The Armstrong Circle Theatre - Season 11

NBC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • The Prison Professor
    School teacher Herbert Holland serves six months in prison for possession of narcotics. While in jail, he notices that the youthful offenders have no outlet for their energies. That's when he sets up a school inside the prison. Based on actual events.
  • Illegal Entry
    Illegal Entry
    Episode 16
    U.S. Immigration agents learn that four Italians are about to be smuggled into New York City from Genoa. The work of the department to control illegal entry into the country is dramatized in this episode.
  • Positive Identification
    This docudrama profiles the work of the Legal Aid Society, a charitable group that supplies lawyers to those who can't afford legal help. In this story, a man positively identified by the victim as the one who held him up at knifepoint seems destined for a prison term. The Legal Aid lawyers do further investigation in the case and uncover evidence that clears the suspect.moreless
  • Separate Parents
    Separate Parents
    Episode 14
    A divorced woman with a nine-year-old son is lonely but afraid of what she minght find if she joins the dating world. To the rescue comes a woman who invites her to a Parents Without Partners meeting.
  • Dishonor System
    Dishonor System
    Episode 13
    Issues that colleges generally sweep under the rug are examined in this live drama from New York. Set at a Midwest university, a shady racket provides students with stand-ins to take their exams and ghost writers who pen their term papers and doctor's theses. A free lance writer comes across this underground business and alerts the district attorney. As he moves up in the racket, he continually turns over evidence to the authorities.moreless
  • The Numbers Racket
    The Numbers Racket
    Episode 12
    A hood moves to a midwestern city and, using a dry goods store as his front, begins a big-time numbers game. Bribing city officials and crooked cops allows his illegal business to thrive, until he encounters one honest policeman who refuses to look the other way.
  • Trial by Fury
    Trial by Fury
    Episode 11
    This topical drama tells the story of newspaper reporter James Buchanan who was jailed while visiting Cuba. He was charged with supposedly helping another American, pilot Austin Young, smuggle anti-Castro protesters out of the country. Cuban judges give Buchanan a choice: leave the island within 24 hours or spend 14 years in prison.moreless
  • The Desperate Season
    A college professor attempts to take his life in this story about what leads one to attempt suicide. Despite awards and respect from his colleagues, he feels rejected, disappointed and useless. His symptoms of suicide are not detected by his wife or co-workers until he's tried to end his life. A member of the National Save-A-Life League offers advice.moreless
  • Raid in Beatnik Village
    The episode with a comic tone tells of an actual police raid in New York City's beatnik neighborhood, Greenwich Village. The cops of Inspector Edward Carey's narcotics squad go undercover and pose as bearded and groovy beatniks, hanging out in their "pads" and coffee houses, playing bongos and writing poetry. Their goal: to haul in the drug dealers corrupting the innocent.moreless
  • Iron City Justice
    Iron City Justice
    Episode 8
    This docudrama looks at the unusual and humane methods used by the city of Pittsburgh in dealing with juvenile offenders. Based on a composite of cases that have come before the Juvenile Court, a 14-year-old boy with is brought in for carrying a handgun. He's placed in a detention home until his case come up while a probation officer investigates possible gang activity.moreless
  • Ghost Bomber: The Lady Be Good
    Douglas Edwards narrates the film clips in this documentary about one of the great mysteries of World War II. In 1943, a B-24 bomber returning to Africa from a bombing run in Italy disappeared just a few moments from it's scheduled landing. A search for the missing plane was eventually called off when no evidence of it crashing could be found. Last year, it was finally discovered in the Libyan desert, 400 miles from its intended destination. The radio was still workable, the coffee drinkable, but no evidence of its crew could be found.moreless
  • Full Disclosure
    Full Disclosure
    Episode 6
    A shady salesman uses the high-pressure tactic to sell his company's stocks. A wary investor asks his broker to look into the questionable stock.
  • The Boy on Page One
    This heartwarming story details a new Canadian method of placing older orphaned children into homes: via newspaper advertisements. The stories of two children are told from the beginning of their adoption proceedings through to their happy endings. One child was abandonded by his mother; the other, of Iroquois descent, is brought into a town fearful of outsiders.moreless
  • Operation Moonshine
    All moonshine doesn't come from back in the hills. This docudrama shows the extensive work the U.S. Treasury Department makes in tracking down the big-city makers of illegal hooch and the dangers the agents face.
  • Security Risk
    Security Risk
    Episode 3
    Before Dr. Larvik can work on a secret project for the defense department, he must first clear a security check. All appears fine, until the doctor and the Army start receiving letters saying he's a Communist.
  • 35 Rue du Marche
    35 Rue du Marche
    Episode 2
    This episode chronicles the work of 1958 Nobel Peace Prize winner Rev. Dominique Georges Henri Pire. Father Pire, a Dominican preist and teacher of philosophy at a Belgian monistary, organized villages for Eastern European refugees forgotten after World War II. Lester B. Pearson, former Canadian Secretary of State and 1957 Nobel Prize will appear with Douglas Edwards.moreless
  • The Jailbreak
    The Jailbreak
    Episode 1
    Six prisoners attempt a break from Massachusetts State Prison at Walpole. In this dramatization of actual events from the past March, they threatened to use guards and other prisoners as human torches unless their demands were met. The Massachusetts Commissioner of Correction, George McGrath, appears.