The Celebrity Apprentice

Season 4 Episode 14

Season Finale (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 2005 on NBC

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  • Low blow Randall, Im shocked. Very unprofessional on Randalls part.

    Very unprofessional and low class thing for Randall to do. Why? He won and had his choice of property. I think he lost a lot of respect from DT. DT should have done what he was wanting to do (the right thing ) and what I think most of us wanted and offer Rebecca the other property. Im just shocked and think no one Was expecting that from Randall.
  • I can't believe I watched all season so that I could be absolutely livid when it ended. So very disappointing!!!

    I am beyond disappoionted with this finale episode. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor, I was so shocked at Randall's back-stabbing decision. Even after the audience gasped in horror and shock he went on to celebrate his victory. How tacky!!! Apparently through his many years of education and experience he was never taught The Golden Rule. Rebecca would never have made such an unclassy move.
  • Randall's decision will quite likely become a social standard and late-night comment for a viseral definition of what selfishness is.

    I watched every episode. I thought the Donald had a tough choice with this Apprentice go round.

    My moment of pleasure in Randall's selection was short lived. In the history of reality TV, there has never been such a brief window of celebration.

    Randall, hired and victorious, gave away his glory in less than 3 minutes. He revealed a side of himself that had been hidden for 13 weeks by making a self-centered and unwise business decision.

    I think he actually embarassed Trump, who fully expected a positive response from his newest Apprentice.

    I wonder what happens next -- in the untelevised Trump world. I certainly hope Rebecca gets hired and paid a salary higher than Randall. She showed a stunned kind of class in that final moment. Once again confirming how tough she can be...that had to be a choking moment for her.

    My first review -- thanks for the opportunity.
  • I can't say that my choice in classification ("excatly why I watch this series) is a serious one....

    I am certainly dissapointed by the decision that Randall made at the end of the episode. As disgusted as I am with the outcome... I have to say that this particular show has captivated my attention. I have been a devoted Apprentice watcher throughout the past seasons, but have never felt compelled to jump on-line and Google other's responses & reactions to any of the shows. It seems that NBC got exactly what they hoping for... a "rise" out of it's viewers and more publicity for this season and the next to come. I can't imagine ANYONE feeling like Randall made the right decision. Hmm... maybe it was a staged performance? Or maybe it's just a reflection of the "Eat or Be Eaten" American way. Either way, Randall has lost conciderable creditbility with me. If I were Trump I would be a little leary of this guy. I think Trump will have the sense to hire Rebecca despite what Randall decided, hopefully.
  • Randall...ouch! Wasn't expecting that from you, man!

    What was he thinking? The game was over! I'm pretty sure he's regretting what he said now. Trump obviously wanted them both, and rightly so. Randall got the glory--the whole world knew Trump preferred what's the harm in hiring Rebecca too?

    Argh...I wonder if this will get sorted out off camera.
  • One of those trick interview questions.

    I think some people have made some rather hasty judgements about Randall based on his response to Trump asking him if Rebecca should be hired. I honestly thought that it was a trick question meant to possibly create a twist, i.e Trumps turns and chooses Rebecca over Randall because Randall wasn't "tough" enough to take the job completely for himself. Remember this was Trump asking and he had repeated said he wanted someone tough and Randall was continually being cast as a just nice guy. What would Trump have done in his shoes? I think Randall was feeling and attitude he thought Trump expected and deliver what he thought was the right response.
  • Randall...what a massive disappointment.

    I can't believe Randall's reaction when asked by Trump if Rebecca should be hired. Given that Randall had already 'won', there was no threat to his victory by extending a noble gesture to one very impressive 23-year old. If anything, Trump probably would've asked her to work on the Jersey City project, in no way stealing Randall's thunder.

    I noticed that when Randall sat down in the 'stage' boardroom, he seemed agitated and nervous, and immediately began to knock Rebecca down, almost as if he were fighting for his life. This level of desperation and cutting criticism ("I've started businesses, Rebecca writes about them.") was unnecessary and uncharacteristic of the typically charming and balanced Randall.

    Yes, Trump did phrase the question incorrectly, and was clearly caught off-guard by Randall's selfish response. I was a huge Randall fan, but every ounce of admiration for his leadership and human qualities disappeared in an instant with his "apprenti" remark.

    Randall needlessly destroyed the opportunity of a very talented and promising peer, in an attempt to claim sole glory. Yes, Rebecca was clearly the runner-up, but if Trump chose to change the rules of his contest, where's the harm in hiring her as well?

    I'm sure many in the Trump organization (including the Donald) look at Randall him with very different eyes than a week before.

    I wish him well in his endeavors, as well as Rebecca; I just think that such self-centered behavior is indicative of a personality not shown on camera during 13 weeks. Despite his impressive education and business credentials, Randall has left a very bitter taste in many mouths (it was clear from the audience reaction that many were disappointed).
  • Most disappointing.

    Honestly, Randall's response to Trump's question at the end of the episode is the kind of response that makes children lose a little bit of their innocence and makes all of us idealists lose a little bit of faith in humanity. Randall and Rebecca were friends, they worked together well, didn't fight, and even had breakfast together before the final. If Randall had answered "yes" to Trump's final question, it would have in no way taken away from his being the apprentice. In fact, the only reason that I can see for him saying "no" is a selfish desire to keep all of the glory of winning this competition to himself. After all of the criticism and scrutiny that Randall went under to win this honor, it is amazing that no one noticed what a selfish, arrogant, cruel, conceited, and disloyal individual he is. What a great apprentice he'll make (selling Trump's corporate secrets to the highest bidder that is). Like the first reviewer, I have no further plans to watch the Apprentice next season.
  • In short, I honestly think that Randall showed a selfish side of himself that we had not seen previously, and that Trump choked in the face of Randall\'s seemingly unexpected response. It made for an incredibly unsatisfying end to an otherwise terrific se

    My boycott of The Apprentice begins tonight, and will not end until Randall publicly apologizes to Rebecca and Trump hires her as a second Apprentice. If these things do not come to pass, then I am finished with the show for good.

    If you did not get to see the finale, it was pretty much like any other Apprentice finale, except for the fact that, for the first time, talk of them both being hired was rampant, and not beyond belief due to the season\'s instances of group firings. Randall was hired, and deservedly so, but then Trump interrupted his celebration to call him back to his chair. Note: Trump had never told Rebecca she was fired.

    When Trump asked Randall if he would \"hire Rebecca also,\" poorly attempting to lead Randall to say yes, (Trump should have said \"Would you hire Rebecca to work for you, Randall?) Randall responded negatively and selfishly (paraphrased): \"No. Absolutely not. It\'s not the Apprenti. It\'s the Apprentice.\"

    It was then that Trump seemed to choke. The multi-billionaire real estate tycoon did not know what to do with Randall\'s response, so with just seconds to go, he said (paraphrased): \"OK, so I won\'t hire Rebecca too\" and the show ended.

    Whether you were cheering for Rebecca or not (and I was cheering for Randall first but Rebecca as well) you have to admit that Trump handled it very poorly, and that Randall is not the perfectly wonderfully nice guy we all believed him to be.

    If this was more rant than review, I apologize. I just had to express this opinion somewhere before simply tuning out from the show forever. I don\'t know if it\'s even remotely possible that Trump, or Randall, or Rebecca for that matter will ever see this, but if enough people agree with me, the sentiment will be communicated somehow. If not, one less viewer doesn\'t mean a whole lot, except to me. In fact, I feel better already ...
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