The Celebrity Apprentice

Season 6 Episode 1

To Have and Have Not

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 2007 on NBC
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To Have and Have Not
The Apprentice moves to Los Angeles, and eighteen new candidates vie for a coveted position with Donald Trump in this sixth season.

In the season premiere, all of the candidates worked together to put up a large tent in an opening task that determined the two first team leaders and Project Managers -- Heidi and Frank. The two teams then competed to see who would make more money running a car wash. Heidi's team ended up bringing in more money for the win. They were treated to dinner at Spago with Trump and Melania for their reward. Frank's team went to the boardroom, where he was nearly fired for his bad leadership, but Martin was fired instead for not really doing all that much for the team and really not fitting the mold of what Trump thinks an Apprentice should be.moreless
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  • Season 6 Episode one

    The first episode of season 6 is the teams arrive in L.A. the first tell a little about them selves and then trump ask the to go in to the back yard and put up a tent having 18 People put up a tent was not that really fun to watch but after that they go to the Boardroom to meet Trump and while the their the split into 2 teams the team leaders are Frank and Heidi after that is done then the are are told what the task is which is to sell the most car washes at a car wash after the task is done the losing team finds out that they will be in tents Intel they win a task I though the episode had a good start and a good finish I did kind of drag everything on which was the bad part but over all a good fun episode to watch my rating for this episode is 8.7 out of 10 that is all.moreless
  • A change is occurring on the Aprentice - and its not good...

    I used to love watching the Apprentice. It was one of those shows where people actually have to perform tasks - and do them well - to stay in the race to become the next Apprentice. The contestants looked like they were staying in a city hotel and the reviews of their performances by their prospective employers in a boardroom looked good and real.

    However, a change has come over this show. Now the contestants are staying in a home (as big as it is) or in the backyard. It looks like Survivor as people struggle with having little electricity/water/etc. Their performances are reviewed by amateurs (where are George and Caroline when you need them!) and even the losing contestant is seen struggling to take their luggage down the home's all looks very unprofessional now.

    I'm not interested in watching contestants whinge and whine about being in the backyard with a tent - if I want to see this I will watch Survivor. This show has lost its way - and in Australia it's got a shocking timeslot...moreless
  • Love this show, but how much longer will it last?

    I have been watching this show since the first episode and I love it, but they are messing with it too much. The whole tent city thing is stupid and eventhough Heidi did a great job, I don\'t like the winning PM being in the boardroom is a good idea. I also think keeping the same PM if they win is stupid too.

    Above all that, my biggest dilema is the fact that Desperate Housewives and 24 is on at the same time. My DVR can only tape 2 shows and you have to be watching one. So if I have to choose between 24 and the apprentice, I am definetely watching 24 and taping Desperate Houswives. I\'m sure i\'m not the only one. So, bottom line, I don\'t see this show lasting much longer because of ratings.moreless
  • Tent city, who did they pay off to allow that in Los Angeles!

    Frank, your an ok guy but learn to keep your mouth shut! You have a bad case of open mouth insert foot disease. I have a mixed feeling about tent city. While I think it neat to really make these guys suffer. I also think it put them at a huge disadvantage which is hard to recover from. Unless we are not seeing the whole story, living in a tent for for any period of time, no real cooking facilities, no showers, can really take its toll on the psyche.

    It will be interesting to see how this change plays out. Also, I do not see the benifit of having the opposing team leader in the boardroom. There only goal which by the way was clearly stated, is to eliminate the stronest opponent.moreless
  • The contestants got to the mansion and after a quick introduction they went right to work building a tent and then it appeared went from there to their first challenge. Interesting. I think they tried to do too much in a 90 minute show.moreless

    Some things were different to say the least. I do not recall much in the way of getting to know the candidates, just a 15 second introduction. Also instead of having to work together and come up with a name and leader, they were already named and the leaders came to the surface building the tent.

    The twist of living in the yard and sleeping in a tent hopefully will make the winning of a task more intense, and it appears that way.

    I think Frank while maybe being a good builder is not going to be a good leader as shown by his lack of getting his team organized to sell and running off with another team member to make copies. Come on now, delegate. You can see he never worked with any retail public. The other team, saw where they were located, hired some guys with signs and got down to business right away. I am sure Trump saw the clips and knows who the workers are and who the slackers are. Did he fire the right person, in my opinion it was a toss up, Frank screwed up for over an hour of prime selling time by being gone, while Martin was too much of a prima donna for Trump, by standing on the rock while others toiled building the tent, and admitting he was tired by having to work in the sun selling to Ivanka.

    Do I miss Carol and George, yes. Carol came up from almost nothing to be a huge part of his inner circle, but I think Trump thought she was getting too much attention and they parted company. George, enjoy what ever you are doing, hopefully retirement with all the money you made with the Donald.

    Overall throughout all the previous seasons I thought for the most part the right people made it to the finals, but some of his choices I did not agree with. But that is why he is the boss, and we watch to see what he will do next.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • This is the first season where there has been an unequal amount of male/female candidates. There are ten female candidates and eight male.

    • Martin's firing marks the first time Trump has fired a black candidate first, as well as the earliest time a black candidate has left the show. The record was previously held by Verna from season three, who quit right at the beginning of the third episode.

    • Project Manager Frank chooses to bring Martin and Tim into the boardroom for Arrow's loss on the task. Frank is nearly fired for his bad leadership, but Trump fires Martin instead for not being a strong salesperson and not seeming to fit the mold of what a Trump Organization employee should be like.

    • The Project Managers in this episode are Heidi for Kinetic and Frank for Arrow. Heidi's team wins, so she will get to sit in on Arrow's boardroom session. Also, will be the first team to move into the mansion, while Arrow moves out to the tents in the backyard.

    • Trump unveils some new twists in the episode. First, the winning Project Manager will stay Project Manager on the next task, and will remain so until he or she loses a task. Second, the winning Project Manager will sit in with Trump on the losing team's boardroom session and help him and Ivanka decide on who should be fired. Third, the winning team each week will get to live in their mansion, while the losing team lives outside in tents, complete with outdoor showers and toilets.

    • This is the first season in which Trump's daughter, Ivanka, will be a full-fledged viceroy for Trump, as Carolyn and George are no longer working with Trump.

    • At the beginning of the episode, Trump has the eighteen candidates work together to assemble a big tent in the backyard of the mansion they will be staying in. Afterward, he has them meet him in the boardroom of the mansion he will be staying in. After getting the candidates' opinions on whom the best two leaders of the episode were, Trump chooses Frank and Heidi to be the first two Project Managers of the season. Heidi chooses Derek, Aimee, Marisa, Angela, Surya, Kristine, Muna, and Jenn for her team. Frank chooses Carey, Tim, Aaron, Nicole, James, Stefani, Michelle, and Martin for his team. Although it won't be revealed until the next episode, Frank's team names themselves Arrow, while Heidi's team names themselves Kinetic.

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  • NOTES (5)

    • International Air Dates:
      Norway: Tuesday, May 19, 2009 on TVNorge

    • Instead of getting Robin to send the contestants back into the boardroom, Trump simply tells them over an intercom that it's time to come back in.

    • Team Kinetic (Heidi's team) wins the first task (most car wash revenue) by beating Team Arrow (Frank's team), $2,463.00 to $2,345.54.

    • The first 24 minutes of the season premiere were watchable online on Yahoo!'s Web site,, before it was aired on TV (NBC).

    • This was a 90-minute premiere that started at 9:30pm ET/8:30pm CT. After this episode, the show would air at its new regular time slot of 9 pm ET/8 pm.