The Celebrity Apprentice

Season 5 Episode 13

Who Wears the Pants?

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 22, 2006 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Who Wears the Pants?
The remaining four candidates are tasked with creating a new line of uniforms for an upscale hotel chain. The winners then enjoy some time out on the town.
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  • The summary: Good episode.

    This season has held my interest because the boardrooms are super exciting. I liked the international business people, that was a good addition. I am a fan of Sean and Lee, but Lee seems to take it on this account. The tasks have seemed moderately exciting, but still interesting. I will be happy for whoever wins, they deserve it as they have worked hard to get this far.

  • Well its almost over.

    All I can say about this episode is that its almost over. This season has not held my interest, and I am not sure why. I like the addition of international business people, I think that worked for me. I also care about some of the people and that helps also. I am a fan of Sean and Lee from the start and that helps, but I am not into the show this season. The tasks have seemed lame and uninteresting and the boardroom has seemed unexciting as well. I will be happy for Lee or Sean as they have worked hard this season.moreless
  • Nice episode!

    This week\'s episode was a clear cut winner. Gold Rush completely deserved it. G R knew what they were doing: going straight to the source and asking the employees what they wanted. However, Synergy failed to do that, and instead went for styler rather then comfort. In the boardroom, Allie and Roxanne tore eachother apart, and, as a result, were both fired. But what would have happened if only one of them was fired? I don\'t think it would be fair to have one girl versus two guys, so I\'m not surprised they were both fired. I predict Shaun will win. He\'s always been good since the beginning. Lee is a worthy competitor, so it\'ll be interesting to see how things turn out.moreless
  • Set up the finals, gave insite into the players, great episode!

    For the first time in a long time I felt we had an excellent adventure.

    Who knew that Sean was such a great fashion dude and that Lee would have the brains to let him run with his knowledge!

    I think Lee did a super job as project manager. He made sure that the focus groups gave him the information he needed to win, then used all of his available resources to see that the team did win!

    On the other side, I think in some ways the friendship between Allie and Roxanne worked against them. Even though they did essentially the same research as Lee and Sean, Allie had an entirely different vision for the results. Roxanne remained quite perhaps because she did not want to challange her friend or perhaps she just did not want to get involved. What ever the reason Allie's vision was not the one that was needed to win this challange.

    The employees did not want 'new' uniforms, they wanted improved uniforms which is what Gold Rush provided, and so they won, its as simple as that!moreless
  • I\'m so glad those witches went home.

    Allie has been getting on my last nerve and I\'m so glad Trump sent her home. She is so condescending. The way she nods her puny head and bats her eyelashes just pisses me off. lol. I couldn\'t believe she was so clueless when she was interviewing the employees of Royal Embassy Suites. You could see their expressions as they spoke to her, clearly indicating they were not liking her ideas. And as they met with Marc, it seemed like she just wanted to be a boss. Marc was put there as an expert on design and she just kept shutting him down. Then she got his name wrong!!! The audacity of her.

    Roxanne didn\'t do anything. And thats why I\'m glad she went home also. She saw allll the things Allie was doing wrong, and she sat by and watched. I think deep down she figured, if they were gonna go down, at least it\'ll all fall on Allie\'s shoulders.

    As far as Lee and Sean, they hit it right on the button. Sean took over and really won it for them. I wouldn\'t have even thought Lee was the project leader. But as the project leader, he stepped back and let Sean do what he knew.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Allie was the first Project Manager for Synergy as well as the last.

    • This is the second season in a row that two of the final four were fired following the last regular task, thus eliminating the need for the interviews. This could possibly be because Trump eliminated the interviews from the game and needed an excuse to fire both candidates without it looking too obvious.

    • All 5 of Synergy's losses have been when Ivanka has filled in for Carolyn.

    • Roxanne is now the longest-lasting African-American woman in the history of the show, as she finished this season in fourth. Marshawn is next, finishing in seventh, then Omarosa in eighth, Tara in twelfth, and Stacie J. and Verna tied in sixteenth.

    • As of this episode, Lee will has been Project Manager four times. This marks the first time a candidate has been Project Manager more than three times since season one's Troy, who was Project Manager for his fourth time in "The Price is Height."

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Sean: If Tammy comes back, I'm going to be over the moon. I'll probably just wanna like grab her, take her into the bedroom, and just give her a big hug. But I think Tammy's probably fighting for her life. Allie and Roxanne can play very very dirty, but they put on the image that they're holier than thou and they're clean. But they're not, they lack integrity. And my heart is telling me that Tammy will come, my head is telling me that she's gonna be fired.

    • Sean: I'm genuinely upset right now. I'm upset that Tammy's been fired, I feel she was much stronger than Allie and Roxanne. But I'm also so upset that I have to just listen to Allie and Roxanne for another week!

    • Sean: Seriously, can you imagine being stuck with the aesthetic creativity of Allie or Roxanne? It'd be bloody awful! Roxanne, this morning, looked like a fruit sundae. She was wearing this ridiculous pink jacket and cream trousers, the kind of thing a grandmother might wear at something like a wedding!

    • Ivanka: Sean, you knew things about fashion and tailoring that I'd never even heard of and I know a little something about fashion! So I don't necessarily know that the women had an advantage in this task.
      Donald Jr: I think his metrosexuality paid off!

    • Sean: I think Tammy is bloody gorgeous. I just have to convince her that I'm gorgeous, and that we need to have lots of Apprentice babies.

    • Sean: Synergy, the cast of Dynasty called. They want their shoulder pads back!

  • NOTES (4)


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