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Episode 1215: And the Winner Is ...

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    Arsenio Hall wins Celebrity Apprentice despite Clay outraising him $301,500 to $167,100. There was less tension on Arsenio's team. I liked Arsenio's video ad and comedy show better than Clay's group singing...
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    i felt like it was clay's gamewould of been nice to know what he failed on other than he lost as pm

    and funny how magic's video was just the first file and they did it proper on another..

    i thought arsenio's party room was a bit boring and plain.

    clays party was too crowded toobusy or too much going on and the all the muiral bs with debbie didn't really do anything for all that fuss clay could of got some kids to do it for less money and quicker dit fit with the theme but did nothing special..

    as for the comedy show arsenio nailed it only paul snr throwing a little spanner in the works didn't cause a problem. would of been nice to see terressa say something but she was cut off.

    the sing along was akin to cats claws on a chalk board till clay came out debbie sounds flat dee sounded like he had a hairball and aubrey sounded like her microphone was faulty and screeching like a witch..

    i was expecting clay but was surprised by arsenio winning

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