The Celebrity Apprentice

Season 7 Episode 8

Quality, Value and Chaos

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2008 on NBC
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Quality, Value and Chaos
This week's task is to create a ten-minute commercial which will generate more sales for a QVC product. Empresario generated more sales for the win. Project Manager Stephen received an additional $20,000 for his charity. Hydra went to the boardroom, where, to the sadness of many, Marilu was fired.moreless

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  • good episode...

    The two teams had to create a ten minute commercial to sell a product. It was one of those info-mercial type things that I always change the channel when they come on. I was surprised how many people actually called in and bought things. Anyways, Marilu was one team captain and Stephen was the other. Marilu was crazy and talkative and annoying and she was the host while Trace was calm, with an awesome voice and he was host. Stephen's team won and Marilu was fired. I think it was about time for her to be fired. She had a history of bad performances and too energetic. Overall, another good episode. I really want Omarosa to go, but at least my favorites are still in it (Trace and Piers).moreless
  • This show has two cockroaches still in it. Piers and Omarosa, when they get rid of those two, it can only help my opinion of the show.

    This show started off the season with such promise, and one by one good people go home while the cockroaches of the world keep avoiding the heel of Trump. Omarosa is a vile human being by the attacks she had last week on Piers, he is a vile human being by his comments and actions throughout the show.

    Omarosa, you are a nobody, a reality show contestant that has found other shows to keep her employed. After her showing in Apprentice there is nobody in her field who would ever offer her a job.

    She is bright but uses every excuse she can find to blame other people for her shortcomings. Please Mr. Trump just fire her for opening her mouth, and put us out of our misery.moreless
Donald Trump

Donald Trump

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Stephen Baldwin

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Marilu Henner

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    • Stephen: I'm God's guy. I'm on your team, Lord. Just . . . let's win that coin flip. (coin flips) Uh, lost the coin flip and the girls got the product they wanted.

    • Donald Trump: Stephen, did Omarosa do a good job?
      Stephen: Omarosa did a great job.
      Donald Trump: Thank you!

    • Stephen: (after Trace's performance as host in their commercial) My instincts were correct. Trace walked right through it. He was absolutely brilliant.

    • Donald Trump: ( after watching Hydra's commercial hosted by Marilu) She's got great enthusiasm, but she's talking a lot.

    • Donald Trump: (after watching Empresario's commercial) There seems to be a lack of energy with him, but I thknk that the lack of energy is almost confidence.

    • Stephen: Omarosa's saying, "Hey, you'd better prepare Trace for what he's going to do!" Just something in my spirit said, "This guy sings in front of a hundred-thousand people." I just had the faith that it was all going to come together.

    • Trace: Upon meeting Lisa I was struck by her presence. She's from Tennessee; she's a southern girl. I mean, we took to each other immediately.

    • Stephen: Just the visual of big, ol' Trace Adkins pushing around a cordless electric sweeper - I thought that was adorable.

    • Stephen: Ok, so what if we lose the flip? What happens after that?
      Tito: I'd say the sweeper. Omarosa: And I say the mirror. Trace: I would say the sweeper mirror. If you mount the mirror on the front of the sweeper. (everyone laughs)

    • Piers: Lennox clearly had too much to drink and had no sleep and then was in a sort of half-daze. This should be his new fighting title: Sleepy Boy Lewis.

    • Piers: (talking to a spokesman of the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund) The reason I chose your charity is because my own brother just returned from Iraq where he fought in the British army. There were a lot of men that he knew that fought in the US Marine Corps that didn't go home. I believe it is the patriotic duty of every American and every Britain to support our boys out there with a hell of a difficult job. And, if those do lose their lives, the least we can do is put our hands in our pockets.

    • Piers: (talking about his charity) The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fun supports the families left behind when their loved ones are fighting in the military.

    • Piers: Omarosa's so offensive about my family. I don't want to share any space with her at all. I don't ever want to talk to Omarosa again in my entire life.

    • (Trace walks in after the boardroom)
      Omarosa: Hi, Trace.
      Trace: (solemnly) Hello. Omarosa: Where is Marilu? (Marilu walks in) Hi, honey!
      (Tito walks in)
      Carol: We guess right.
      (Stephen walks in) Wait, what happened? There's Stephen!

    • Omarosa: Thank you Mr. Trump. He really likes me. He really, really likes me. And he's shown how much he likes me by moving me away from that wretched human being. I was leaving that trash behind.

    • Piers: Trading Omarosa for Marilu was like trading the devil for Nelson Mandela.

    • Lennox: (about Piers) He's got diarrhea of the mouth.

  • NOTES (5)

    • International Air Dates:
      Norway: Thursday, July 29, 2010 on TVNorge

    • Even though Marilu did not win the task, Trump rewarded her money for her charity.

    • Marilu and Omarosa switch teams at the beginning of the episode, with Marilu moving to Hydra and Omarosa back to Empresario.

    • Project Manager Marilu chose to bring Piers and Lennox into the boardroom with her for their part in Hydra's loss. Unfortunately, Trump saw no part in their loss for either of them, but did see it on the spared Carol's part. For not bringing her into the boardroom, and for actually being responsible for the decisions leading to the team's loss, Trump fired Marilu.

    • The Project Managers in this episode are Stephen for Empresario and Marilu for Hydra. Stephen's team wins. This makes Stephen the first person this season to win twice as Project Manager.