The Aquabats! Super Show!

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The Aquabats! Super Show!

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The Aquabats! Super Show! showcases a popular alternative rock bank in a blend of live-action and animated spoofs as they right wrongs, destroy boredom and seek justice for all.

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AIRED ON 6/1/2013

Season 2 : Episode 1

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  • The Aquabats saving the day from boredom

    They do a lot creativity with a very small filming budget. The monster costumes are very well done and the acting is cheesy just like how it's suppose to be. It's very much like a less serious, funny, wacky, version of Power Rangers without the giant robot fights. It's a band of costumed super heroes saving the world with instruments and super powers from wacky creatures and various evils. It's hilarious and clever and a good way to spend some time with the young ones.moreless
  • It's a goofy fun romp and a really unique show, but not for everyone.

    What do you get when you mix a band, super heroes, cartoons, power rangers, and a low budget all on a old fashion variety show format? Well, you get fun, that's for sure. I'm not sure everything came together to be high quality here, but what this show does know how to do is take it's short comings and use it to it's fullest.

    Nothing better highlights this than the show's special effects. Each monster has a unique made in a garage charm about it. Rubber suits and obvious special effects all get played to the show's sillyness and are taken way over the top to a point that it becomes just hard to not smile at the image of a stop motion ant getting kicked into the sky before exploding into little plastic bits. Other than the special effects, everything else of the show carries that same fun loving charm about it. The plots are played over the top as one might expect, each Aquabat acts like a guy right out of a cartoon, and the musical numbers spread around the episode are all treated with a sense of parody to them.

    There is 1 thing I think this low really hurts about this show though. Action holds the same low budget feel to it and while it works occasionally in the show's favor, this often downplays the super hero bits of them, often just having a buncha grown men flailing around with no choreography. Another thing that hurts the team in general is there's just too strong of a focus on 2 characters. Eaglebones and Jimmy both get too many episodes to themselves. They do try to give everyone an episode at least, but when it comes to solving the problem it's very often either Eaglebones or Jimmy who have the powers that come in handy. Poor Ricky Fitness is so underplayed that it becomes hard to remember he's even part of the team.

    Those 2 flaws aside though, this should be a fun show for many as long as you don't walk into this with too serious of a mindset.moreless
  • The Aquabats corniness is the one thing that makes it hilarious

    The Aquabats is the Hub's newest Live-action comedy following 5 band superheroes fighting evil riding in their vehicle the battle tram. each with different personalities and superpowers. It stands out well in it's divisive plots and suburb character development. The show has bad fighting. acting, although it seems as if it was handled intentionally. After that, the goofy villains, songs and silly commercial spoofs pretty much lead to the obvious conclusion that it is comedy rather than an action series. The way the show handles it's devices and it's comedic timing makes it utterly hilarious. The show isn't perfect though at some points we just get jokes that aren't even funny or we've seen before. You really have to see the show to get what i'm talking about. It's fun to watch, although I know there is a lot of people who'd probably think this isn't their thing.moreless

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