The Armstrong Circle Theatre - Season 13

NBC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • Journey to Oblivion
    Journey to Oblivion
    Episode 17
    The season wraps with a story of addiction. Sandy Hayward is a socially prominent woman who refuses to deal with her alcoholism. Her brother Steve, a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, tries to convince her she needs help.
  • The Secret Crime
    The Secret Crime
    Episode 16
    A factory owner, Harry Becker, commits forgery to get cash he desperately needs for his business. His long-time secretary knows what he did and uses the information to blackmail her boss. Though he's guilt-ridden over his crime, he has no choice but to meet her outrageous demands.
  • Anatomy of Betrayal: Dateline Cuba
    In this docu-drama, Cubans who went into exile during the Batista regime returned following Castro's revolution to find just another repressive dictator. The story is told through the eyes of a disillusioned Cuban newspaper journalist who was betrayed by the promise of freedom.
  • Black Bird of Space: Story of the X-15
    This episode dramatizes the work of aeronautical engineers and pilots who developed and flew the X-15, the nation's most powerful research plane. The frustrations and excitement experienced by the team are depicted, as well as the sacrifices made by test pilot Scott Crossfield in getting the aircraft up in the air and back safely.moreless
  • Patterns of Hope
    Patterns of Hope
    Episode 13
    This episode focuses on the latest development in the battle against cancer and features many medical experts appearing as themselves. The drama focuses on a young doctor, Kenneth Wiley, who accepts an assistant residency at a hospital specializing in cancer research.
  • Merchants of Evil
    Merchants of Evil
    Episode 12
    Three narcotics agents hunting down couriers working for an internationl heroin-smuggling cartel begin to suspect a purser at an airline and a respected French doll maker. It turns out their man is an ambassador whith diplomatic immunity. This forces the agents to use an ingenious method to capture the carrier.
  • The Man Who Refused to Die
    Abraham Rothstein is one of many crammed into a train car and being transported to the Treblinka death camp in Poland. A fellow prisoner discovers a pipe on the freight car floor. Abraham uses it to break a window and jump from the train. The real Abraham Rothstein and his sister Faye are inverviewed about their experiences following the dramatization.moreless
  • Assignment: Teen-Age Junkies
    There are approximately 4000 drugs addicts in New York City under 21-years-old. This episode follows three reporters from the New York Journal American newspapers as they gather information on the subject. Shown is how teenagers are drawn into narcotics addiction by pushers.
  • Runaway Road: Story of a Missing Person
    New York City's missing persons bureau is busy. With 200,000 reported missing each year, some 10,000 of them are from rural areas surrounding the city. This episode looks at some of the cases the bureau has worked on, including a young boy who ran away from home, a groom who disappears just days after his wedding, and the hunt for relatives of a drowned man.moreless
  • Securities for Suckers
    It's not just cash that gets counterfeited; a crime syndicate prints fake stock certificates and bonds and sells them to unsuspecting businessmen. This episode follows the trail of a set of phony bonds from the time they're printed until they are sold.
  • Window on the West
    Window on the West
    Episode 7
    The efforts of Radio Free Europe are dramatized in this "day in the life" docu-drama. Portions of a speech delivered by U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Adlai Stevenson on Russian/Chinese Imperialism open each segment. One portion highlights Jara Kohout, the "Bob Hope of Czechoslovakia", a performer who's been on RFE since his escape from his homeland. Also, in an unusual live segment, Ron Cochran discusses the impact of Radio Free Europe with exiles from five satellite countries.moreless
  • The Battle of Hearts
    After 12 years together, George and Lela Davis face the break-up of their marriage. The effect their problems are having on their children are shown. The couple turns to a marriage counselor to help save their relationship.
  • Spin a Crooked Record
    This expose looks at the illegal practice of copying legitimate record albums and selling them to the public. Mindy Carson plays Fran Carmen, a singer who puts on one of her phonograph albums and decides it sounds odd. It turns out she's listening to a poorly made counterfeit copy.
  • Track of an Unknown: The Story of North American Air Defense
    This dramatized documentary shows the work of the North American Air Defence Command (NORAD) in protecting the United States and Canada. This episode is based on an an actual event from the preceeding year, it shows what would happen if an ICBM attack was started, and how the moon would would play an important part.moreless
  • The Thief of Charity
    Shady fund-raisers drain off money that supposed to go to legitimate charities.
  • A Chapter on Tyranny: Dateline Berlin
    Peter Halber is allowed to pass freely from his home in West Berlin to his job in East Berlin. He's content with his life, but his aunt and uncle aren't. They want Franz to carry them across the border before it's sealed off.
  • Legend of Murder: The Untold Story of Lizzie Borden
    In the season premiere, the infamous axe murders of Lizzy Borden's father and stepmother is dramatized. Their grizzly deaths committed in their Fall River, Massachusetts home in 1892 resulted in Lizzy being charged with the crimes. The jury found her not guilty and the murders remain unsolved.