Me Back this Hour of my Life?

    Who Will Succeed? Who Will Fail? And Who Will Give Me Back this Hour of my Life?


    Jen and Kelly are brought into the boardroom, and again Trump gripes about his seat during the Polo match. Rich people just can't get over the details, can they? After a very brief discussion, they are dismissed and we break for commercial. When we get back, Trump finishes his talk about the candidates with Carolyn and George and says to the camera "What do you think? I want your opinion. Right Now." The wall cleverly rises, revealing the Lincoln center. At first, I thought that Trump was going to be, like "Vote now online! Or you can text your vote to 866-IDOLS-02. But that doesn't start until January. I get confused easily. Trump announces (very rehearsed) that he's going to bring his old friend and popular game-show host (Yep! That's where you've seen the guy!) Regis Philbin out. Reege begins asking everyone in sight their opinion, sucking up almost an entire half-hour of this episode. And that's what made it so crappy. However, there were a few small things that I just had to note about Reege's strained conversations with audience-members. The first thing Regis says to Allen Weisselberg (who's vote went to Bill) was "You know the drill." I just couldn't help thinking that he was trying to send viewers subliminal messages, connecting the word "drill" to the army, and we all know who was in the army.

    Anyway, while interviewing the audience, I couldn't help rolling my eyes and feeling sorry for Jen, as person after person wanted to see Kelly hired. Among the Jen-haters were Bill Rancic, Allen Jope, Matthew Calamari, Michael Frazier (my father's old boss! No lie!), Troy McClain (who again brings up that wretched yearbook quote: "I'm coming for YOU Mr. Trump!"), Amy Henry, Lt. Col Andrew Hergenrother, and some people named Josh and Lisa. It wasn't all bad though. Jen got TWO nods! And one was from her boss! The other was from a girl named Erin (who actually made some very good points.) Speaking of opinions, I got quite a few from you viewers, most of them pro-Kelly and against Jen. Sorpresa! jajg2448 was the most notable email, who appears to be for neither candidate. (S)he says that "Jen is failing miserably b/c she SUCKS as a leader" and that her boardroom brawl with Sandy made her look like a complete ass. Oh, and "Her hairstyle went out in the 80's and she looks a little rough in the face." Whatever. I still think she's hot. As for voting for who you would like in the Final two, Pamela and Bradford (my personal picks), with Kelly in a close third, win!

    Back on the stage, viewers received opinions from the fired candidates. Ivana, Kevin, Wes and Sandy were all for Kelly, while it appeared that Pamela and John, along with Andy, had changed their minds, praising Jen. After this unbearable agony of hundreds of opinions crushing down on my shoulders, I found a laugh in DT's quote about Chris, "He's gonna be very successful." To which Chris snipes back, "I'm already successful."

    After some more "let's-eat-up-time" segments on Kelly and Jen, the two are actually brought out. Jennifer Massey and Kelly Perdew (His friggen name is PERDEW! And he was good at fashion design!) The dull hour quickly heats up, with Jen explaining to Trump why she deserves to be the Apprentice. She makes the point that she graduated at the top of her classes at both Harvard and Princeton, and then points out bits of her quiet leadership, and some of this information was things even I (the all-knowing) didn't know. Apparently, Jen came up with the Metamorpher's (from task 1) name and function. She suggested the Red Velvet Ice Cream flavor (from task 2), went live onair in the QVC task, washed dogs, and defended a scapegoat (Stacie J.) when nobody else would. And now that I look at it, Jen really has played her game with integrity, and she blew Kelly out of the water with her boardroom speech. Kelly, who may have been taken aback from her sterling performance, brings up his experience and his consistency as the key points with which he should be hired. He turned his military career into a business career (how? I don't know.) and quotes Ace Greenburg by saying "To be a winner, surround yourself with winners." (You must be a winner then, Kelly, surrounded by Trump and Jen.) However, apparently, Trump wants to be a winner and believes that Kelly is a winner, because he decides to say those fateful words – "You're fired" to Jen and the spectacular and relieving words "You're hired" to Kelly. Congratulations. Woo...Hoo......


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