The Celebrity Apprentice

Season 4 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 2005 on NBC

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  • What an exciting episode!

    I looooved that episode! It was so great. They had to market Shania Twain's new frangrance. I love Shania Twain !!! I tought Adam's idea of horse carrage was a little bit off. It took a lot of the budget. The most exciting moment of the show was when Randal and Rebecca stole the mega phones from the other teams, and left only one...and the other team actually lost because of that! Their faces was priceless. We got to see the winning two (Randal and Rebecca) got to meet Shania: What a great prize! She's so nice. At the boardroom, it was between Adam and Felisha. Adam got fired. Good! Overall, another good episode. I love the sabotage, hehe.
  • Adam was one of my favorite people but I think Felisha is next to go.

    This episode was a great one. Sabotage, strategy, this one was a showdown. I think Rebecca and Randal can work well together now. I think Alla will get sent to the boardroom with Felisha and Felisha is fired next. Capital Edge better watch out because R&R are rough to beat. I think Rebecca has what it takes. She's survived the boardroom more than anyone and has protected herself. I can't beleive that Excel lost with one less person and another on crutches. I think Alla and Rebecca will be the last two standing but it is getting harder to tell.
  • Randal and Rebecca were brilliant

    I never would same thought Randal and Rebecca would go to the level they did to sabatoge the other team, but it was brilliant, nevertheless. Like Randal stated, they had to think "smart," which they did!!!! I love the look on Alla's face when Donald and Bill commended R&R's efforts when she brought what they had done to the boardroom.