The Celebrity Apprentice

Season 7 Episode 7

The Mane Event

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2008 on NBC
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The Mane Event
The two teams sell rides on a horse and buggy business in Central Park. While Empresario worked exceptionally well together, Hydra seemed to go completely into self-destruct mode . . . and still shockingly made more money for the win. All proceeds went to Project Manager Piers's charity. Empresario went to the boardroom, where no one was fired, a first for Apprentice history.moreless

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  • Riveting; like watching a train wreck. Since the team victories had Hydra winning in lopsided fashion, Trump decided to shuffle the teams. This left Omorosa and Piers on the same team, and to say there were fireworks is the understatement of the year.moreless

    After Hydra achieved multiple wins Donald Trump decides to shuffle the teams, and seemingly on a whim leaves Omorosa and Piers on the same team. The new Hydra consists of those two along with Lennox Lewis and Carol Alt, with Piers as the PM. Trace became Empressario's PM with Steven, Marilu, and Tito on his team. The project was selling horse carriage rides in NYC's Central Park. Everyone recognized right away that this project was essentially identical to the hot dog selling project earlier in the contest; a straight case of using celebrity power to sell high-dollar rides and raise big money. Piers started out by proposing that Omorosa and he agree to work together and not fight for the duration of the project; she agreed, and they shook hands. He then came out and said that if they lose, the person who was going into the boardroom with him was going to be the one who raised the least money. This was a strategy on his part to get rid of Omorosa because he knew that she didn't have the high-dollar contacts that he, Carol and Lennox had. Everyone on both teams began making phone calls to get celebrities to show up and make donations, and Piers seemed secretly please with the difficulties that Omorosa was having getting pledges. On the day of the event, Hydra was riding to the Park and Omorosa was handling the paperwork. She gave it to Piers to check and he noticed that she had misspelled his name "Pierce". He mentioned it to her and she apologized and said she would get it fixed. This is where things began to fall apart. Piers proceeded to get catty about it, saying things like "What kind of person spells their boss's name wrong?" and similar comments. Omorosa said that he wasn't her boss, Mr. Trump was. When Piers reiterated that HE was her boss, she said "Enough" and threw the papers in his face. He then declared her 'fired' and off the project - and the fight was on. I was surprised at how profane and downright evil Omorosa got in her argument with Piers, but she had apparently recognized his plan to get rid of her and decided to make him as miserable as she could.

    Lennox Lewis later commented that being in the ring boxing with Mike Tyson was easier than being in that car with Omorosa and Piers. When the car arrived at the Park it didn't get any easier though, because Omorosa had taken off the gloves and was letting Piers have it with both barrels every chance she saw. He wanted nothing more than to get away from her, but she wasn't going to let that happen either. Lennox, Carol and Piers continued to struggle along raising money and Omorosa appeared to be doing the bookkeeping, but the fighting was truly horrendous.

    Meanwhile, Empressario was having an absolutely wonderful day with everyone getting along, pledges showing up, and enjoying the weather. They actually seemed to get along better than any team previously on the show, a fact that I see as the direct cause of what happened in the boardroom later. In the boardroom Omorosa looked like a cat that ate a canary, satisfied that she had at least ruined Piers' day. Piers looked very stressed, and started out saying that he would never work with Omorosa again, no matter what. He then complained that she had said horrible things about his family. She replied that she had said things about him, not his family, and that he should stop whining. Technically, I suppose she was correct because she had said that his boys were ashamed of him, and how did he feel about having another man raise his sons, but she had never actually said anything directly critical of his family. The others in the boardroom were either astounded or amused, depending on whether or not they had run afoul of Piers before. Nobody seemed particularly inclined to come to his defense though, with Steven Baldwin commenting that Piers after encountering Omorosa sounded just like Steven did after encountering Piers. What happened next was a truly astounding shock to everyone in the boardroom. The announced the results, and Hydra WON!!! This made Omorosa's victory complete because Piers was miserable and she could not now be fired. Hydra went off to celebrate a truly hollow victory, and Empressario remained to have someone fired. This led to the second shock of the episode.

    As Trump questioned the members of Empressario to find the weak link, it became obvious that there wasn't one. No one could find anything to criticize about anyone on the team; not even Trump's representatives. Their loss appeared to be a fluke. Everyone commented that they were glad to not be in Trump's shoes. Finally, Donald Trump made a decision that was a first in Apprentice history; he fired NO ONE! As I watched this episode I realized that the conflict between Piers and Omorosa is the big draws to this show. When either one of them gets fired the ratings of the show will drop significantly, and I think that Trump knows this. Watch how long the two of them last...moreless
  • wow...

    I guess I should start off in saying that Amarosa is a b*tch. She was just talking about Peirs' kids the whole time. It was rude and uncalled for. Seriously, what a b*tch. Anyways...the teams had to sell horse and carriage rides. The teams have changed - Trace, Tito, Shephen, Marilou were Empasario and Piers, Amarosa, Carol, and Lennox were Hydra. Trace and Peirs were project managers. Trace is my favorite so I was hoping for him to win...but he didn't... :( I wanted Amarosa to be fired. She pisses me off. I'm disgusted when I watch her. Anyways, the highlight of the episode for me was when John Rich showed up. I love John Rich. He's my favorite country star. I was like "JOHN RICH! YAYYYYY!" Anyways, another good episode. We got to see more of Trace and no one got fired!moreless
  • Things heat up with the horses and the celebrities.

    OK, this show gets more and more interesting as we go on. I had not seen Omarosa in her previous run on the Apprentice, but this show reveals much about her personality, as well as that of Piers Morgan's. But first, a quick rundown of the show itself.

    Marylou Henner, Trace Adkins, Tito Ortiz, and Stephen Baldwin were made the new Empressario team, while Omarosa, Piers Morgan, Lennox Lewis, and Carol Alt form the new Hydra. The task: raise the most money for charity by renting out carriage rides around Central Park. Trace Adkins, the country singer, took on the job as project manager for heis team. They brought out the best in each other and as many contacts as they could. Piers Morgan, the ascerbic Brit, lead his team, and almost immediately conflicted with mouthy Omarosa. As Hydra tried to keep Piers and Omarosa from coming to blows, Empressario had a well-oiled machine of unity and cooperation.

    At the end of the day, the celebrities found themselves in the board room with Donald Trump. As Piers and Omarosa bickered and argued, team Empressario impressed Donald and his eyes and ears with there profesiionalism and team work. Sadly, at the end of the day, the quarreling Hydra team won, and Donald Trump was left with the dificult choice of who to fire from Empressario. As team Hydra left, they felt their victory was a hollow one, and only Omarosa seemed to be enjoying herself.

    Back with the Don, he asked each team member who worked the least hardest, acknowledging that this was not the end he wanted. As each team member stated that nobody could have done a better job, he then asked for resignations. None stepped forward. Donald stated that the person who deserved to be fired was not in the room, and since this was for charity, Trump used some charity himself and fired nobody. A relieved team headed back to the war room.

    I found this episode most revealing about many of the celebrities. Lennox Lewis makes an interesting peace maker. Stephen Baldwin is gracious. Trace Adkins is quiet but fair. Marilou Henner is a delight. Then there are Piers and Omarosa. Piers is condesending, rude, and abrassive, but he always tries to keep things strictly business. While I feel he is unnecessarily rude, he is willing to put aside differences to get the job done. Omarosa, on the otherhand, has lost all respect in my eyes. I never watched any of her earlier shenanigans, but her behaviour was down-right deplorable. As she intentionally needled and insulted Piers for being a poor leader, she hit below the belt in insulting his children. She should not have gone there, and I feel that if it wasn't for Hydra's big-spenders at the last minute, she would have been out of here. I do not feel that she will win this competition, and no longer deserves a place on the show. She is deceitful, self-absorbed, and is trying to use it to become famous. She may be working for "charity", but she seems to only be in it for herself.moreless
  • Omarosa and Piers go head to head and they are on the sam team

    This was wan on the strangest episodes of this show I have ever seen. Trump really should not have put Omarosa and Piers on the same team. I have never seen anything quite like what happened between the two of them. They were quite annoying. I was shocked that their team still managed to win. They had to have a lot of luck in that case. I was really surprised that Trump did not fire anyone. If this had been the normal version of the show, that would not have happened. I can almost guarantee it. This also almost guarantees a double firing later in the season. Otherwise the dynamic will be messed up. We'll have to wait and see.moreless
  • The heavy weight fight fight is not between Tito and Lennox. It's Omarosa and Piers.

    Donald decides for dumb reason to change up the teams from just women against men. Why I say it was dumb is because he put Omarosa and Piers on the same team. I'm thinking Donald thought Piers and Omarosa would fight so much that it would cause them to lose. Of course it back fired on Mr. Trump. With Piers long list of friends to help win the carriage rides and him being an excellent project manager. Also, Lennox and the model (sorry forgot her name) friends also helped with big money donations. Omarosa brought in nobody, nothing, zero contribution dollars. I honestly thought the team Trump put together to go against Omarosa and Piers would lose. Headed by country star Chuck Atkins as the project manager with great street sales people. Trump thought he put the best team together destroy Omarosa's team. Well it didn't work out that way as I already said. With Omarosa on the winning team Trump was put in what he said the hardest decision in the shows history on who to fire. Trump couldn't do it, so he decided for the first time ever in the shows history to not fire anybody. I though he should of fired Steven Baldwin because he wanted to quit in the first place, but he did bring in alot of donations for the carriage ride. I just think Trump felt bad because his plan back fired. Trump really wanted Omarosa fired , so does America. Omarosa is a piece of crap. She has no business skills and has lost 5 of the 6 competitions and none in which she was project manager. This episode she had no contributions, because she had no friends to help contribute. What makes her a worthless person is she has no soul. She was calling Piers a horrible father and how his kids are going to hate him for who he is. Just horrible things. Probably because nobody loves her and she's jealous that Piers has a family that loves him and she has nothing. That's why people try to hurt others is because of jealousy and self pain. I just hope Trump puts Omarosa, Tito, Taxi lady, and the model. I think he'll put Steven though on Omarosas' team instead of Taxi lady. Honestly this is the only Apprentice I have ever watched. I've tried and it just wasn't appealing to me. This is great though. Very entertaining, hilarious and filled with drama.moreless
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    • Trace: (when John Rich arrives) You see this. One old country boy tryin' to raise money for charity puts in a call to another country brother and he shows up.

    • Trace: My horse is on the verge of a heart attack. What should be a fifteen-minute trip takes my horse thirty minutes. I'm going to shove a bottle rocket up his ass when I get back.

    • Piers: Stand away from me.
      Omarosa: You back the f@#k up. I'm not going anywhere.
      Piers: Oh, dear.

    • Carol: For me, it's always about the team and always about the management of the team. Lennox and I have been doing the best we can keeping people apart, so we have a dual job now.

    • Piers: You're fired.
      Omarosa: I'm not going anywhere, son.
      Piers: I don't want you on my team. I don't trust you.
      Omarosa: I'm not going anywhere.

    • Trace: Who knows how to run this damn credit card thing?

    • Piers: Can you spell my name right --
      Omarosa: What is your name --
      Piers: -- because I'm the Project Manager.
      Lennox: Piers, like a pier.
      Piers: P-I-E-R-S.
      Omarosa: Oh, an "S." My bad.

    • Trace: This thing says Central Park South and 5th Avenue. Why have you been having me tell people 59th Street and 5th Avenue?
      Stephen: Because that's Central Park South.
      Trace: It's the same thing?
      Stephen: Where do you live?
      Trace: Brentwood, Tennessee.
      Stephen: I don't come to Brentwood and start telling you how to get around in Brentwood, do I?

    • Trace: I have a six-year-old daughter that has severe food allergies. So, I've gotten with this organization, Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis. It's a cause that's very important to me and my family.

    • Donald Trump: Omarosa, do you think you're going to get along with Piers?
      Omarosa: I've worked with scums in --
      Donald Trump: "Scums?!" I think you're off to a bad start.

    • Donald Trump: You know, the English are very tought.
      Piers: Listen, we fought two World Wars, but we never had to deal with this! (points to Omarosa)

    • Piers: (after learning he will be on the same team as Omarosa) I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I have to work with her?
      Donald Trump: Piers, you're doing just fine.
      Omarosa: He's whining already.

    • Donald Trump: You guys are just killing the ladies -- and one very good man -- but they really are beating you. So, we're going to change up the teams.

    • John Rich: (after giving Trace a wad of cash) They don't call me John Rich for nothing.

  • NOTES (4)

    • International Air Dates:
      Norway: Thursday, July 22, 2010 on TVNorge

    • Project Manager Trace isn't asked whom he'll bring into the boardroom over Empresario's surprising loss. Because Trump found no one on the team more or less responsible for the loss, he opted to fire no one. This was the first-ever non-firing week in the history of the show.

    • The Project Managers in this episode are Trace for Empresario and Piers for Hydra. Much to the chagrin of Trump, Ivanka, and George, Piers's team wins.

    • At the beginning of this episode, Trump calls the celebrity candidates into the boardroom to reshuffle the teams after Empresario's continuous losses. He places Tito, Marilu, Trace, and Stephen on the new Empresario, and Lennox, Carol, Omarosa, and Piers on the new Hydra.