The Celebrity Apprentice

Season 4 Episode 4

Ice Cream of Genie

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2005 on NBC

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  • A frequent criticism of reality TV is that it doesn't reflect reality. This week's epiosode came too close for comfort as it reflected a dynamic that is played out far too often in the corporate world. Frankly, the judging left me a bit stumped. Here's w

    For "The Ice Cream Genie" episode, the two corporations were given the challenge of developing a new character and campaign to promote Blizzard for Dairy Queen. Apparently Dairy Queen wants to market Blizzard to a broader audience with a special emphasis on appealing to teenagers.

    Both project managers were ineffective. Clay was a dictator who imposed his will on team members and disregarded their feedback. Felisha lacked strategic focus and showed an inability to keep issues business related rather than personal.

    Under Clay's leadership, Excel started out on the right foot by determining Dairy Queen's key objectives and the demographics of their target market. My only criticism of Excel is that they should have used a female model to improve the execution of the creative. Also, it would have been best for them to come up with 2 - 3 design concepts and float them by prospective and existing DQ customers. Neither team did this.

    By contrast, right out of the gate, Capital Edge was off track. They jumped right into trying to nail down the creative without determining corporate goals or identifying the target market and its demographics.

    Excel's "Ice Cream Genie" was brilliant. She was aesthetically pleasing and could appeal to both teenagers and children. DQ branding was clear and prominent. Designing her hair with the look and feel of Dairy Queen's soft ice cream was a stroke of genius. It worked! The next day I found myself thinking about the Ice Cream Genie's hair. I gave in to an inexplicable craving for a Dairy Queen ice cream cone.

    Capital Edge created a bizarre and highly unappealing character called 'Zip'. Zip had no DQ branding other than the trademark red spoon and the Dairy Queen logo was not visible on the spoon. Leadership of the team was highly ineffective. Valid concerns about the absence of branding and the look of the character were disregarded.

    Both project managers were poor role models for leadership. Instead of asking individuals how they perceived their strengths and how they felt they could best contribute to the team's success, Felisha sparked a confrontation by trying to force Toral to wear the costume. The team wasted valuable time arguing about this. Felisha's approach increased the degree of anomosity towards Toral who was already on shaky ground with the team.

    Clay disregarded many of the comments from Excel team members. This created a lot of resentment and reduced morale on what had been a highly functioning team. I was surprised that team members gave him immunity for the next task. At least he asked for a volunteer to wear the costume and ended up with an enthusiastic model who made a favourable impression in front of the client.

    The final outcome was confusing. While Toral displayed a condescending attitude towards of her fellow Capital Edge team members, her attitude was not the reason for the loss. I was surprised that she was fired. More of an attempt should have been made to find out who was most responsible for the abysmal creative treatment.

    The final outcome boiled down to a popularity contest. Toral was let go because of her poor attitude and the fact that the other team members did not like her. This was also the basis of the decision on Martha Stewart's Apprentice this week. Unfortunately, this is a dynamic that plays itself out in many corporations. I guess that art does imitate life after all.
  • Train wreck that is worth the watch.

    After the previous episode in which Toral had been defended and not fired, I tuned into see what would happen to her. As expected, she did not step up to the plate and take charge.

    Overall, it was an amusing episode to watch such a train wreck where the episode itself was not that great, but the character dynamics, and seeing who would be fired next is the best motivation.

    This is definately my guilty pleasure.

    Of course, since DQ is a family orientated company, I didn't understand the necessity of using sex appeal. Of course, the cartoon character was a little weird too when they were trying to appeal to the teenage crowd.

    Entertaining episode, but also kind of weird.
  • Toral gets herself in trouble by refusing to wear costume without giving any real reasons until her team loses the task.

    An interesting episode. The surprising thing is that Trump didn't even bother sending the losing team out of the boardroom before making his decision, he just fires Toral after a discussion with the team that results in even Rebecca saying that Toral should be fired. The Genie idea was a very good one though. I knew the men were going to win, because they used a DQ symbol for one thing. The women were stupid not to put it somewhere visible on their character. That was one of the major things that cost them the task. Toral idiocy didn't help matters. If she had said that it was against her religion like she claimed in the boardroom she might have survived in one piece, but ended up being fired instead. Felicia hopefully learned a lesson about marketing and that you need to include something that is obviously part of the company for which you are creating something for on the character. That wasn't the smartest thing that someone could have done. I have seen Trump be hard on the candidates before, but this was something new by me. I think that this season will be very interesting. This far, I don't have a favorite, but I expect to have one within the next week or two. I don't have anyone I absolutely hate either, which is unusual for me.