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  • Arnold Stinks

    What an arrogant jerk. He embarrasses Jon Lovitz like Lovitz was a child because he called him Arnold instead of governor. All he says is I vill do this", like sitting on the back of a motorcycle with a girl driving or ;I vould have done this; like leaving the production trailer in the middle of filming a several minute infomercial. Everyone else made the wrong decision at the time but with his hindsight he would have done it the right way. He should be one of the contestants so we could see just what he would do in their shoes. Mark Burnet should terminate him and send him walking and not even let him get in the chopper.
  • Donald threatened by Geraldo???/

    Don't be surprised if Donald lets Geraldo win. He comes off as the most arrogant braggart on every episode. His ego makes Donald's look normal.

    How Kate did not fight for herself was interesting as there were so many negative comments about Kenya I think she might have been able to redeem herself although Kenya's nasty attitude does get the viewers, Geraldo and Kenya are both so narcissistic, it is really sickening that they have such high opinions of themselves. .I sincerely doubt Donald will fire Geraldo. Did everyone else think it was so transparent when Kenya said the Trumps were Americas first family??? YIKES, that was such an obvious ploy for Donald threatened by Geraldo? Sure looks that way....
  • waiting, and waiting and waiting

    Please let me know when Kate is fired so I can watch. I will not watch any show she is on ever. Just my opinion I am sure she has her fans hahahahah Thanks
  • Gerry the Jerk and Kenya, the Mean Queen

    Geraldo is the rudest man I've ever seen on TV! I really hoped that he would be fired tonight but knew Trump wouldn't do it because he's scared of him. I don't watch Geraldo so I had no idea he is so arrogant. The worst part for me was at the beginning of Kevin's leadership project tonight when Geraldo was walking around the room speaking loudly on his cell phone, making it difficult for everyone to hear Kevin. He did his best to sabotage Kevin's planning session but I think Kevin did a great job of rising above it. Hated to see him go.

    Then there's Kenya. If Geraldo is the rudest then Kenya is the meanest.
  • Trump just got schooled by Geraldo

    Geraldo has his strategy and it is working. He will make certain everyone else will fail by doing what ever he has to do, to upset or undermind the other men. It not only is working, but even Trump is scared of him. Never thought I would see the day, when that would happen. Peirce was right that you have to be also keep in mind if you act like a spoiled brat who has to have his own way like Geraldo is will reflect on your reputation of your business. Geraldo plays Trump like a professional violinist by calling Trump Trump think he respects him, when the only person Geraldo respects is himself and Trump is falling for it.
  • It was decent

    While the show was dull at some moments, other moments made me feel like I was watching Survivor , only it was taking place in the city instead of a jungle. I pretty much enjoyed the climactic board room meetings but the show will probally last 3 or 4 more seasons before it ends for good.
  • max stop acting like a weirdow

    why is max acting like a dog and he thinks hes so funny

  • Wtf!?

    what happened to celebrity apprentice? seems like last 2 episodes are only in the boardroom. the tasks have become secondary to the boardroom. this sucks. the tasks are why people watch not the arguments after the fact. start having some real challenges, make the boardroom secondary again. maybe this show wont die after this season.

    genuine fan,

    hoping you improve the current layout.


    one more episode like that it will be one less fan, for sure!!!!!!
  • Time for Trump to be Fired.

    Celebrity Apprentice AllStars has had horrendously low ratings this entire season. The premier had the lowest ratings for a reality show to date. The second show was even worse. The third did a bit better but then the fourth had lower ratings than even the premier. I know Donald Trump has close ties with NBC's CEO Burnett but the bottom line is revenue. NBC is failing. Not sure how long Mark Burnett can sponsor a show that has little viewers and makes no money.
  • There's no crying in the boardroom!!!!!

    For she- who- shall- not- be -named: the all time faking, manipulator, table turning conniver- what is everyone thinking! Take notes for everything IT does during a task and bring them into the board room. There is no way IT would not be fired! The she devil keeps saying that Donald wants strong people, and yet she turns into a dry heaving fake weeping mess when her fiance's name is mentioned. Is that what Donald wants in the boardroom? Please! I see no one else crying over a death of a loved one. Her death story ranks above others- please!!!! She- who- shall- not- be -named is neither a celebrity nor an apprentice- and I think this ratings so called boost is back firing because the show's credibility has been compromised. She- who- shall- not- be -named is no role model to young women and would never be hired to work by any intelligent thinking company. Please let the true fans enjoy the show without the likes of IT!
  • The weakest Link

    I've been watching Apprentice since it first aired. This year 2013 I find it a bit silly. No one wants to address Amarosa in the boardroom. I find this quit bazaar. She needs to keep her mouth shut and let people talk. She even over talks Donald Trump. All the "bad girl" act is just that. She's a "girl", and not a respectful woman. Pearce Morgan was the only person that did not allow her to get one over on her. She met her match when she came up in front of him. He did not put up with her crap. When will you open this up to the public mixed with the stars. Now that would be quit interesting.
  • This season show is WEAK

    What is this, two weeks in a row and nobody wants to bring Amarosa to the boardroom...

    Nobody wants to fight in this season, very Lame

    This show will be Cancelled soon
  • Amarosa

    It is so disappointing to think that my daughter might actually think she would ever have to work with the likes of Amarosa. I guess we can only encourage our children to pray for people that are as sick as her and hope she can find something greater than herself to believe in. It is very disappointing to thing that you Trumps would even consider people like that. I have been a stay at home mom to a three children and am so thankful everyday that I do not have people like her in our lives. Disgusting.
  • The Apprentice needs new people

    Why are you bringing back the same hasbeens over and over? Are you out of celebrities that are willing to go on your show? And what happened to the regular Apprentice where their are real people who are looking for a possible position with one of you companies? I am tired of the same old people who used to be popular and now need a boost to their popularity and even being on your show is not helping much at all.
  • Arsenio Hall - how pathetic

    Hard to believe that Mr. Trump would select A. Hall after seeing first hand how insulting & disrespectful he could be to a woman. Then there's the fact that Clay bought in twice as much money with his last task as did A. Hall. He fired Ms. Lampenelli, surely part of it was her faul mouth. Hall crosses the line in a more disgusting way & he get crowned. I'll never watch CA again.
  • Lisa Lampenelli: the bully who keeps crying.

    Lisa Lampenelli really showed her true colors in Season 12 of Celebrity Apprentice. She has a tantrum when she doesn't get her own way and then fake cries to try to gain sympathy. It is atrocious the way that she relentlessly bullied Dayana the entire season. She is the worst example of the so called "celebrities" that they have had on this show.

    It also bothers me a lot that they never wear seat belts when they are filmed in vehicles. Celebrities in particular should set a good example for the public and wear their seat belts.
  • Lisa/Bully

    How is it that "crazy know everything Aubrey" can friend Lisa so quickly when the charity she's playing for is against bullying! All Lisa been doing to Dayana is bullying her. And the names she calls her is just not called for. But I am so glad that Dayana struck right on in there with them she didn't give up and I am so proud of her because she caught hell. Also Arsenio I know you was playing it cool but enough of that dam Aubrey she's been a bitch since show one and I am tried of her. She should had gone when they sent Debbie off but Teresa is afraid of her.
  • Welcome to Corporate World...

    I truly enjoy this show! There is so much to learn from... from the way to handle yourself under pressure, business etiquette, how to impress a potential boss.... and the business plans are always great...
  • That is business

    This show is good but they should not be sold too much on drama. I learn sometimes about business.
  • Fail based on biased BS...

    Joan winning wow.... the trumps must be the ones with the alcohol abuse problem if they think that is correct.

    Annie played the game harder better the whole time. Joan deservered it many peeps say.... if walking out on a charity because of EMO FAMILY crap is pretty fail in my books. Annie brought more money and had a lot more **** to clear up do to Joan screwing everything up for her. The fact that joan was such a horrible player at buissness and leading/working together the whole time pretty much proved she didnt deserve to win. Hell honestly picking joan is like picking omarosha over peirce who was clearly the end game epic game player. Only reason they won is cause they boned annie out of a professionaly organized event and they had more experiance having celeb partys. Annie could have raided 1.5 mill and still got beat by joans pathetic 100k because of the silly standards. Joan is pretty much illogical to the max and has to understanding of buisness. And fake celebs common.... What a joke i guess the donald just does not care much like with his hair peice...
  • The episode that I am writing this review on is where the celebrities were asked to make a childs book!

    I normally love this show and my husband and I are faithful viewers but am so offended that Dionne Worwick feels the right to degrade and say so many ignorate things to Marlee Matlin and no one on the ladies team felt the need to speak up. I find Dionne to be a bully and everyone on the ASAP team to be cowards! Then when Marlee spoke about it in the Board Room, Donald Trump was quick to dismiss it. In all the years this is the first deaf person who has been on the show and as far as I can remember the only one with a disability and to see how she is ignored and mistreated is very disgusting in every way! I think a grave mistake has been made by everyone on the show and hope in some way that Marlee gets some kind of respect and apology in some way by everyone! Remember they are playing for charity!
  • Ashamed of some of the "celebrities" on the show. Physical/Verbal abuse. And then for it to be supported as being strong! Sour, Sour!

    Well, so Donald is "Pro Bully". How disappointed I was to see this. Such an ugly message to put out there. I was so encouraged to hear so many celebrities speak out against it, but I guess Donald Trump is not one of them. To bad! He has potential to make a real statement, to bad is a negative statement. People look up to him, this is just so wrong is so many ways. Playing a game is fun, intriguing, fascinating. Should not be pro bully, that's just so wrong on so many levels. Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame.
  • Personally - I am tired of both looking at Donalds arrogant face and hearing his obnoxious and shallow thoughts.

    Personally - I am tired of both looking at Donalds arrogant face and hearing his obnoxious and shallow thoughts. And, seeing his 2 cloned sons as well, neither of which contributes anything of substance to the show other than being Trump Bookends in the boardroom so that Donald can remind himself how wonderful of a father he is and look at his own stupid smiile and hair style without a mirror as he tapes the show. I wonder if the Donald himself would fire one of the contestents if he/she hired a relative for a project that had no skill or talent for the postiion, in what is clearly an act of patronage?
  • The Apprentice is a show in which contestants compete to get the job of a lifetime, working for Mr. Donald Trump! With exciting challenges and drama filled boardrooms it is the best reality TV show out there!

    I love this show not only is it like a guilty pleasure to watch but it's informative, now if I ever wanted to get into business I would know what to do thanks to this show! I love Carolyn in this show and the challenges and although overused, you have to love that catchphrase! "You're Fired"! Good job Mr. Trump this popular show will only add to your already millions!
  • Apprentice Spectacular Show...... Well Done.............

    Hi Donald Love the show. I can't wait until the new season. I thought Frank should have won. He has carisma, drive and determination and did very well.

    On another note your design technique is impeccable you have excuisite taste..

    Your estate on the show is beautiful you are a true talent.

    What is your next big project that you are doing. I am looking foward to the next hotel you build I know this will be spectacular. I wish you would build a hotel on long island do you think it would be possible. What do you think of Suffolk County I think we need Donald Trump's expertise
    for St. James New York Hey why not.....

    All the Best To You .......
    Marissa Lang
  • I say to Lennox, WAKE UP! You are still asleep! How dare you let Pierce get away with calling you boy! Stop trying to be Mr. Nice Guy.

    I cannot believe Lennox didn't get it when Pierce called him "sleepy BOY"! Mr. Trump told Pierce, it was a derogatory statement. I say, coming from a Brit it was racist! Lennox, "WAKE UP" you're still asleep! How dare you let Pierce get away with calling you boy! Stop trying to be Mr. Nice Guy! Don't let anyone call you boy without addressing it, PLEASE! Pierce, Amorosa didn't say anything about your children, she said another man is raising your children. It was hurtful and mean. Now you know how Lennox should have felt when you called him "SLEEPY BOY!"
  • A reality show that does not cater to the dysfunctional.

    I have to admit that I broke down and decided to watch this show for the first time fully prepared to hate it. I am not the biggest fan of reality shows. But I changed my mind, and here's why. 1.) Low normal I.Q.s need not apply. The Apprentice does not insult my intelligence with a never ending stream of dysfunctional social basket cases playing a never ending game of 'Who's the daddy'. The contestants all seem to be talented to some degree and have something to offer the rest of the world. They think like winners. 2.) Everybody participating in this contest comes away a winner, even the fired wind up with a better idea of what works and what doesn't in the real business world. Few people are better qualified than Donald Trump to teach lessons like this both to the contestants and the viewer. The show advocates a winning mentality that everyone can benefit from just by watching. I find this refreshing.
  • A disgrace. The Rivers woman trashed the show and I will not watch it again.

    I think the finale was a disgrace. It has changed my way of thinking about Donald Trump. Joan Rivers and Melissa were both trashy the entire show. I will never watch the show again. I was a fan. Not anymore after tonights finale. Trump fired Khole K. because he didn't like she had a DUI, what does he think of Joan and Melissa. Ruthless business woman I really hope not. I was never a fan of either of them because I don't think their mouths are very clean(if you know what I mean). Melissa needs to take a lok ather behavior from when she was fired and try cutting the apron strings from her MOM.
  • What a joke! I watched for 3 hours to see Trump make a ridiculous decision like hiring Joan Rivers?

    Annie may be no-nonsense and may offend some people with her bluntness, but she got the job done which is what matters. Rivers won because, for some reason, she was the fan favorite, despite her hateful Hitler comments. When Annie tried to talk to her to make peace, the 70 year old woman acted like a 3 year old child and refused to talk to her. I will never think of Joan (or Melissa) the same way after their witnessing their ugly side that most of us don't see behind closed doors. Annie deserved to win, but Trump was too afraid to make the right decision.
  • The Celebrity Apprentice is entirely staged!

    Come on people...

    Can't any of you see this for what it really is? It's a scripted and staged feud between Joan Rivers and Annie Duke in order to increase viewership! Remember how Joan Rivers was fighting with Clint Black a couple of weeks ago? Isn't it amazing how quickly they made up with each other just before Joan started insulting and fighting with Annie Duke?

    I guarantee that Joan and Melissa Rivers will show up at the Celebrity Apprentice finale, and eventually it will come out that this entire feud was staged!

    Donald Trump is a modern day P. T. Barnum!