The Archie Show

CBS (ended 1969)





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  • An animated show that started a music revolution.

    As a kid, I remember looking at the comic books, and thought 'too American' for Australia. But American television and music had taken hold. And in Australia we caught on to the early morning cartoon format. 'The Archies' capitalized on all this.If memory serves correct, The Beatles begat the TV 'Monkees" and one of the people behind the created 'Monkees' music (Don Kirshner) was moved on, and said he could do it again, this time create an animated music group. Hence 'The Archie Show' had the band 'The Archies'. Like the Monkees, but this time an entire studio band, with people like Ron Dante (later 'The Cufflinks' fame with hits like 'Tracy' and 'When Julie Comes Around'). The Archies first hit was 'Bang Shang A Lang'. Each song was played in the cartoon series. The follow-up number one world wide (even today continually used in covers/medleys/advertisements) was 'Sugar Sugar'. Then followed 'Jingle Jangle' and 'Who's Your Baby' (which at least in Australia was the last charting single.)
    Other cartoon programmes used the same format or variations (eg. 'Josie and the P'cats') but none could capture the magic of the late sixties bubblegum style. The cartoons weren't sensational, the dance steps were impossible, but the songs became THE lasting legacy.