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Episode 1213: Blown Away

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    [1]May 7, 2012
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    Task this week was to produce a four-page ad campaign for a hair dryer.
    No issues with Theresa getting fired. She negotiated a bad deal with Lisa and wasn't great as PM. Plus the ad layout didn't mention the features of the hair dryer.

    Afterwards were the dreaded interviews. I wish there was a 2-on-2 task instead, oh well. Lisa was fired with one more to go...Looks like Aubrey is next...
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    terressa was useless and failed misserably to shift the blame on to arsenio..totally deserved to be fired..

    as for lisa and clay-clay did all the work and lisa just stuffed her fat face and took the credit =bitch !

    Lisa wants a cut of the money again ?? greedy f'ing bitch, glad she was fired your doing to for charity not your self...

    i also reckon aubrey is fired next week..

    but omg that cowboy i would love to punch him what an arrogant asshole...

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