The Celebrity Apprentice

Season 4 Episode 6

Take Me Out to the Boardroom

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 27, 2005 on NBC

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  • Best USA Apprentice Episode!

    "Take Me Out To The Boardroom"

    Grade: A*

    Wow! I've never seen a team do so badly on The Apprentice before! Team Excel do so bad, that Donald Trump doesn't even allow the project manager to bring in the people responsible for the failure of the task. Instead, he brings 3 people in himself who he feels are responsible for failing the task. Donald says that they focused too much in getting the sporting event to run, rather than making the primary objective being the sales, so everyone did really poorly as a result. Donald is so upset by this huge loss, that in an unexpected twist, goes "You are all fired! All 4 are fired!" to the team. There has never been an Apprentice show which fires 4 people at once. They all get in the Taxi together, and don't speak a word about the situation. Best episode of The Apprentice by far! I've never seen that happen!
  • This episode was just amazing.

    I have just about seen every single Apprentice, and i can honestly say, that this is the best one, and the most shocking. It was good to see that Donald Trump is decicated to his business and all, but fireing four people on the spot was going a bit to far.

    I have seen projects that were much worse than this one, also it was unfair to fire four people, Excel had been winning ecery week for a while, so why didn't he fire four people from the other team when they had lost for their fourth time in a row? Excels idea wasn't that bad, and they did put a lot of effort of coming up with the idea.

    Overall thought i still did enjoy the shock of four people leaveing, because the show had been getting very dull lately, mainly because the show was starting to become 'same old same old'.

  • Trump shows us it's still about business.

    There have been many instances in the last 3+ seasons where a team's loss was a result of the ineptitude of multiple people. Usually it winds up that the person who can't keep his or her mouth shut in the boardroom, says too much or too little, and that person gets the axe even if another person possibly deserved it more, or at least shared the blame. But in this episode, nobody walked away unscathed.

    In a series first, FOUR contestants were let go, which was both shocking and necessary at the same time. Unfortunately, I knew that four people were gettting the axe beforehand, and thus when he sent the others back to the suite, I knew exactly what would happen to the remaining four (which prevents me from giving this a higher rating).

    In any case, it'll be interesting to see how many episodes this season will have in the end, now that 3 extra contestants got the boot.
  • WOW!

    Wow, that was a fantastic episode! So many firsts, Carolyn was in the big man's chair, 4 people fired at once, and total silence in the cram packed taxi. Totally amazing.

    Now we all know why there are only 13 weeks in this series, but the candidates were told this from the very beginning, so it left me wondering did Trump plan this all along? Did he want a really amazing episode like this one to shock people and make them start talking about the series? Who knows..

    I can't wait for the next episode! Nobody will be returning... The rest of them will be sitting in the room waiting for someone to come back but nobody will come through the door! That will be fantastic. How will they know what happened? Will they get a phone call to explain it? So many things to look forward to.
  • Excuse my french but HOLY SHIT!

    [Warning, spoilers ahead]

    We have to admit, that firing of all four candidates was the most jaw dropping moment of apprentice history. Feel kind of bad though because Josh was the funniest guy there, with all the marcus jokes. I mean, we have to admit, the tasks themselves weren't actually looked at that carefully...'cept maybe for Clays constant bitching and small snippets of sales that Rebbecca did and the self proclaimed 'Sales queen' didn't. [Oh, did anybody notice that Marcus only did something stupid AFTER the task? Odd...]. Still, the boardroom was insane. We all thought it was going to be Jennifer (who I thought should be fired by the way)...but all four. DAMN!

    Again, Jaw dropping.

    By the way, the cab bit at the THAT is television gold that can ONLY be caught on reality TV.

    Good on ya Donald.

  • Trump pulled this aging favorite back to reality and reminded us that he is a business man at heart and this is a real job interview.

    For any one who saw this episode there is little doubt that all four contestants needed to go. In a real life interview, failure of that magnitude would be cut off just as instantly.

    and what about poor Dick's Sporting goods. I'm sure they thought that inviting the APRENTICE crew would boost sales...but a 34% drop is tragic. That store got mailed and the only thing Donald could do was fire the lot of them.

    The real treat from this episode will come when we see the reaction of the rest of the contestants when no one returns from the boardroom.

    This episode is a testament to why Apprentice is a great concept. I loved it from start to finish and I hope the DVD will have reaction from the Dick's management.
  • This is an episode of many firsts.

    This is a fine example of how good a businessman should NOT be. Focusing on a certain \"center point\" (in this case, the batting cage) rather than the sales. It wll deflect attention from the actual goal (the task in this episode was selling sporting goods). It brings people to the location but it does not mean business at all.
  • The reason why I like this show is something unexpected would happen. This is the first time that Trump fired all four candidates. That was a big surprised.

    The reason why I like this show is something unexpected would happen. This is the first time that Trump fired all four candidates which are Josh, Jennifer.W , James and Mark. That was a big surprised. What's more, they have struck rockbottom and made around 30% below average to beace the new Capital Edge.
  • This episode of the apprentice was special in it's own way. The reason being for the 1st time in apprentice history 4 people got fired. Although it seemed absurd and fooling thing to do but trump is surely experimenting and declares that the biggest loser

    This episode of the apprentice was special in it's own way. The reason being for the 1st time in apprentice history 4 people got fired. Although it seemed absurd and fooling thing to do but trump is surely experimenting and declares that the biggest loser can't be his apprentice.This decision by trump is going to shorten the number of episodes unless until he has already planned something for the future.
  • What an incredible loss, they didn't just loose they lost damn it. And the firing was fitting for the failure, now it's going to get interesting.

    At first I thought the golf concept was going to fail because they didn't know the product. But it just goes to show that if you have a passion for something it can blind you. Seems like the baseball theme would have worked if executed properly, obviously having it more as a baseball camp and less of a sales event caused a dramatic problem.
  • Best One Ever!

    The sheer fact that four people got fired in this episode makes it the best. Josh, Jennifer, James and Mark all will go down in apprentice history as the biggest firing spree of Donald Trump's Career. Trump cleaned house and removed every bad element from the game entirely. I am absolutely in shock at the fact he fired four people.
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