The Celebrity Apprentice

Season 4 Episode 5

Lost In Space

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2005 on NBC

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  • People skills vs performance was a continuing theme this week. Jennifer M. displays very poor project management, time management and team leadership skills. Kristi is uncoopoerative and she butts heads with the rest of the team. Krisiti is fired. Her p

    Bill Rancic, the first apprentice, sits in for George Ross. When Capital Edge is given a chance to select someone from Excel to join their team. They choose Randal. His former Excel team members are concerned as they recognize that he has tremendous strength. Jennifer M. steps up to the plate as Project Manager for Capital Edege. Brian leads Excel. Unfortunately, Jennifer M. doesn't really take advantage of Randal's skills or expertise to improve team dynamics.

    This week's task involves creating a Hollywood Holiday parade float for Sony Picture's soon to be released science-fiction adventure movie, Zathura. Both teams start out right by meeting with Sony representatives and reviewing the trailer. They develop a clear picture of objectives. Sony stresses the fact that name recognition is KEY as the name of the film is a bit challenging to pronounce and remember.

    Excel gets the message and decides to incorporate the name into as many aspects of the float as possible. They decide to bring the board game that is to accompany the film's release to life. Capital Edge takes a different approach and decides to focus on displaying the transitions to the different environments featured in the film.

    At Excel, Markus roams around aimlessly and hardly makes any contributions. Brian decides to keep him on a tight leash. His manner of doing this leaves something to be desired. He was out of line when he sent Markus for lunch and said, "I think this is something that you can handle". Humiliating a difficult team member is never advisable.

    Jennifer M. finds Kristi to be a handful and she has a lot of difficulty handling her. A confrontational approach to resolving the situation does not help. Clearly both Project Managers needed to develop more skill in dealing with difficult team members.

    In the end, Excel wins by creating a float that is technically sound and that incorporates the Zathura name both visually and through an audio soundtrack.

    Trump has a tough decision in the boardroom as the confrontation between Jennifer M, and Kristi heats up. Quite frankly, I think that Trump should have fired both of them. Kristi does not recognize her deficiencies and her demeanour is unlikely to improve. Jennifer clearly does not have the skills to lead a team that is undertaking complex tasks. Perhaps she should stick to being a beauty contestant.
  • Is Trump firing for the right reasons?

    I love the Apprentice, it never seems to get old to me, but what happened to firing people for not doing their job instead of 'not fitting in with the team'? If that was the criteria for firing someone in the first season, Omarosa would have been fired in the first week.

    Jen was the project manager this week for the women's team. She seems to be a real people person. I applaud her for taking Kristi aside during the task and asking her not to be so negative instead of waiting until the boardroom to criticize her. But, I think Jen's time management needs a little work. Her presentation skills also need a little work. She even faltered last week with the Dairy Queen presentation. But, mispronouncing the name of the movie MANY times during the presentation was unforgivable when Jon Favreau said that their objective was to drill the name 'Zathura' into the heads of the audience. In my opinion, Jen should have been fired.