The Celebrity Apprentice

Season 6 Episode 7

Life in the Luxury Lane

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2007 on NBC
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Life in the Luxury Lane
The twelve remaining candidates gear up to organize an automobile-themed VIP event. Arrow organized the better event for the win. For their reward, they got to rap with Snoop Dogg. Kinetic went to the boardroom, where Derek was fired for smarting off to Trump, and Jenn was fired for her poor leadership.moreless

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  • Shows how the Apprentice has finally hit rock-bottom

    This episode epitomises whats gone wrong with the show and whats wrong with Trump. The task was to show off the new Lexus (queue more product pushing) to new customers, while giving them a taste of the features including how the car can park itself (no more failed tests then). The task itself was fine but the thing that got my goat was the boardroom. Here Trump was at his most horrendous self. He fired Derek for making a self-deprecating joke about being "white trash": I thought this was terrible. He went on and on about how this was stupid and also how Derek must believe that of himself. He was givrn no real chance to defend himself before being fired. I just feel Trump is now more than ever just trying to keep up the flagging ratings with more "reality tv" sound bites (the "romance" anyone?). The second thing about the boardroom was his treatment of Randall: he persistently cut him off and told him to be quiet. What little kitch value he had is rapidly eroding away: all that is left is vain, angry little man stomping on people who can't really answer back....moreless
  • What goes around comes around!!!

    I loved this episode because the guy who got fired was really getting on my nerves. Trying to deliberately point this person and that person out was wrong to me. If one person loses, more than likely, the whole group loses, and it really seems like he was trying not to put his foot down on anything that could potentially go bad and get him fired. Giving answers and responding in a way that took the responsibility off of him. And in the end his own personality and ways is what got him fired which I think was just, and person he was looking to get kick out of the group also got fired, but I really loved this episode, because what goes around comes around!!!moreless
  • This is good old Trump at his best. Freaking out because someone said “White Trash” and firing them on the spot, and rightly so.

    This is a job interview. Yes, it’s an extended one, but if you were in a job interview would you start calling yourself names?

    Previously, I thought that Derek was relatively smart. He made some good points about the mess up of timelines involved in getting the posters done. If he’d been more vocal the task might have been saved. There is the issue of the go-karts. But this isn’t Derek’s fault either. Regardless of what Trump says, throwing out “stupid” ideas during a brainstorming session is acceptable. That’s what brainstorming is all about. Throw out anything and then pick something good once your brain is fired up with ideas. It was Jenn’s fault for picking and carrying through with the bad idea of go-karting at an adult’s event. If this was a Lexus owner’s children’s event I’d say go for it, but do wealthy middle aged and olders want to squeeze a little metal and rubber, foul smelling, shell and race around a track? I think not. The on the spot firing, this is why I come watch The Apprentice; people do stupid things and Trump as the power to fire them instantly. Don’t you wish life were really like that? How many stupid co-workers do you have that should just be fired. Well, maybe not. Perhaps in real life that’d be a bit harsh, but in the fantasy-reality TV that this is, it is satisfying. I remember episodes where Trump fired multiple people in one episode. Once it was the whole boardroom team. That’s what I come to see, and it’s nice to see Trump in fighting form again.

    It was also good to see Heidi shining through again. I still have my fingers crossed that she’s a winner. I wish she could return to the PM’s seat.

    When it comes down to it, there’s one thing that stood out for me. The most refreshing part of the whole episode was Jenn’s goodbye. She said, “This has been fun”. Her team told her they respected her. In every respect it was the anti-Aimee. This was a very good way to go. I wish more of the applicants would leave so gracefully.

    Downsides to the episode? Well, the reward for one. Trump’s speech about how Snoop is a good businessman, although you wouldn’t know it, was interesting. But, the whole music making session got my Fast Forward button a little exercise. Personally, I would have been in Surya’s shoes, standing in the corner rolling my eyes at the whole scene. But then why did Surya say he “grew up loving Snoop’s music” and then shied away from him so much? Just his introverted nature? Or was he just saying what he thought we the audience would want to here from him? We shall see. He’ll be toast as soon as Arrow looses another task. He can do no right in the eyes of his team.moreless
  • The teams are asked to work on a look for Luxury Lexus cars.

    Maybe not the best episode in terms of quality but as a guilty pleasure it was entertaining. A double-firing this week so this episode was bound to feature someone saying really dumb to get themselves fired.

    The task this week semmed straightforward but once again both teams seemed to put in a rather poor effort. Well Arrow has really start to turn it around despite the awkward, misguided leadership of Siruya. Kinetic, man Kinetic looked like a mess. Angela and Derek were in charge of the marketing (design) of the Lexus models but really didn't do anything. I was annoyed with Derek though because he just seemed to sit back and dump everything on Angela to cover his own rear end. They miss the deadline for the signage and the damn thing looked horrible. That was actually Derek's responsibility. Heidi and Muna weren't that bad trying to talk to a tech person about the car itself.

    Despite Angela choking on the mic on the event presentation, Kinetic managed to get an 84 rating for their services which consisted of Derek's stupid idea for Go-Karts!!!

    Terrible stuff. These people are supposed to be professionals and have produced junk that I wouldn't take if it was given to me for free. Arrow won again, so Siruya once again looked great even though he's a crummy leader.

    The boardroom was entertaining as hell though. It's true that Trump is a hypocrite and he has used worst insults than "white trash". However, when it comes to a job interview and presenting yourself you just can't say something stupid like calling yourself "white trash". Heidi sure got a kick out of it. Yeah it’s kinda funny in a way but in a formal setting you just can’t do that.

    Trump ended up firing Jen but actually should have fired Angela. It wasn’t a quality episode but still I found this episode entertaining.moreless
  • The best episode of the season so far.

    I actually thought that this episode of "The Apprentice" was the best so far this season. Yes, I know that it had one of those subjective tasks where random people (and not even the same people) had to judge each team's performance on how well they performed at a first revealing of the new Lexus. However, this was such an easy task that it was impossible to screw up, right?? Wrong. For some reason, Kinetic decided that having potential purchasers of the new $50K+ Lexus might enjoy a spin in a go-cart. Plus, Kinetic thought that they should have this revealing outside where the sun might have an effect on a the speaker's ability to read the screen where they were reading from. Bad idea.

    Let me just say that although Surya is one annoying dude in that he is so over the top detail oriented, he did nail this challenge. It was as if this challenge was made for him.

    What made the episode great was the board room and the ridiculous antics that transpired therein. Who would ever refer to themselves as "white trash" at all, let alone in a formal setting. I loved how Trump just went off and fired that guy on the spot. Then, he proceeded to fire the project manager without even making her come back into the board room.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Season four winner Randal Pinkett takes Ivanka's place this week.

    • Derek's firing leaves only women on Kinetic. It also marks the second and last of the gay men on this season of the show to be fired (Carey, who was fired second, was also gay).

    • Project Manager Jenn isn't even asked whom she'd like to bring into the boardroom with her. Halfway through the boardroom, Trump just fires Derek on the spot for jokingly, but offensively, using the term "white trash." Then, at the end of the boardroom, although Angela briefly comes under fire for her poor job with the team's signage, he fires Jenn for her poor job as Project Manager.

    • The Project Managers in this episode are Jenn for Kinetic and Surya for Arrow. Surya's team wins. Surya will again remain Project Manager, and will join Trump in the boardroom. Also, Arrow will remain in the mansion. Kinetic, meanwhile, will remain in the tents.

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