The Celebrity Apprentice

Season 7 Episode 9

The Money Shot

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2008 on NBC
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The Money Shot
This week's task is to create a magazine ad for Dial Nourishing Yogurt Body Wash and Redbook. Hydra created the better ad for the win. Project Manager Carol won an additional $20,000 for her charity. Empresario went to the boardroom, where Tito was fired.

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  • funny...

    The teams have to create a four page spread of a picture story to promote dial soap in a magazine. Interesting...of course Carol has to step up. I thought Omarosa would step up in the other team, but she's a whimp. Then she goes off in the board room and say that she really asked to be pm. Ya right. Anyways, Carol took the safe route and followed a woman's path through the day and ended on a very riske picture of her in bed with a guy bighting her. That was too far. That's just...Anyways, the other team went country. I'm a huge Trace Adkins fan and I was really shocked when they told him to go pose with his shirt off. I was like 'poor Trace'...but he did look hot so... Anyways, the picture with him with a guitar sitting over a gal in the tub was gorgous. I thought Emp's idea was a bit more original, but they didn't execute it well. The other team looked more professional, but I thought their idea was unoriginal and safe. Overall, good episode!moreless
Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Himself (the boss)

Stephen Baldwin

Stephen Baldwin

Contestant - Season 7

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan

Contestant - Season 7

Trace Adkins

Trace Adkins

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Carol Alt

Carol Alt

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Tito Ortiz

Tito Ortiz

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    • Omarosa: So, here's my idea. What you have is Trace with his shirt off, and models, as well. Just have it. Tito: Trace, I need you. You're going to be an awesome model right now. You got to take your shirt off.
      Trace: (referring to the other male models) You want me in this with those dudes?

    • Trace: I've got the tan of a vampire right now. I pretty much look like a cadaver right now, and it's not going to look good naked.

    • Trace: Do you think Omarosa would be better than Trace? Piers: Only in a graveyard scene.

    • Carol: I would rather get fired from standing up to a challenge than by running away from one.
      Donald Trump: Well, that's a good line of crap.

    • Piers: There's only one word for that photo shoot: Wow. They've got Omarosa and we have Carol. It's not a fair fight, really, is it?

    • Ivanka: (looking at a picture of Trace with his shirt off) That, I'm shocked by.
      Trace: That was just messin' around.

    • Stephen: Trace, you little stud muffin!
      (Ivanka walks in a looks at Trace)
      Ivanka: Whoa!

    • Piers: Carol was hesitant about being a model. But the idea that we're using very young models at twenty to appeal to the core audience of Redbook is ridiculous.

    • Omarosa: It's not fair being on a team with all men!

    • Trace: (looking at the female model) Daddy likey!

    • Omarosa: Stephen is really driving this ship. The guys have won with all of these off-the-wall, bizzare, strange concepts. So I'm going to let them continue to do what they usually do, which is win.

    • Omarosa: The Project Manager is supposed to be Tito Ortiz, but Tito needs lots of help and lots of guidance.

    • Carol: When Piers mentioned that he thought I should be the model, I was totally against it because Donald said, "The Project Manager will be fired." I didn't want modeling to interfere with my duties.

    • Stephen: Trace is going to be a commercial star and a tv star and a supermodel by the time we're through. God bless him!

    • Stephen: (talking to Trace) I could just photograph you in a bathtub with your cowboy hat on and chicks just squirting Dial Yogurt all over you, bro.

    • Stephen: I think we're using you in the ad again, bro.
      Trace: No way!

    • Lennox: Piers is letting people talk and interject and ask questions and he's not rambling on. He doesn't have diarrhea of the mouth anymore.

    • Carol: I have found with all of these tasks that you can make a mistake right off the bat and go in a way different direction. So, the meeting with the executives is the most important.

    • Carol: Everything about my career makes this hand-crafted as a PM. I've been on the cover of Redbook five times. If I don't take this job, I would expect someone to fire me for being a chicken.

    • Omarosa: (whispering to Tito) I'd like to be Project Manager. I'd like to be PM. Is that alright?
      Donald Trump: I only caution you -- Project Managers have a pretty good chance of being fired.Omarosa: (whispering) Unless somebody else does. Do you want it?

    • Lennox: Piers wants to win at all cost. It doesn't matter what he does. This is war for him. He doesn't care. The main thing for him to do is win.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Air Dates:
      Norway: Thursday, August 5, 2010 on TVNorge

    • Project Manager Tito isn't even asked whom he'll bring into the boardroom for Empresario's loss. Trump decides it comes down to even him or Stephen -- Stephen for suggesting to go with safe photos for their ad rather than risky ones, and Tito for making the final decision to do so. In the end, Trump fires Tito for ultimately being the most responsible for the team's loss as Project Manager.

    • The Project Managers in this episode are Carol for Hydra and Tito for Empresario. Carol's team wins, upping her record as Project Manager to 2-0.