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The Celebrity Apprentice

Season 2 Episode 18

Decision Time (4)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 16, 2004 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Decision Time (4)
No synopsis since parts 1 2 and 3 are the same episode, only broken down for syndication purposes.

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  • Trump, Dead Wrong. Me, Entirely Correct.

    Trump, Dead Wrong. Me, Entirely Correct.


    Moments after the robotic, I mean, entertaining Kelly was hired, the Donald offered him two job opportunities. He was forced to choose one. The first, in Las Vegas, was to oversee the building of a new and huge Trump hotel and casino. The other was to oversee the building and operations of New York apartment/condo buildings. Guess what Kelly picked? Apparently, he hadn't had enough of Mr. Trump, and kissed his butt even more, saying that he "wanted to learn more from him." Do you think he really wanted to learn more from him? No. But, that's not really the most important thing. The thing is, and I really hate to admit this, was that the entire time, with the exception of the Toy, Dog-Washing, and M&M challenges, Kelly was the better candidate, and I just wanted to root for Jen because...I don't know, I wanted to pick the less-rooted-for side. It worked, didn't it? The Apprentice's official website poll says that 80% would have hired Kelly while 20% would have hired Jen. Either way, I still really enjoyed Jen's presence on the show, and you must admit, she was more entertaining than Kelly, who's stiffer than a board. With that confession, we move on, through the horrid reunion show.

    So, the really annoying reunion show, co-hosted by Regis Philbin, Donald Trump and…Kelly Ripa! Just kidding. It was only those first two. That would've been hell if Kelly was there. So, the basis of this reunion was showing a brief clip, cleverly titled, and then chatting about it. The first one, entitled "Pressure" featured Stacie J's obvious insanity (Note the sarcasm here.), Elisabeth's meltdown where she was put into the position to fail during the restaurant task, where Maria loses Control, in the Levis task, sadly proclaiming "I'm not a control freak." (You keep believing that, woman.), and the ‘Mutiny Against Elisabeth' during the police force task. Did anyone but me notice that all of these featured all women? So, Jen C. was interviewed about her racial slur about the Jewish people, backing herself up with "I don't have a prejudiced bone in my body." The truth is, Jennifer, that we all are prejudiced in some way. I don't like flat-chested women. You don't like Jewish people. Your prejudice is obviously a little bigger than mine though. You should talk to someone about that. So, concluding that little "Bitches R Us" segment, Trump tells Jennifer (meaning runner-up Massey) "I wanna say that you did a great job." Jen C stupidly thanks him. Retard.

    The second clip-thingy was "FIGHTS." Elisabeth vs Maria was about the friggen money during the Crest task. Jennifer C vs Stacy R was about the friggen Jewish women during the restaurant task. Raj vs John was about the friggen food during the ice cream task. The ‘Boardroom Brawl' (Jen M. vs Sandy) was about...I don't even know what that was about...during the Pepsi task.

    Apparently, now, Raj is important enough to get his own segment called "The Raj Factor." There were only two clipsÂ…take your pick! Your choices areÂ…Raj looking like an ass when he hits on Anna Kournikova, or Raj looking like an ass when he his on Robin. Okay, well he was definetly made himself look like an ass in that clip, but who wouldn't ask Robin out? After hearing her talk, I would!

    The mandatory sexy segment comes on, labeled "Sex Sells." The first was subtitled ‘Gays in the Restaurant,' where John flaunted his tush in front of four gay guys. Then, the ‘M&M sisters,' Jen and Sandy, were brought on, and ‘Ivana dropped her skirt." Apparently, I didn't see that episode, the one where Ivana dropped her skirt. OhÂ…never mind. I was just trying to make myself forget that I ever saw it. Trump asks Ivana what she was thinking when she did the ‘unspeakable!' She shrugs it off as if it was just her clipping her fingernails during homeroom (wait, that doesn't happen everyday?), saying "I'm a spontaneous person!" Is that what that's called, now?

    Ok, next we go to more audience chatter, with Omarosa appearing on camera (very...what's the word? Sexy?) She addresses the ‘double-standard' that goes on during reality television. Chris was aggressive on the show and is perceived as a hero, and Pamela was aggressive as well, but was perceived as the "b-word." (This was followed by a classic look on Pamela's face, which said something like, "This is the 10:00-11:00 timeslot. We're all old enough to say "bitch." Whatever. It made me laugh.) I guess Omarosa has a problem with swear words. Earlier, in Season One, she said that Heidi "dropped the f-bomb" too many times. Get over it. Next, Omarosa says how much she supports Jennifer M. Good job, Jen! You have Omarosa for support! Now all you need is Susan Hawk's (from Survivor), Colin's & Jonathon's (the wife-abusers from The Amazing Race), and Simon Cowell (from American Idol and you'll have the most hated reality television fan base ever!

    Then, after a cross-promotion stint about NBC's upcoming The Contender, a sneak-peek is shown for The Apprentice 3. It's street-smarts vs book smarts, and I'm glad to say that there are three (count ‘em, three!) African-Americans this season. It should be better than Season Two, because of the new twist, but I got a little afraid when we saw one guy singing about how he wanted to be the Apprentice and another dork in a bow tie. Season Three premieres January 20th, for all of you who don't remember, so stay tuned, and until Jnauary 21st (most likely 23rd), have a happy holiday and a safe winter (oh, and a fun burn-the-picture-of-Kelly day.) Have fun!


    -Agree? Disagree? (You Better Not!) Email me with your opinions at theaterguy007@aol.com

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