The Aquanauts - Season 1

CBS (ended 1961)


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Episode Guide


  • Malibu Run: The Diana Adventure
    Sam Hogarth awards a lucrative deal to Mike and Larry for their services as underwater surveyors for petroleum deposits. But Mike unwillingly becomes the target of affection from Diana, Hogarth's wife.
  • Malibu Run: The Scavenger Adventure
    Former film director Danton Spangler hires Larry and Mike to help with the retrieval of a bathtub filled with treasure from the ocean floor before his ex-wife can get her hands on it.
  • Malibu Run: The Stakeout Adventure
    A boat carrying counterfeit currency plates has sunk and Larry and Mike are hired to dive to the wreck as part of the official investigation. Only the mob's divers seem to have gotten there first.
  • Malibu Run: The Kidnap Adventure
    Wes Halley has just inherited a fortune. But before he can begin to enjoy his wealth, he is kidnapped and held hostage until a ransom is paid.
  • Malibu Run: The Landslide Adventure
    Wes Grayson is a friend of Larry and Mike, and an opportunity to hit the big time in film production has arrived, if he can produce a series of underwater commercials. He is relying on Mike and Larry to make this happen, even with the increased danger of repeated underwater tremors.moreless
  • Malibu Run: The Guilty Adventure
    Darrell Willoughby was very excited about his very first dive. So it seemed highly unusual when he didn't show up for it, and then couldn't be found at all.
  • Malibu Run: The Frankie Adventure
    Frank is a hard worker but just can't find a job. So he asks Larry and Mike if they can take him on at the shop and in their diving business. They decide to try Frank out on an upcoming diving job but get concerned when they observe the kind of thugs his daughter hangs out with.moreless
  • Malibu Run: The Rainbow Adventure
    Everywhere Mike and Larry go, there seems to be two men tailing them. Turns out they are Feds investigating The Aquanauts Dive Shop due to some recent sales of non-dive related controlled substances on the property.
  • Malibu Run: The Margot Adventure
    Larry and Margot are in love and romance is in the air. And though his heart at first prevents him from seeing it, Larry soon discovers that Margot's extreme jealousy can be dangerous.
  • Malibu Run: The Double Adventure
    A man, while attending his father's funeral, is threatened with the same fate if he doesn't repay his father's debts.
  • Malibu Run: The Radioactive Object Adventure
    A strange man starts showing an unusual interest in Larry's girlfriend.
  • Malibu Run: The Tidal Wave Adventure
    A doctor suddenly has a great interest in sunken treasure, causing Mike and Larry to become suspicious of his wanting their services.
  • Malibu Run: The Jeremiah Adventure
    An ex-con gets out of prison with one thing on his mind, to seek out revenge on the newspaper publisher that helped put him behind bars.
  • The Aquanauts: The Defective Tank Adventure
    Larry and Mike are hired by a store to find five defective scuba tanks before the unknowing owners try to use them.
  • The Aquanauts: The Amored Truck Adventure
    Mike and Larry are hired to work as divers on a movie. Little do they know that a gang of thieves are planning to rob their store while they are gone.
  • The Aquanauts: The Storm Adventure aka Stormy Weather
    Laura West is enjoying her time as Larry's date when the two come upon a stalled car on their way home to Lahr's pad. Always the good Samaritan, Larry stops to help, only to have his car, and Laura, taken from him.
  • The Aquanauts: Secret At Half Moon Key
    Elmer Burnside tries to hire Larry and Mike for a scuba job, but the boys are having too much fun with a couple of pretty girls to be bothered by work. Yet while diving with the girls, work finds them anyway.
  • The Aquanauts: Killers In Paradise
    Larry recruits a new partner for the Aquanauts team after Drake decides that civilian life isn't for him and rejoins the Navy. Also ex-Navy, diver Mike Madison and Larry are enjoying the beach, discussing their new business agreement when a woman asks them to look for a lost trophy that went down with her boat.moreless
  • The Aquanauts: Niagra Dive
    A marine biologist has become trapped by an underwater landslide and the Aquanauts take on the dangerous mission of effecting a rescue.
  • The Aquanauts: River Gold
    Exchanging the deep waters for the raging waters, Drake and Larry search for a hard to find metal that is usually in the same vicinity as gold.
  • The Aquanauts: Underwater Demolition
    While taking part of in a deep water mapping survey, Drake and his dive team are rocked by a misfired explosion, which unfortunately kills one of his divers.
  • The Aquanauts: The Big Swim
    After noticing peculiar air bubbles rising from the ocean's floor to the surface, Drake and Larry decide that they better investigate the source of the mystery.
  • The Aquanauts: The Cavedivers
    Mike and Larry take up prospecting for uranium in caves which at first appears to be quite exciting...that is until it becomes life threatening.
  • The Aquanauts: Night Dive
    The military has fired off a test missile over the Pacific ocean and Drake gets the job of diving and retrieving the special capsule that was automatically released. When Drake gets to the capsule he finds a dummy. The following night, it will have a human passenger.
  • The Aquanauts: Arms Of Venus
    Larry and Mike take on a job that involves the simple disarming of old floating mines. Only they haven't been told that these are magnetic mines, armed and ready to detonate on contact.
  • The Aquanauts: Disaster Below
    A deep water earthquake sends a small tidal wave into Los Angeles harbor, sinking a lot of boats. The Aquanauts Salvage Company is hired by the U.S. Coast Guard to begin and direct the salvage operation of civilian vessels, according to an already decided priority list, except for the fact that a man named Sunclair is demanding his boat be lifted first.moreless
  • The Aquanauts: The Stowaway
    An American, John Anderson, is being held for murder and Drake and Larry travel to Trieste to help clear him of the charges.
  • The Aquanauts: Deep Escape
    Drake takes on what some divers would not consider a serious job: find the lost city of Atlantis. But, a job is a job and wealthy business tycoon Richard Nincel appears to be the perfect gentleman boss, that is until they get onsite in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The Aquanauts: Safecracker
    Drake is hired to dive to an old sunken gunboat and recover what he has been told are "historical" documents.
  • The Aquanauts: Rendezvous: 22 Fathoms
    An American newsman has been taken captive and Drake and Larry have been enlisted to use a mini-sub to make an attempt at his rescue.
  • The Aquanauts: Collision
    Drake gets sucked into a scam by the beauty of a woman being used by a ruthless shipping magnate who needs him to dive and retrieve a piece of equipment from a ship on the ocean floor.
  • The Aquanauts: Paradivers
    The Aquanauts dive salvage team get into a struggle to outdo another scuba diver in collecting manganese deposits off the shores of Honolulu, Hawaii.