The Celebrity Apprentice

Season 4 Episode 8

Store Wars

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2005 on NBC
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Store Wars
The players undertake one of the coolest tasks ever on The Apprentice - the marketing of the DVD for the latest installment in the movie franchise Star Wars using posters. Excel hits trouble when they miss their meeting with high-power executives due to a judgement error from Project Manager Brian. Later, Marshawn bails out on her team when she backs out of doing the presentation, forcing Rebecca to make up for her slack in under an hour. Although Rebecca pulls through with an understandably mediocre presentation, Excel loses the task and are sent to the boardroom, where they square off with each other in a figurative lightsaber battle. Because of their mistakes, a disappointed Trump fires both Brian and Marshawn.moreless
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  • Great episode just like every episode! I agreed with Mr. Trump in firing Brian but I disagree with Mr. Trump firing Marshawn. Marshawn has a lot of potential. He should of given her a second chance. But, the Apprentice is the best show ever no matter whatmoreless

    Great episode just like every episode! I agreed with Mr. Trump in firing Brian but I disagree with Mr. Trump firing Marshawn. Marshawn has a lot of potential. He should of given her a second chance. But, the Apprentice is the best show ever no matter what!

    Brian was not smart for waiting till the last minute to travel through new york to get to the universal studios. for that, he should have been the only one fired.moreless
  • Brian and Marshawn were fired because of errors in judgement.

    This episode was priceless. Brian and Marshawn sealed their fates long before they entered the boardroom. Why didn\\\'t anyone think about mapquest to find directions and get an accurate time it would take to get to the meeting. And when Marshawn stated that it was only a display, that trivialized the task and does not give a good impression to a prospective employer, especially Donald Trump. They really messed up royally!!!!moreless
  • I find the whole concept of the \"The Apprentice\" appealing after being in the banking business for over 50 yrs. It is interesting to watch the other bankers/investment people being in the business worldmoreless

    Most of the contestants appear to be full of telling other people on how to run the tasks but when it is their turn, they seemd to wilt. I am looking for an outstanding Apprentice who can show leadership abilities and complete a task where the whole team is working as a unit.
  • You're fired and so are you...

    I love that Trump keeps kicking it up a notch. I think the mutiple firing is freeking genius! Those hirelings are going to have to realize real soon that the "I'm going to step back and let someone else fail" stategy and the "I only have to be better than the worst person" strategy does not work anymore.

    I'm liking Randal, Rebecca, and Alla. They seem like the sharpest and the ones most capable of stepping up. Clay has got to go. He's way to thin skinned. Bravo to the unanimous no exemption!moreless
  • The Apprentice + Star Wars = Awesome episode

    I'm a fan of Star Wars, and watching the contestants do something for that was cool. Primarius was a total disappointment. First of all, with Brian, leaving at 10 for an meeting at 10:15, really stupid. Then, Marshawn not wanting to do the presentation, come on, step up! Randal, who was a star from previous tasks was also a disappointement for me, because he was the Star Wars fan, and mind behind all of this. He should've known that Darth Vader was a big point to this movie. I think Rebecca was the only one from that team who really step up. I like her. As for Capital Edge, I like Alla. So, I think that another woman will win The Apprentice again. We'll see...moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Within the span of three shows, seven people have been fired, a show record.

    • Marshawn became the highest-finishing African-American woman to be on The Apprentice in this episode, seeing as how she came in seventh place. Omarosa came the closest to her in eighth place, Tara came in twelfth, and Stacie J. and Verna each came in sixteenth. However, her record would later be beaten by Roxanne, who finished fourth in season five.

    • Only Marshawn speaks in her taxicab confessional with Brian. Brian doesn't say a thing. This is surprisingly similar to season three's Brian, who finished his confessional halfway through the closing credits.

    • This is the first time Trump has fired two people in the boardroom since he fired Maria and Wes in season two's "The Butt Stops Here."

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  • NOTES (4)

    • George Lucas apprears in the "promo" that was used on the Star Wars website. However, he did not appear in this episode.

    • Project Manager Brian isn't even asked whom he'll bring into the boardroom. Trump fires him on the spot for making Excel late for an important meeting with their client. He then fires Marshawn for shunning her responsibilities on the task by backing out of doing their presentation for the Star Wars executives.

    • Capital Edge unanimously votes not to give Clay exemption for next week since he did almost nothing as Project Manager and let Alla do everything. This is the first unanimous vote against an exemption, but the second dissenting vote overall (the first being against Markus's exemption in "Let's Get Physical").

    • The Project Managers in this episode are Brian for Excel and Clay for Capital Edge. Clay's team wins. Clay is now tied with Randal as both have a 2-0 record as Project Manager.