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Arsenio was right!

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    [1]Apr 1, 2012
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    Near the end of the 5/1 show Arsenio said he did a google search
    on Aubrey O Day and a naked picture of her came up on the search.
    He was right. After the show ended I searched her out of curiousity
    and that image did come up.

    This really creates a bad first impression about Aubrey. Of the four
    Women left including Aubrey from the 5/1 show I think Tressa is the
    only good one.

    Have Lisa L who's a negative woman, Dayanna who's always being
    brought back to the boardroom and has bad ideas all the time, and
    Aubrey who's picking fights with everyone and the idea she presents
    to her team is what's causing her team to lose alot.

    The easter sunday episode ought to be interesting.

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    [2]Apr 2, 2012
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    he also saw through aubreys bull sh!t from the first episode she took controll and never let go.

    terressa isn't that good imo she's dumb, no idea's that have worked, quick to blame others for her shortcomings and imo she's ugly.

    dayanna is being pegged as weak but trump lets her stay, everyones throws her under the bus but she takes it and carries on thats not weak!

    aubrey on the other hand IS WEAK instead of accepting the truth and standing up for her self she walks out in a huge hissy fit.. yes she has ALL the idea's but that covers up her massive insecurities and arsenio nailed that bitch to the wall with them.

    would of been better for her to be fired but guess she couldn't take the heat anymore so she left the kitchen !

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