The Celebrity Apprentice

Season 4 Episode 12

To Lead or Not to Lead

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 2005 on NBC
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To Lead or Not to Lead
The final four are given the assignment to create a 30-second advertisement for a new Microsoft Office program, and while Rebecca and Randal work cohesively together, former friends Alla and Felisha begin to create a rift when Alla fails to recognize Project Manager Felisha's authority as team leader. During the team's presentations, the Microsoft executives are pleased with Excel's actors (Randal and Rebecca themselves) and the commercial's storyline approach. However, they are less than thrilled with Capital Edge's ad, which uses too much text and becomes confusing and hard-to-look-at. By a longshot, Excel wins the task and is rewarded with visits from loved ones on a boat. Meanwhile, Felisha breaks down in the boardroom after being trampled on by Alla, and Trump fires both women for two opposite reasons - Felisha for being too nice for New York, and Alla for being not nice enough.moreless

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  • Bye, bye the witch is dead!

    Bye, bye Alla, you've finally gotten what you deserve. A person who can only be lead 'by the right eader'is a recipe for disaster! Watching Fellisha and Alla having dinner with Alla's comments was painful, I can't believe how insensitive she is (Alla: I actually, like, look down on people who, you know, get depressed, I don’t relate to that type of mentality. All I can do is sit there and laugh.) Surprised to see them both fired, though their video was a disaster, it was more like a powerpoint presentation at a conference, thety should have known better. The other teams acting was cool, they did a great video. Go Randal!moreless
  • Buh-bye Alla

    I always knew Alla was a little bitchy, but the way she treated Felisha was horrible. I believe that Alla had planned to be PM and was not too happy when Felisha stepped up. It wouldn\'t surprise me if Alla deliberately sabatoged the video to get thme in the boardroom and get Felisha fired. And what was bad is that Felisha was supposed to be her friend. She got what she deserved.moreless
  • A bitchy episode

    Great episode. You can see the dynamic between Rebecca and Randal. As for Alla and Felisha, that's another story. Felisha couldn't lead Alla. I was a big fan of Alla, but she let me down in this task. She was so controling, she was very difficult. We got to see a bitchy side to Alla. No wonder at the boardroom that Trump fired both of them! Alla just killed Felisha. She didn't need that, she was the weakest, Felisha was the weakest, she would have been fired. Oh well. Donald was right, Felisha's not strong enough, and Alla's too difficult. I'm so happy for Rebecca and Randal. They deserve it!moreless
Alla Wartenberg

Alla Wartenberg

Herself - Season 4

Carolyn Kepcher

Carolyn Kepcher

Herself/Trump's assistant

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Himself (the boss)

Felisha Mason

Felisha Mason

Herself - Season 4

George Ross (II)

George Ross (II)

Himself/Trump's assistant

Randal Pinkett

Randal Pinkett

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Ironically, in this episode the contestants use Apple computers to edit the Microsoft commercial.

    • For the second season in a row, the last man remaining is African-American. It was Craig for the previous season and Randal for this season.

    • This is the first final four to be dominated by women, with three women (Alla, Felisha, and Rebecca), and only one man (Randal).

    • Felisha and Alla's double firing marks the first time Trump has fired a whole team.

    • Randal's wife, Zahara, and Rebecca's boyfriend, Matt, come to visit them during their reward. This is the first time the winning team has been visited by family for their reward since "The Price is Height" in season one, in which Nick was visited by his father and Amy was visited by her sister.

    • Felisha has a breakdown in the boardroom. This is the first time someone's cried in the boardroom since Chris cried after his firing in the previous season's "A Lonely Drive."

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Bill: (After Felisha and Alla are fired) Felisha can't lead and Alla can't be led. Hands down.
      Donald Trump: On a more positive note, I'm going up to the suite to tell Randal and Rebecca they are the final two.

    • Alla: I actually, like, look down on people who, you know, get depressed, I don't relate to that type of mentality. All I can do is sit there and laugh.

    • Trump: Felisha, you're fired. (Felisha sits there looking stunned. Alla gets up to leave) Sit, Alla! (Trump persists to fire Alla).

  • NOTES (3)

    • Trump makes the walk of triumph at the end of the episode when he heads up to the suite to tell Randal and Rebecca that they are the final two. This is the first time Trump has ever done this at the end of the episode.

    • Project Manager Felisha and Alla are both forced to go to the boardroom when Capital Edge loses the task. Trump fires Felisha for being too nice and for not being strong enough to lead. In a surprise twist, he then fires Alla for continuously attacking Felisha, proving to be too tough, and refusing to be led!

    • The Project Managers in this episode are Rebecca for Excel and Felisha for Capital Edge. Rebecca's team wins. This is the second time Rebecca and Felisha have been Project Managers on the same task. This time, however, Rebecca gains her first win as Project Manager. Their current track records are tied at 1-2.