The Celebrity Apprentice

Season 12 Episode 4

Failure to Launch

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2012 on NBC

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  • really bad call

    I was wrong for the judges to pick the other team just because Micheal Andretti was not the project manager, when Adam Carola did what all your supposed to to and Adam what he said he said best about there strength. Then for the first time instead of throwing others under the bus Adam did what a real leader should do. I believe they should bring him back for another season.
  • DAYUM !

    imo donald trump is a HUGE bully in this episode !

    In the boardroom he constantly interupted people he asked a question from and then fires two people ??!!

    The task was to unveil the new buick verano saloon, with a presentation and a q&a.

    Review time:

    for tv it was bit of mixed bag we have the women all over the place with no real communication and a very basic plan shared between a small group, they didn't revise info on the car for the q&a and aubrey messed up the name twice and imo as a guy they prettymuch said nothing about the car only who would buy it..

    The men had a plan not well liked amongst team but it was changed and adam stuck to it, they had everything in their show humour some info and no mistakes bad judge ment with paul snr on his 'you suck' that was awfull.

    so then the boardroom came and wow trump was an ass ! he had his agenda no one was going to change his mind adam got too cocky and did the same as george from last week but he wanted to go alone trump owned him by saying 2 will be fired and they all had to come back.

    adam went first, then micheal andretti went because he was under used not loud enough to voice his opinion and was the right man for the task.

    imo trump and the buick guys where wrong check out the forum post for this ep for why.