The Celebrity Apprentice

Season 4 Episode 15

Season Finale (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 2005 on NBC
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Season Finale (2)
In the conclusion, Trump is faced with the incredibly difficult decision with who to hire and who to fire since both Randal and Rebecca are stars in their own right. In the live final boardroom, Rebecca asserts her examples of leadership and why she deserves to win, but Randal's proclamations that a 1-2 record (Rebecca's) is far worse than a 3-0 record (Randal's) seem to be heard more than what Rebecca has to say, as the Donald considers his options and chooses Randal as the better of the two for his great education, outstanding leadership, and incredible likeability. After the hiring, Trump asks his new employee for advice, in front of everyone: should he hire Rebecca as well? Randal shoots that idea down with a shotgun, saying that he was picked as The Apprentice, and that there shouldn't be "Apprentii." The audience, including rebecca are dismayed but Trumph agrees with his new employee.moreless

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  • It's "The Apprentices" NOT "The Apprenti"!

    It boggles my mind how such a well-educated and, clearly, very intelligent business man such as Randal could make such an obvious (and smug) mistake! Did anyone ever teach him how to correctly put words in the plural form? Not only was his selfish behavior embarassing, but this just added insult to injury. Does anyone really care who wins this anyway? How would Randal's "fame" be diminished by Rebecca's hiring? They chose different projects, anyway. I was disappointed because I wanted to believe Randal had more character and class than that.moreless
  • Was Randal ungracious? His education, business experience and track record on the show (Rebecca's 1-2 record vs Randal's 3-0 record) were HEAD and shoulders above Rebecca's. Combine that with outstanding leadership and incredible likeability. So why themoreless

    Now I am not taking anything away from Rebecca. She is bright, hard working, and determined. She overcame some incredible odds and thrived under pressure. She even completed the season with a broken ankle. In the grand scheme of things though, people forget that Randal was coping with the death of his grandmother which is an even MORE traumatic experience than a broken ankle.

    Why the controversy? Was Randal being selfish or was some other dynamic at play? Was this an example of the age old advice that many Black parents give to their children "You have to be twice as qualified to get the same job as a White person"?

    Contrast the question that Randal was asked with what happened during the season one finale.

    I don't for a second want to take anything away from Bill Ranic but let's look at what transpired. This time we have African American Kwame facing off against Bill. Kwame had FAR more experience than Rebecca. He held a B.S. in Business Administration (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and an MBA (Harvard). He had entrepreneurial experience with a number of dot coms and experience with Fortune 500 companies including solid sales and marketing experience with Procter & Gamble a stint as an Investment Manager for Goldman Sachs on Wall Street.

    Yet despite all of this, was Bill asked if Kwame should be hired?

    The results of a poll on the NBC's official Web site for The Apprentice are telling. People were

    Who would you have hired?

    - Randal 42%

    - Rebecca 58%

    It is unbelievable that, despite his STELLAR track record, Rebecca was STILL perceived as the better performer.

    The comments on THIS site are also revealing. It boggles my mind that so many people have insulted and put Randal down merely for asserting himself.

    A relatively inexperienced Caucasian woman whose only win on the show was virtually handed to her by Randal was perceived as so much of a super-star that consideration was given to having TWO Apprentii. It all comes down to perception and a lot of this is unconscious. Sadly, even in 2006, a person of African descent has to out perform his White co-workers by a LONGSHOT to be even CONSIDERED as an equal. On the Apprentice we once again saw "art imitates life" demonstrated in FULL force. The more things change, the more things remain the same.

    No Randal was not ungracious. He was appropriately assertive in response to a very difficult and unexpected question. Good for you Randal!moreless
  • Randall Is S.T.U.P.I.D.

    Randall Is S .T .U .P .I .D.

    what a jerk how can you do this that selfish stupid person ahhhhh he makes me mad i lost respect for him i wanted him to win but now i think he is a jerk. Thanks for ruining the show randall! bye!
  • This season of the Aprrentice was the best so far in my opinion. In the finale, I was rooting for Rebecca, but I wouldn't have mind if Randal won. However, at the very end when Donald Trump hired Randal, the real Randal was revealed. Randal is a very selfmoreless

    This season of the Aprrentice was the best so far in my opinion. In the finale, I was rooting for Rebecca, but I wouldn't have mind if Randal won.

    However, at the very end when Donald Trump hired Randal, the real Randal was revealed. Randal is a very selfish punk! I cannot believe what he did to Rebecca! It would have been so cool if both of them were hired, but narcissistic Randal turned Rebecca down!?! Poor Rebecca. Donald Trump made a very BIG mistake hiring that vile Randal!

    Of course Rebecca will be very successful and I wish her the best of luck. But I wish the very worst luck for Randal. I hope Randal fails and Donald Trump fires Randal some time in the near future and decides to hire Rebecca. I wish I can just claw Randal's eyes out!

  • It's about time a black person became the apprentice and i think selecting Rebecca would have overshadowed Randal as Tramp's choice! Sure Randal was Nasty but remember this is as real as real gets!In life we are all self centred!moreless

    This was a great season thoroughly enjoyed the unpredictviveness of Tramps Random firing when he fired those 4 guys-no one saw that coming..not even Tramp himself. Then when he swiped Brian and Marshawn in one motion...then Alla and Felicia...reality TV doesn't get any yummier...undoubtedly on eof the best seasons of APPRENTICE
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