The Celebrity Apprentice

Season 6 Episode 2

Pink Is the New Black

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 14, 2007 on NBC
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Pink Is the New Black
The seventeen remaining candidates are challenged to design and manufacture a new collection of men's and women's swimwear for designer Trina Turk, then put their creations on display in a fashion show on a California beach. Kinetic made the better collection and brought in more money for the win. For their reward, they won a trip with Trump to the Playboy Mansion. Arrow went to the boardroom, where Carey was fired.moreless

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  • Episode 2

    In the 2nd episode of season six of the Aprentice the teams had to make new swimwear for one of the top companys who design swimwear some changes for this episode are the teams that wins does not have to take part in the task next week which is something never done before the over all thing about the episode is avarge nothing really happend in the episode that made it stand out besides the teams talking about how bad the tents are and the boardroom of the episode was the best part of it the team that lost last week lost this week so that means they have to spend 3 weeks in the tents over all a basic episode.moreless
  • This show has definitly decided to bring in sex appeal to stop its falling numbers.

    This episode, as they always do, show great lessons to learn about the business world. As a kid only in high school i really enjoy seeing people in the real world trying to make it. The winners this time got to visit the Playboy mansion and meet with Hugh Hefner. I don't feel it was necessary but being that their numbers are falling, they need to put it in. Also because the challenge was a swimsuit line, it was also showing girls in bikinis...and a guy too. Carey went very far over the line with his bathingsuit and i felt it uncalled for but it he liked it, what ever floats his boat. I hope this series does not focus anymore on the sex appeal and focus' more on the business aspect of the show.moreless
  • While the swimsuit challenge was different, the whole show seemed rushed, with only surface attention to areas that really mattered, which was just like the series premiere.

    This episode could have been done much better, starting with the editing. Whoever is editing this show is not the same person who did the previous years, they are not giving us the same feel or insight into the contestants or the challenges as before. They seem to focus in on who is going to be in the boardroom by picking the clips that seem appropriate, rather than give us more information for us to see what we think, and not spoon feed us the info they want.

    I think that using team members as models was gutsy, and I commend them for doing that. I agree that the pink suit was not mainstream or for that matter marketable. I just think the Donald should fire the person who is editing the show next and give us a better product.moreless
  • LMAO

    This episode was too funny!!! I loved the reaction of everyone concerning the "pink suit." I don't know any straight guys that would be caught dead in that suit. Not to mention the color, it really showed Carey's "package" a little too much. I think the Jamacian girl said it best that he showed "too much information." And on the practical side, it wouldn't be comfortable to swim in. I also loved Trump's reaction in the boardroom when he wouldn't even touch the swimwear; he grabbed it with his pen. Carey might not have become the next apprentice, but he has a new bathing suit to show off his goodies at the pools.moreless
  • This week, the stakes are higher as not only are the teams fighting for exemption from this board room, but they also get exemption from next week's task. What's the task that will determine this? Swimwear for Trina Turk.moreless

    This episode begins with showing us a recap of last weeks boardroom and Frank coming back to "Trump Trailer Park" (according to Carey). Frank comes back fired up and team Arrow is ready for the next task.

    Trump gathers them all together and announces that their next task is creating swimwear. He also drops a bomb on all the contestants by announcing that the next task will not only grant the winning team "immunity" from the boardroom this week, but also gives them exemption from next weeks task.

    Nicole becomes the next project leader for team Arrow and she places Carey (who is homosexual) in charge of designing the swimwear. Team Kinetic has some problems with their design. The first design that comes out, some have a problem with it being too "Classic". I think she was looking for something more controversial. Back to team Arrow. Carey makes a design for a male bathing suit that's really not sitting well with all the rest of the males on the team. It just doesn't seem to be a style that is something that most of the straight males would wear. Michelle also doesn't like the design. Actually, Michelle doesn't seem to like anything, even the pricing. She sticks out like sore thumb basically being ... well... sore. Nicole has to put her foot down and basically say to her that this is the pricing that they're going with. Now we swing to the fashion show. Kinetic Corp goes first and shows a variety of different styles. All are announced by Trina Turk. Carey in the background really doesn't like the other team's collection. So now Arrow Corp does their show. Carey comes out and Trump looks a little shocked. He even makes a comment about liking the next swimsuit better than the one that Carey wore.

    The buyers now have to choose the swimsuits that they wanted and place orders. Trina and Trump would tally up the orders and they would announce the winner. Trina and Trump came out, and announced that Arrow sold $19,000+. Kinetic however sold more than $20,000. Trina said that they lost because of the men's swimsuits. They only sold a little over $300.00 in men's wear. Team Kinetic gets to go to the playboy mansion and Team Arrow gets to keep living in the tents. Back at the "Trailer Park", Team Arrow is depressed over their loss. Carey brings everyone together and tells people that he won't have it with people talking about who's going home, etc. However, I don't think any of them cared because everyone just looks disgusted because of the loss and partially because they have to be outside in the tents still.

    Now to every straight male's fantasy... the Playboy Mansion. They're welcomed by Bridget, Holly and Kendra. The home is gorgeous. Hef comes down the stairs in his traditional smoking jacket. Hef talks about the history of Playboy in a fireside chat. After that they have a party by the pool with 30+ playmates. I don't think all the women on Kinetic were all that thrilled. But it seems like a lively party still and towards the end, Trump calls out Heidi to personally shakes hands with Hef. But uh oh!... Discontent begins on team Kinetic as Marissa in her interview talks about not liking that Heidi stays as project manager. Back at the house, Michelle is feeling the pinch also because she was difficult during the process. And she approaches some of her teammates to talk things through and mend some fences. However good it will do... we'll see.

    The boardroom scene is next as all of Arrow Corp files into the room where Ivanka and Heidi are already seated. And none of the team members look happy. Trump comes in and immediately asks "Do you people like to lose? What's wrong with you?" The first and foremost problem that they discussed was the low sales of men's suits. Trump and Ivanka kept harping on Carey for the suits. Trump asks everyone who they would fire and all of them choose either Carey or Michelle, with the exception of James who choses the project manager (Nicole) because he says that ultimately it's the PM's responsibility. Nicole immediately take exception to this by telling James that if he was PM they would have lost without a doubt. However, James tries to get Nicole to separate the emotion from the observation. Trump even interjected and explained James' intention from his comment. Nicole has to choose two people to go with her and she obviously chooses Carey and Michelle.

    Heidi makes a good observation about wondering whether or not Nicole approved the designs or whether Carey just ramrodded them in. When the three of them came back in. Carey immediately talked about taking risks. But Trump blasted him with the response of, "There's a difference between taking a risk, and taking a risk that won't ever be successful." Although there is some discussion about Michelle's attitude, the conversation keeps coming back to the suits. And Ivanka makes a great observation that they were targeting too specific of a group. Carey keeps trying to argue with Trump over the validity of the suit. However, in the end, he's the one that's fired.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Carey's firing marks the end of the black male candidates on this season.

    • This is the first time since Protégé in season one that a team has won the first two tasks of the season.

    • Project Manager Nicole decides to bring Carey and Michelle into the boardroom with her for their parts in Arrow's loss. Trump decides to fire Carey for making his team's losing designs, ultimately making him the one most responsible for their loss.

    • This is the earliest time a candidate has ever achieved a 2-0 record as Project Manager in the history of the show, as Heidi won as Project Manager in two consecutives episodes.

    • After assigning the task, Trump tells the candidates that the winning team will be exempt from the third task. Since Kinetic won this task, they will be exempt from doing the next task.

    • The Project Managers in this episode are Heidi for Kinetic and Nicole for Arrow. Heidi's team wins, giving Heidi another win as Project Manager and another opportunity to sit in on Arrow's boardroom. She will also remain Project Manager due to her win.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Derek: I think the other team's absolutely motivated to get out of those tents. A lot of those people, they're a little bit high maintenance and I can tell they're pretty uncomfortable being in those tents, and so they're going to be out for blood to get us!

    • Aaron: You've gotta be careful because the print's got to be masculine if the shorts are that small.
      Carey: Not if your market's gay!

    • Kristine: Hef is a very, very lucky man. He, you know, he can have whatever he wants in life and he has chosen to have three girlfriends. Now, he can't marry them all -- that would be illegal -- but nothing against the law about having three girlfriends!

    • Donald Trump: Whose idea was it to do a tight suit like that??
      Nicole: Ultimately, Carey had chosen it. He was kind of in charge of men's bathing suits.
      Donald Trump: I have a great body. I really do. I have a great, great body. I could wear that suit, Carey, and you could wear that suit. But nobody else at this table could wear that suit. Do you understand that?

  • NOTES (4)

    • International Air Dates:
      Norway: Tuesday, May 26, 2009 on TVNorge

    • Kinetic (Heidi's team) wins the second task (highest swimwear sales) by beating Arrow (Nicole's team), $20,111 to $19,618.

    • As of this episode, Andi replaces Rhona as the secretary who calls to inform the candidates of where to meet for the upcoming task. She also replaces the male butler featured in the season premiere, and takes the role previously played by Robin, of informing the candidates of when they can re-enter the boardroom.

    • This episode aired at its regular time slot of 9pm ET/8pm CT.


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