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Episode Guide

  • Season 14
    • Secret Document X256
      A secret government document that was supposed to have been destroyed by burning turns up in a photo taken in a beer hall. Though it's an obsolete book of plans and operations, it would still be of use in unfriendly persons. The Air Force's Special Investigating Office travels to the West German air base to determine which member of the burning detail swiped the document.moreless
    • Swindler in Paradise
      Sleazy real estate salesmen buy worthless chunks of land out West and then use deceptive advertising and fraudulent practices to sell them, mainly to senior couples.
    • Aggressor Force
      Aggressor Force
      Episode 17
      A fictional enemy nation is concocted to give a sense of realism to U.S. troops during peacetime training maneuvers. This episode dramatizes one of these exercises at Fort Riley, Kansas where soliders are exposed to a different language, monetary system, local history--all to give them the sense of being in unfamiliar surroundings.moreless
    • A Square Mile of Hope
      Eight men of the clergy representing various denominations join together to improve life in one of New York City's worst slum areas. Their Protestant Parish House of East Harlem fights against the demoralizing social and living conditions, crime, and delinquency that infest and contaminate their neighborhood.
    • The Embezzler
      The Embezzler
      Episode 15
      Small town bank president Arthur Vernon has unsupervised authority over his bank's five millions dollars worth of assets. Manipulated by a domineering aunt, he begins to play around with various accounts, but not for personal gain. His reason is to make a loan to a newcomer who wants to build an electronics plant in the community.moreless
    • The Health Fraud
      The Health Fraud
      Episode 14
      Dr. Dil writes a weight loss book, but his publisher says it needs a few revisions before going to press. His re-write man: a science fiction author. This docu-drama demonstrates how an eager public easily falls for phony "quick fix" miracle cures and the latest fad diet to be promoted.
    • Five Kilos of Junk
      Five Kilos of Junk
      Episode 13
      In this docu-drama, two undercover agents for the Federal Bureau of Narcotics break a drug-smuggling ring. Agents Roselli and Zurlo arrange for a shipment of "linen".
    • Project: Pied Piper
      Former Nazi officer Hermann Gmeiner is distressed by the number of orphaned children left to fend for themselves following World War II. His idea is to set up "homes" for these kids modeled on families, with the children being brothers and sisters and the household headed by a "mother." He establishes the first of these in his hometown in Austria. Today, Gmeiner is the president of the International SOS Children's Village Federation.moreless
    • Ordeal by Fire
      Ordeal by Fire
      Episode 11
      Meek Tom Finley has a drinking session with a young man. The next thing he knows, an eyewitness is accusing him of setting fire to a tenement building resulting in severe injury to one woman. Tom protests that he's completely innocent; his employers believe him and hire a private investigator to uncover who's actually behind the blaze.moreless
    • The Counterfeit League
      Just south of the border, Arthur Moline and his gang of counterfeiters set up shop and start printing their own U.S. Treasury checks. For the T-men to find the group's leader, one of the agents goes undercover and joins the criminal enterprise.
    • The Journey of Poh Lin
      Poh Lin, a young woman from Singapore, has been deaf and blind since she contracted meningitis at eleven years of age. In her story of courage and triumph, she becomes the first foreign student to finish the course at the Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown, MA.
    • Invitation to Treason
      A law student finds it odd that he's asked to lunch by a Russian United Nations delegate. After all, they'd only been introduced once before at a party. The student notifies the U.S. Attorney's office to make sure he's not getting into a dangerous situation.
    • Escape to Nowhere
      Three inmates accomplish the impossible: they escape from Alcatraz prison in this fact-based drama about the famous June 1962 operation. Their patience in preparing for the break-out using only spoons to chip away at the concrete is detailed. The fate of the group remains unknown as they disappear into the dark waters surrounding the island.moreless
    • The Assassin
      The Assassin
      Episode 6
      On the day before the building of the Berlin Wall, a former Russian secret agent defects to the west. He confesses to having killed two anti-Communist emigres in West Germany. His espionage career is depicted, beginning with training where he is converted into a killing machine. In his personal life, he courts and marries a German woman but, not surprisingly, it ends in tragedy. He eventually becomes disillusioned and defects.moreless
    • A City Betrayed
      A City Betrayed
      Episode 5
      A Denver police scandal from 1960 is dramatized. Making his nightly rounds, patrolman Rymark catches a fellow officer committing a burglary. When he tries to report the crime, he's told to keep quiet. It turns out that several officers had banded together to perpetrate a safe-cracking ring.
    • Tunnel to Freedom
      Eleven elderly East Berliners can no longer tolerate Communist oppression. Lead by an 81-year-old who lives with his wife in a house by the Berlin Wall, the group works for 16 days to dig and claw a 100 foot tunnel into West Berlin and freedom.
    • The Friendly Thieves
      Confidence men employ shady tactics to fleece the public of millions of dollars each year. Wanting to learn the business, a young man named Harvey goes to Bruno the Asprin Kid, an old pro, for tutoring.
    • Smash-Up
      Episode 2
      Two cars collide on a deserted highway; the passengers of one of the vehicles claim to be injured. Are they telling the truth or pulling a scam? This program looks at the big-money racket of phony insurance claims.
    • The Cross and the Dragon
      In the season premiere, the true story of Catholic Bishop James Edward Walsh is dramatized. The story begins with his arrival in China in 1918 through to his arrest in 1960. As of this episode's airing, he is the last American preist remaining alive in China, and is serving a 20 year prison sentence.moreless
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