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CBS (ended 1961)


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  • It has too low of a rating]:

    Yes. This show has too low of a rating. It's a really cute TV show and I watch it with my little brother all the time. He loves it :D.

    --Basic plots for a children's show. Teaches about animals and all that.

    --The characters are all cute and loveable little animals, like cats, bunnies, and even penguins.

    --The only complaint I have about this show is the accents. I know it's kind of mean to say, but all the different accents bother my ears.

    --The art is cute and the animation is pretty smooth.

  • Jeremy Slate and Ron Ely as skin divers living at the fabulous Holiday House in Malibu in 1961.

    Keith Larsen and Jeremy Slate starred for the first half season of "The Aquanauts" (1960-1961) as skin divers. Larsen got an ear infection and couldn't continue skin diving, so he was replaced with newcomer Ron Ely. The show's name was changed from "The Aquanauts" to "Malibu Run" shortly after Ely came aboard. I enjoyed the show more when Ron Ely joined the cast. The show had less of a documentary feel to it in the second half and more of a focus on the characters.

    Jeremy Slate played Larry Lahr and Ron Ely played Mike Madison. They owned a store called "The Aquanauts" that sold skin diving equipment. Larry and Mike lived in separate suites at the posh "Holiday House" in Malibu. Their suites were very cool bachelor pads. There were plenty of beautiful women around. Larry and Mike took on free-lance skin diving assignments. Larry Lahr and Mike Madison lived lives of glamour and adventure.

    Guest stars on "Malibu Run" included Peter Falk, Inger Stevens, William Conrad, Dyan Cannon, Mary Tyler Moore, Carroll O'Connor, Burt Reynolds, Anne Helm, Robert Vaughn, and Scott Marlowe. All pretty early in their careers.

    "The Aquanauts" was on Wednesday nights at 7:30 opposite "Wagon Train" and "Hong Kong". "Wagon Train" won the race easily, but to me "The Aquanauts" and "Hong Kong" were far more appealing. I loved both shows and used to switch back and forth from one show to the other. This was before the days of VCR.

    Jeremy Slate went on to do some brilliant guest star roles on Gunsmoke, Route 66, Empire, The Defenders, and other shows. Ron Ely went on to star in Tarzan and a remake of Sea Hunt. They were always favorites of mine.
  • Probably one of the best underwater action shows ever

    A darn shame a show this good and with so many guest actors is still not on DVD. Being from So. Fla., this show got me interested in scuba my certificate in High school and been diving ever since. The action sequences and true underwater scenes made it all the more worthwile. Adding Ron Eli got the show moving in popularity since he insisted in doing his own stunts. I hope this show gets nominated and out of the vaults along with another great underwater show, Sea Hunt. Come on folks!! Lets try to get this show out there to the fans.
  • Great show! Great actors. Ron Ely and Jeremy Slate at their best. If anyone finds this series on DVD or VHS please email me!

    The Aquanauts, later called Malibu Run, was an excellent underwater action show. The series was not a copy of Sea Hunt as some folks say. This was more like "I Spy" underwater. The banter between Ron Ely and Jeremy Slate was excellent. Ron Ely was much better in this series than as Tarzan (which is where everyone knows him from originally). I really wish I could find a set of all the episodes on DVD or VHS. What memories this would be! I still remember the dive shop logo at the end of the series as the credits were rolling! I too have only found two episodes available on Ebay or any other video company. The original footage must exist somewhere. If anyone gets a lead on the episodes please email me so I can order the series. I can not believe this show is not even on "Nick at Night" or "TV Land" cable networks. There seems to be data on every other show in the 60's!
  • The series is a real classic. A hard to find series. The adventures were always a thrill to watch. would love to hear from someone who has the series on tape or discs. It'd be wonderful to see all the episodes. Jeff jsage145603MI@com

    The Two episodes I've found:

    1. The Jeremiah Adventure: Has Peter Faulk playing a man who is trying to get revenge on a newspaper editor that ruined his life many years ago. The editor, now residing on an island. Faulk hires the boys to teach him scuba diving in order to get revenge.

    2. The Double Adventure: Peter Faulk, once again playing a heavy, kinaps and sets up Mike(Ron Ely) for Murder. By using doubles, Faulk tells Mike many of the high profile murders around the world are committed by the syndicate using doubles.

    If anyone has more episodes please contact me. I've been searching a long time for episodes.