The Armstrong Circle Theatre - Season 10

NBC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • The Zone of Silence
    The Zone of Silence
    Episode 17
    This drama profiles the methods used by St. Joseph's School for the Deaf in Bronx, New York to help children with hearing problems communicate. Their parents, as the program demonstrates, often need more help as their kids. Genevieve Ryan, the actual superintendent of St. Joseph's, makes an appearance.
  • The Monkey Ride
    The Monkey Ride
    Episode 16
    Set against the background of the jazz music world in Boston, the perils of drug adiction is dramatized. A young couple is addicted to benzedrine which, according to this show, progresses on to barbituates, marijuana and then heroin. The beatniks befriend an undercover narcotics inspector who betrays their trust to break up the narcotics ring.moreless
  • Prescription: Hypnosis
    Douglas Edwards hosts this dramitization of three case histories where phychiatrists have used hypnosis to treat patients. Discussing the topic will be Dr. Harold Rosen, member of the Council of Mental Health of the American Medical Association.
  • Thunder Over Berlin
    Thunder Over Berlin
    Episode 14
    This is a dramatization of a recent event that raised tension between the U.S. and the Russians. An American convoy was stopped for a routine cargo inspection and the American government considered a challenge. Secretary of the Army Wither M. Brucker appears as a guest.
  • The Sound of Violence: The Jukebox Rackets
    Threats of violence from organized crime are forcing independent jukebox operators into collusion with the mobsters. Their goal: controlling all the jukeboxes in a city. Douglas Edwards chats with Senator John McClellan who was chairman of the Senate subcommittee that investigated the jukebox racket.
  • Trail of Diamonds
    Trail of Diamonds
    Episode 12
    Based on a true story, U. S. Customs agents work to bust an international diamond smuggling ring. Based in Paris, the head of the syndicate sends stolen jewels to his confederate operting in New York. Though the agents learn the names of both men, they must intercept the carrier.
  • The Innocent Killer
    The Innocent Killer
    Episode 11
    Based on an actual episode from the New York City Department of public Health, medical detectives are in search of an unknown carrier of smallpox. The dress buyer from Rio de Janeiro arrives by plane, unknowingly infecting several people with the dangerous disease. Authorities are desperate to prevent an epidemic.
  • Case of a White Collar Bandit
    The work of the Better Business Bureau in protecting the public from con men is dramatized. A young man has chosen fleecing as a career and uses many methods to take the money of the unsuspecting.
  • House of Cards
    House of Cards
    Episode 9
    A man's life begins to fall apart because of his compulsive gambing problem. A friendly game of cards has a much greater meaning as the psychological issues behind his addition are examined.
  • Miracle at Springhill Mine
    This episode dramatizes the October 23, 1958 disater at Springhill mine in Nova Scotia. Following an explosion, teams worked for two weeks to rescue survivors. Radio news reporter Gene Kirby speaks at the close of the show.
  • The Man With a Thousand Names
    After 12 years of dogged work, a detective for the Indiana State Police finally captures a master check-forger. In this true story, the little old man who wrote himself a $300,000 fortune is confronted by the cop in a run down shack in California.
  • And Bring Home a Baby
    The problems involved in adopting a child abroad are dramatized. In this true story, American Philip C. Clark, general editor for Newsweek magazine, has just weeks to complete a European adoption. He encounters an endless maze of legal and immigration red tape.
  • A Picture of Christmas
    This celebration of Christmas features numerous segments: Actor Victor Jory will read stories from Charles Dickens' Pickwick Papers, along with passages from the Bible, "Our Lady Juggler", and "The Night Before Christmas"; Dick Van Dyke delivers a comic lecture about the wassail bowl and tries to decorate a tree; folk singer Katie Lee performs three holiday ballads; The St. Paul's Choristers of Brooklyn sing carols; a UPA cartoon about The 12 Days of Christmas is played. Douglas Edwards narrates the telecast.moreless
  • The Invisible Mark
    The Invisible Mark
    Episode 5
    The work of Dr. Albert Sasser at the Glenwood State School for the Mentally Retarded in Iowa is dramatized. After taking over the school, he instituted training and testing, with several of the residents case histories being profiled. Dr. Sasser appears at the end of the telecast to discuss the benefits to society gained by a more understanding attitude by the public.moreless
  • The Nautilus
    The Nautilus
    Episode 4
    The atomic submarine the Nautilus was forced to abandon an attempt at reaching the North Pole in September, 1957. The true story of what went wrong, and what was learned about traveling in Arctic waters, is dramatized. The real Commander William Anderson is interviewed by Douglas Edwards.
  • Money for Sale
    Money for Sale
    Episode 3
    The real work of the Secret Service is presented in this dramatization. When a section of the country is flooded with phony $10 bills, the agents begin work tracking down the counterfeits. One government agent goes undercover as a gangster to infiltrate the ring and bust up their gang.
  • The House of Flying Objects
    Beginning in February of 1958, the Long Island home of the James Herrmann family became famous for unusual poltergeist activity. The husband, wife and their two children continue to live there, despite items regularly falling off of shelves, bottles being opened and spilled, and other objects being thrown and smashed against the walls.moreless
  • Case for Room 310
    Case for Room 310
    Episode 1
    In the season premiere, this drama is set at the actual guidance clinic at New York's Morris High School. Their goal is to deal with troubled kids and hopefully put them back on the right path.