The Armstrong Circle Theatre - Season 12

NBC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • The Dedicated American: The Story of Dr. Gordon Seagrave
    Dr. Gordon Seagrave, known as the "Burma Surgeon", has practiced medicine in Namkham, Northern Burma, for 38 years. After beginning his practice with practically nothing, he now serves villiagers and peasants in the 250-bed hospital he now runs. In this documentary filmed on location, Dr. Seagrave discusses his World War II experiences, his teaching of Burmese nurses to carry on his work, and his opinions on medical aid in developing nations.moreless
  • Parole Granted
    Parole Granted
    Episode 16
    Danny Leeds is now on parole after having served half of his sentence. His parole officer works to help him readjust to life on the outside and keep on the right track. At first, Danny is hostile to all the rules and regulations he must follow, but soon realizes they are all for his benefit.moreless
  • Days of Confusion: The Story of College Admissions
    The problems and stress confronting young people seeking admission to college are examined. Jack Median is the typical American teenager who waits to hear if he's been accepted at the school of his choice, or whether he's turned down because of overcrowding.
  • Moment of Panic
    Moment of Panic
    Episode 14
    Neil Draper, a respeced sales manager for a printing firm, accidentally runs over a young girl. In a panic, he makes the wrong decision and flees the scene. Despite his best efforts to forget about his hit-and-run, his conscience forces him to confess his crime.
  • Briefing in Room 103
    A group of adults and children live in an underground shelter--the type that would be used during a nuclear war--as part of an experiment. This real-life investigation studied the reactions of the participants to being locked-down in a stressful situation. Their stories are dramatized in this episode. Frank Ellis, director of the Office of Civil Defense Mobilization, and other OCDM members discuss American's civil preparedness.moreless
  • Crime Without a Country
    An American buys opium in Turkey. Interpol, which connects several countries in the investigation of international crimes, becomes involved in the case.
  • Minerva's Children
    Minerva's Children
    Episode 11
    The work of the City and Country School of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, which educates gifted students, is dramatized. Scenes show the problems faced by the parents of the students, how children are chosen for admission, and the conferences held by teachers when developing programs.
  • The Fortune Tellers
    The Fortune Tellers
    Episode 10
    Phony fortune tellers and fake swamis, astrologers and palm readers take advantage of people craving answers. This episode focuses on a family of gypsies who set up business in a cheap store front and proceed to take money from their victims.
  • The Spy Next Door
    The Spy Next Door
    Episode 8
    This docudrama looks at syping by the Soviet Union in the United States. A Russian agent gathers information on top secret coding machines used by the American government.
  • The Medicine Man
    The Medicine Man
    Episode 7
    This episode looks at the people who manufacture and sell useless medical devices to the tune of a half a billion dollars a year. A smooth-talking con man who passes himself off as a doctor at religious meetings connects with an inventor to build an electrical device that promises to end arthritis pain.moreless
  • Black Market Babies
    Laura has been turned down for a child by an adoption agency. Single Joanna is expecting but doesn't want to raise the child. The two end up connecting on the black market.
  • The Immortal Piano
    The Immortal Piano
    Episode 5
    In this true story, Israeli piano tuner Avner Carmi spends years and treks thousands of miles in search of the legendary "immortal piano". The instrument's sounding board is said to have been carved from two pillars of King Soloman's temple. Built in 1800, it was given in 1868 to Prince Humbert as a wedding gift and seems to have disappeared after that. A search of the Tel Aviv Library archive gave him proof of its existence and whereabouts: it was in war-torn Italy. Famed pianist Ivan Davis performs on the "immortal piano" at the end of the program.moreless
  • The Memory of Murder
    Long-delayed justice comes to a small Florida town circa 1940 in this episode based on a true story. Sixteen years after the murder of his father, a young man sells the family business and gets himself elected sheriff. His goal is to use his position to track down the man who killed his dad.moreless
  • The Hidden World
    The Hidden World
    Episode 3
    Douglas Edwards narrates this story about the new techniques used to help emotionally disturbed children at the Orthogenic School at the University of Chicago. The dramatization focuses on a girl whose excessive fears force her into silence, and a boy who, though almost a genius, can't write or read.
  • The Antique Swindle
    The deceptive practices of unethical individuals in the world of antiques are demonstrated in this episode. A supposed 18th century Chippendale highboy, one with artifical worm holes added by electric drill, is followed has it changes hands several times before turning up in a high-end auction. Also examined are a counterfieted painting and a not very antique vase.moreless
  • Engineer of Death: The Eichmann Story
    This docudrama presents the story of the mass-murderer Adolph Eichmann, the evil exterminator responsible for the deaths of six million during Hitler's rule. He lived under various aliases for 15 years following his escape from Germany before being captured and brought to justice. Eichmann goes on trial before a three judge panel for "crimes against humanity", "war crimes", and "crimes against the Jewish people."moreless
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