The Armstrong Circle Theatre - Season 4

NBC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • The Middle Son
    The Middle Son
    Episode 31
    After Larry's stint in the Korean War, he returns home determined to no longer be in his older brother Fred's shadow. Mom informs Larry of all the sacrifices Fred has made for the family.
  • A Matter of Opinion
    A Matter of Opinion
    Episode 30
    Two men give very different opinions of marriage when they're asked by a newspaper photographer. The henpecked man domineered by a shrewish wife raves about how wonderful the institution is. The loutish one who constantly fights with his wife has nothing good to say about the ordeal. The newspaper mistakenly credits the wrong man with the wrong quote, leading to new problem in their home lives.moreless
  • Candle in a Bottle
    Candle in a Bottle
    Episode 29
    In this comic drama, a woman who's worked hard her whole life butts heads with a young man who's never worked a day in his life.
  • Sunday Storm
    Sunday Storm
    Episode 28
    A father who never admits to a mistake is surprised when his adult children mount a rebellion.
  • On the Beat
    On the Beat
    Episode 27
    A musical accompanist must choose between a policeman and a tenor, both of whom love her. Appearing together in the same show, the tenor seems to have the inside track until his massive star-ego becomes obvious. Meanwhile, the cop who works outside the theater woos Martha during her breaks.
  • Judy and the Brain
    Judy and the Brain
    Episode 26
    A good-looking teenager fixes up a gawky guy with her drab cousin. She's surprised when the two actually hit it off, proving that brains can be as attractive as beauty.
  • The Straight and Narrow
    A 20-year marriage begins to deteriorate as the wife approaches middle age but wants desperately to remain young. Her husband doesn't seem concerned until she makes a date with the bookie who rents from them. He considers Serena beautiful and taken for granted.
  • A Slight Case of April
    Blanche is fired from her secretarial job because she pays more attention to the geranium growing on the window sill than to work. Taking the subway home, she borrows the shoulder of a stranger and falls asleep, dreaming of a tranquil farm upstate. Awakening, Blanche discovers a wallet loaded with cash; it's the answer to all of her dreams.moreless
  • Transfusion
    Episode 23
    A tough solider in the Korean war lands in an Army hospital and receives a blood transfusion that saves his life. His spirit, however, is damaged and he sees no reason to live. A nurse on her first overseas tour breaks rules and risks a court martial to prove to him he's wrong.moreless
  • The Parrot
    The Parrot
    Episode 22
    In this original opera composed for television, an eccentric old woman dies and leaves her entire fortune toward the care of her pet parrot, Benjamin. Her children are horrified because they won't get their hands on her estate until the bird dies a natural death. To their dismay, parrots can live to be 150-years-old.moreless
  • The Checkerboard Heart
    Effie Carr has a lot to learn when it comes to manners and style. A classy older man, Curtis Jackson, wants to marry her and class her up a bit, but she sees no reason to change. On the other hand, Roy Mitchell loves her just as she is and she does love him. She just wants to change Roy into a gentleman like Curtis, who also refuses to change.moreless
  • House of Tears
    House of Tears
    Episode 20
    With the death of her dauther, a young mother in India becomes embittered against her country. Her anger threatens the future hapiness of the entire family.
  • The Twenty-Ninth Theme
    A college professor is perplexed; his creative writing class has 28 students but he always receives a 29th paper with no name on it. Curious, he narrows down his suspects to three young, intelligent women in the class. He sets a well-designed trap to capture the mysterious writer whom he's become strangely attracted to.moreless
  • The Anchorage
    The Anchorage
    Episode 18
    Four old sea captains retire to "The Anchorage", a house they've bought to enjoy their leisure years. Their peace is threatned when a rich widow, Agatha Crandall, sets her sights on one of the old sea dogs, Captain Elijah Whittaker. The other three are well aware that she's quite domineering, so they arrange for Elijah to join her for a cruise on her boat. He quickly realizes that she is used to always giving orders, on land and sea.moreless
  • Recording Date
    Recording Date
    Episode 17
    A concert performer, once very popular, is returned to the spotlight thanks to the efforts of a recording studio chief.
  • The Marmalade Scandal
    In this comedy, Mrs. Macready is an independent Scottish widow who derives her income from selling her tasty marmalade. She meets a man who wishes to marry her, but expects her to give up the marmalade-making business. He had no idea that her retirement would have the entire up in arms.moreless
  • Pilgrimage
    Episode 15
    A man leaves behind his hometown girlfriend to see the world. He becomes a successful and beloved writer and marries an Italian countess. Following his death, the two women finally meet at his home, which has since become a museum.
  • Black Wedding
    Black Wedding
    Episode 14
    Two mothers, one of a boy and one of a girl, are in conflict with their ancient Gypsy law that pledged their two infants to marry later in their lives.
  • Before Breakfast
    Before Breakfast
    Episode 13
    A low-pressure real estate agent learns from his new wife that a "get tough" approach can work wonders for his business.
  • Ski Story
    Ski Story
    Episode 12
    As a prerequisite to marriage, a man requires that his fiance know how to ski. Nina Foch plays the woman who's trying to learn the skill.
  • The Thirty-Eighth President
    A 38-year-old banker decides that he will be ready to become President of the United States when he's fifty. As he works to this goal, the people around him begin to question his mental state.
  • Billy Adams, American
    A German immigrant, with just a few months to live, is desperate to get his son into the United States. He turns out to be a poor smuggler, but big-hearted Americans come to his rescue.
  • The Visitor
    The Visitor
    Episode 9
    A weathy, sophisticated has their home decked out in all the trappings of Christmas, yet they don't feel the yultide spirit. It takes a little boy to bring the joy of the season to their home.
  • The Nothing Kid
    The Nothing Kid
    Episode 8
    A Broadway agent recounts to train passengers the odd story of his great idea--and how it backfired.
  • The Lights Are Bright
    Andy Jones, a 17-year-old, is lured to the sea by his desire to face and overcome fear. On the other hand, he's pulled by his love for his beautiful girlfriend, Diana.
  • The Fable of Honest Harry
    Harry Parker was once the king of the carnival con men, but time has turned him into a softie. Running a shell game, he cons a young man out of the money he was going to use for his honeymoon. The young man's fiance, Nora, lectures Harry; during the course of the conversation, he realizes the girl's grandmother is his long lost love. Harry lets Nora "win" their money back and goes in search of the grandmother.moreless
  • A Volcano is Dancing Here
    Two women find they're each in love with the same man. The solution to their dilemma comes from a more experienced older man.
  • A Godmother for Amy
    A young girl with a vivid imagination finds her world of dreams shattered.
  • The Gentle Rain
    The Gentle Rain
    Episode 3
    During a severe drought, a modern farmer hires a rainmaker who uses science to cause a storm. The rainmaker succeeds--in bring rain to a neighbor's farm. Desperate, he employs an Indian to bring down the rain.
  • Betrayal
    Episode 2
    A teacher, left heartbroken by her former boyfriend, is suspicious of his current activities. She believes that he and his new wife are working as Communist agents.
  • Remembrance Island
    Remembrance Island
    Episode 1
    A young girl who's confined to a wheelchair feels she must carry the burden of her mother's unhappy life. She is saved from reliving her mother's tragic existence by a devoted fiance.