The Celebrity Apprentice

Sunday 9:00 PM on NBC Premiered Jan 08, 2004 In Season


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  • There's no crying in the boardroom!!!!!

    For she- who- shall- not- be -named: the all time faking, manipulator, table turning conniver- what is everyone thinking! Take notes for everything IT does during a task and bring them into the board room. There is no way IT would not be fired! The she devil keeps saying that Donald wants strong people, and yet she turns into a dry heaving fake weeping mess when her fiance's name is mentioned. Is that what Donald wants in the boardroom? Please! I see no one else crying over a death of a loved one. Her death story ranks above others- please!!!! She- who- shall- not- be -named is neither a celebrity nor an apprentice- and I think this ratings so called boost is back firing because the show's credibility has been compromised. She- who- shall- not- be -named is no role model to young women and would never be hired to work by any intelligent thinking company. Please let the true fans enjoy the show without the likes of IT!