The Celebrity Apprentice

Season 7 Episode 13

Under the Hammer

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 27, 2008 on NBC
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Under the Hammer
The Live Finale will determine the winner of Celebrity Apprentice and they will win $250,000 for their charity.
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  • I didn't really like the setup of this episode...

    The whole live idea was really annoying to me. I hated having Trump say something then go to flashback of what happened. I just wanted them to focus more on the event and then deliberate. I don't know...the live thing just got really annoying. I liked when Trace sang :) I'm a big fan. I also liked the bit about the soldiers. I love Peirs's charity but I liked Trace more. I thought it was funny how most everyone liked Trace more. Oh well, they both were good. I remember at one point that Trace said $5,000 for his people was a lot harder to give than $100,000 for Peir's people, and that makes sense. Peirs has rich friends, Trace doesn't. However, Piers still deserved the win even though he had a lot of rich people give him an edge. I thought the whole basckstreet boys and the wheat grass was halarious! It was touching when Trace's family came to see him. Overall, it was a good episode, I just wanted them to focus more on the event and less on the whole LIVE thing.moreless
  • Good vs. Evil, USA vs UK, who will be the Celebrity Apprentice?

    It started with 14 celebrities, and now we are down to two. Piers Morgan, the efficient and ruthless tabloid tycoon, vs Trace Adkins, the soft-spoken, gentle giant, country superstar. Both were effective at the game, both had strong personalities, but their styles were ever so diiferent.

    Having the auction shown with the reaction from the live studio audience was a great touch. I laughed when they laughed, and it made the moments even more precious. Both contestants, despite what some may say, earned their way into this final, and both worked very hard to make it work. In the end, Morgan won, but as Trump said, this is for charity, and nobody was really a loser. Congrats on a successful season.moreless
  • The event was good, and overall both did well. Piers had a better rolodex which does not mean he did a better job, just had richer friends.

    Piers raised more money because he knew richer people and one guy he cold called spent over 200K. The Back Street Boys and some groups have really stupid riders, and to have someone get them black nail polish is degrading.

    My question is why does a government funded place need donations? Yes, they have given a lot for their country, the same country that cannot fund their organization correctly, who put them in harms way for all the wrong reasons. Also I did not see any officers shown as the wounded. It was carefully staged for maximum tear jerk effect.

    If I had the money to spend it goes to Trace's organization, as they do not have multimillion dollar budgets funded by the government and the loss of a child in 7 minutes in front of you is a horror.

    The people who were maimed and injured in the war were volunteers, the children did not volunteer for anything, they were born that way.

    Piers raised more money, but would not get any of mine.moreless
  • Thank you Pierce and Mr Trump for providing a voice for our wounded Soldiers. These true hereos volunteer to place themselves on the frontlines of danger in order to keep our Country safe with no expectations of gratitude from the Country they serve.moreless

    The most inspirational Apprentice ever! The Intrepid Center in San Antonio is funded 100% by private funds(through public donation). I think it is great to live in a Country protected by great hereos and supported by people like Pierce who although wasn't born here, has proved to be a true American. I encourage all to show your appreciation to our military by making your donations to this center. I also would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Military and their families for all the sacrifices made to keep this country safe. We need more shows like this!moreless

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    • Trace: Lookin' at the writer for the Backstreet Boys gave me new appreciation for myself. I've done shows with a broken lef, with kidney stones. I did a show where my stomach was hurtin' so bad I couldn't hardley move. I walked on stage and did my show, walked off stage, went to the emergency room and had eighteen inches of my colon cut out that night. And this dude can't do a show because he doesn't have his wheat-grass juice and one of them twisted his knee. God, don't get me started on the BSB.

    • Trace: One of the BSB - if you know them like I do it's BSB. One of them twisted his little knee, so I've got to go get medical supplies...And I'm still trying to find wheat-grass juice.

    • Piers: We want a bunch of drunken celebrities spending ludicrous sums of money. In terms of food, less is more because if they eat too much it will just line the stomach. Have I made myself clear?

    • Trace: It was mayhem, general chaos. I was exasperated; I was worried. The pressure of this day was time and the lack of it.

    • Trace: They were my little girls and my wife; it just shut the whole world down for me and everything else was meaningless. It reminded me of why I'm doing this - for that six year old. She's the only reason I'm trying to win this.
      Stephen: Hey girls, your daddy needed that hug.

    • Trace: I get a call from the Backstreet Boys, one of them forgot his fingernail polish. So, the most heterosexual cowboy on the planet and the three time heavy weight champion of the world go to buy fingernail polish - not for a woman, not for our wives, for a man.

    • Piers: I know I have occasionally got to you a bit. I've never meant to be personally rude to you.
      Stephen: Yes, and then...
      Piers: I'm sorry if I've offended you.
      Stephen: Alleluia!

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